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This book is certainly not for everyone If you maintain that the official stories regarding 9 11 and the JFK assassination are true, you will most likely find this book frustrating and challenging to the extreme However, if you are open to alternative explanations, this is a book that will present new and exciting revelations Liam Scheff writes just like he speaks I had already watched several of his short videos before purchasing this book He is funny, irreverent and highly intelligent He also doesn t expect you to believe everything he says In fact, at every stage he encourages you to find out for yourself the chapter notes at the end provides a guide to do just that The topics covered in this collection of essays are quite broad, but they all have the same theme, Official stories exist to protect officials It begins with the most entertaining Preface I have ever read Scheff openly states his intention for the rest of the book and clearly provides the reader with an out at that early stage If you choose to continue, you are immersed into a world of lies, propaganda and deceit regarding the very nature of History in schools, the CIA, JFK, 9 11, vaccinations, HIV, Shakespeare, Darwinism, the Big Bang theory not the TV show and the changing planet Some of these are pretty rough going The chapter on HIV I found to be absolutely harrowing and could not sleep that night at all Thankfully I was able to debrief with my husband who actually got me onto Liam s work after each chapter to discuss the ideas and help clarify my thinking Obviously, some chapters are challenging than others simply because of your own preexisting knowledge of the subject matter For example, I had the most trouble wrapping my head around the changing planet concept, not because I inherently disagreed with his assertions, but because I had a limited understanding of tectonic plates The chapter on Shakespeare however I found relatively easy to comprehend as I was very familiar with his works already Would I recommend this book Not to everyone But I have already bought a second copy for a friend Overall, this is a wonderful collection of very compelling essays on some pretty heavy topics written in an easy to access, often humorous manner I loved it #Ebook × Official Stories ⚟ The Real Story Behind Of The Greatest Myths Of Our Time Did Shakespeare Write Shakespeare Is HIV The Cause Of AIDS Do Vaccinations Save Lives Did The Big Bang Really Happen Is The Earth Growing Did A Lone Gunman Kill JFK Is America Fighting For Democracy Around The World Was An Intelligence Failure Or A Success Does The Polio Vaccine Cause Polio Do HPV Shots Protect Girls From Cancer Did Darwin Get Evolution Right What Is In Outer Space What S Real What S True And What S Just An Official Story In This Heavily Researched But Irreverent Book Scheff Draws On Years Of Investigative Journalism Hunting For The Details That Lie Just Beneath The Surface Can We Call This A Mythtery Book Eye OpeningThe Kennedy conspiracy alone was worth the price of the book Everyone should be required to read this book It s a wake up call to the agendas all around us I see now why President Trump is so reviled He isn t owned by those who are really in charge So sorry Liam is gone I would love to read what he thinks about today. Eye opener Official stories are drawn up to protect the officials Be wary what the media portrays. One intriguing chapter after another, this book is dynamite Liam presents some of the most somber and frightening facts in history, yet does so humbly, with frank honesty and a sense of humor You can t help but love him The book is extremely informative, yet as entertaining as any fiction It makes you think something many of us are not used to Shedding light on many of life s mysteries, I would call it a mythtery book.Official Stories should be required reading for everyone I think this is the best book I have ever read It is hard to put down and may make you question many long held beliefs Good A must read Fiction exposed as fact, and fact as fiction An amazingly readable book, almost poetic Find something you doubt Look it up