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!EBOOK ♳ Wolf with Benefits ♶ Ricky Lee Has No Plans Of Getting Serious About Anyone, But He Will Protect Toni Jean Louis Parker Not Just Because He S Been Hired To Do So, But Because It S The Right Thing To Do And If That Means Traveling Around The Country With One Complicated She Jackal, Dealing With Chocolate Eating Wild Dogs, Instigating Trouble Between His Brothers, And Having The Most Amazing Sex He S Ever Had Well, Who Said His Job Didn T Have Perks Toni Doesn T Know How She Keeps Getting Herself Into These Situations But Even She Has To Admit There S Something About Ricky Lee Reed That She Finds Kind Of Interesting And Downright Sexy Now They Just Have To Survive Long Enough To Figure Out If What They Have Is Worth Fighting For This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I went into this book blindly Yes, I decided that it was a good idea to jump into a well established series on book number 8 I knew that this was going to be a book about a werewolf I figured that one out from the title but that was about the extent of my knowledge Believe it or not, everything actually turned out okay and I didn t feel too lost I did find that there were a whole lot of characters to try to keep straight that I would guess long time readers of the series already know and love Toni is the oldest in a family with 11 children and she is the only one of her siblings who is not a prodigy Toni s family of jackals is spending the summer in New York Toni s role in the family is that of caretaker She is able to manage all 10 of her difficult siblings which is quite the task Her path crosses with the wolf across the street, Ricky Lee, very early in the story.Ricky Lee is a werewolf who seems to keep finding himself in the position to help Toni out of various situations He works in security and when things get dangerous, he takes it upon himself to keep Toni and her family safe Ricky has tons of southern charm and an easy going attitude Toni s difficult family doesn t even seem to faze this werewolf.This book was filled with colorful characters Ricky Lee was simply fantastic He was just so lovable and funny and he brought a spark of excitement to every scene he was a part of Toni was likeable and could handle her family s needs brilliantly but she seemed to panic with every problem not related to her family Toni s family added a unique twist to the story and I thought they were fun most of the time I just loved Bo from the hockey team He was probably the most difficult member of the team but Toni was able to deal with him quite easily since he reminded her of her siblings Toni s friend, Livy, was just plain awesome.I liked this book but I didn t love it The romance between Toni and Ricky Lee was rather predictable and I felt that the chemistry between the pair was lacking I think I would have enjoyed this bookif it kept its focus on Toni and Ricky Lee but there was so many other things going on that it was hard to keep up at times As I already mentioned, this book had a lot of characters to keep up with which took away from the flow of the story for me.There were a lot of really strong points in this book I loved the humor in the story I really liked that the plot took a few turns that were completely unexpected The final third of the book just flew by for me because it just full of excitement I found that I really enjoyed this author s style of writing I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance I do think that I will have to check out this series from the beginning because there were a lot of things that I liked I am willing to bet that regular readers of this series will find this book quite enjoyable I received an advance reader edition of this book from Kensington Books via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review. 2 Stars An Unexpected Letdown Wolf with Benefits is the eighth book in Shelly Laurenston s hilarious and sexy Pride series The female and male shifters sometimes human mates battle wits, pour on the charm, karaoke, race cars, display peculiar traits love the bears , and enjoy rigorous love lives Set in modern times, the focus is primarily on the romance with an ongoing mystery suspense involving human shifter violence This paranormal romance book has some of the ingredients Laurenston usually uses, but they are very weak It was not what I expected at all The match up is between Toni Jean Louis Parker, a jackal shifter, and Ricky Lee Reed, a wolf shifter and relative of the Smith Pack In a family of prodigies, Toni is the only sibling of average intelligence She deftly manages her demanding family s hectic schedules Appreciation for her services is rarely given For the most part, the story focuses on Toni cutting the umbilical cord and finding her place in the world Ricky Lee tags along The romance was missing, although there are a few love scenes The reason for Ricky s attraction is basic The simplest conclusion I can make of Toni s attraction to Ricky Lee is physical proximity He s there plus she s cute pretty much sums up their romance Their sexy times did not scorch the pages for me I didn t find the couple engaging nor did I feel emotionally invested, which I ve felt toward previous main characters Wolf with Benefits is listed as having four hundred pages It was a struggle at the halfway mark when I realized it wasn t getting any better The pacing is slow The plot is unfocused Previous characters appear and readers are given their status, mates names, Packs names, and humorous quotes here and there The parade of characters felt like filler Toni s siblings and secondary characters had little adventures that distracted me from the storylines I tried to follow I seem to be in the minority regarding my feelings for this book I have read and loved other Pride books I thought this would be a sure thing I was wrong Maybe you won t feel that way Read other reviews I ll definitely read the next Shelly Laurenston book with the hope it will be much better and back on track to what I m used to from this talented author ARC courtesy of Kensington via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Here s another review readers may find helpful. 3.5 starsSo when Sara recommended this one to me, I wasn t sure what her motivations were.I mean, maybe she was trying to get back at me for some of my recommendations to her Evidently, I almost ruined Wonder Woman for herPshhht As if Anyway, I went into Wolf with Benefits with my fingers crossed, hoping that it wasn t some sort of a clever prank.It wasn t I thought this was a pretty cute story about a family of crazy prodigy jackal shifters, and the normal sister who keep them all from imploding.And the hillbilly ish wolf shifter that she falls in love with.Plus the psychotic sister that s slurking around in the shadows.Oh, and also, a whole lotta other characters that I would probably recognize, if I hadn t started on book 8 shrugs I should also mention that while I ve read quite a few of this author s Dragon Kin books penned under the name G A Aiken , I ve never actually finished anything she s written as Laurenston.I ve gotta say, the way she writes as Aiken is still what I prefer, but this wasn t half bad.Anyway, if you re in the mood for a lighthearted PNR, then this is something you might find interesting PS Thank you for not punking me, Sara 3 starsI love Shelly Laurenson Rarely has a book by her failed to make me laugh and make me feel good Here I did laugh Facing the crazy Parker brood, who wouldn t But, the romance was severely lacking Frankly I was happier to read about EVERYONE other than the H h I mean, on one side, we have crazy genius kids, Bo BO and bunch of characters we all know and love, and on the other two very, well, boring characters And I can t even remember the names whose love affair was very much in the background Still, it was fun, and I ll always be a fan of SL Looking forward to the next bookAnd you re comfortable with him basically pummeling your brother Ricky thought on that, but he must have taken too long to answer because the She jackal handed off the boy in her arms to the teenager It s like I have to take care of everything, Yeah, Oriana said, it went great until Kyle here asked to see him naked Ric briefly closed his eyes Again, Kyle Again Horrified, Toni demanded, Oh, my God, Kyle Did you ask Ric to I will not be held back by society s s You can t not love Kyle D Her brother might have the hands of a true artist, but his brainhis brain was like that of a sadistic psychiatrist who liked to see if he could force his patients to gouge out their own eyes during therapy appointments At the time, it broke my heartbut also at the time, when my momma didn t make blueberry pancakes on Sunday mornings like she promised, that kind of broke my heart, too Not really a deep wolf, are ya, Ricky Lee Not if I can help it Beginning I would like to make clear the fact that I liked this book and it needs to be emphasized because my thoughts may point to the opposite PMy main problem with the book I couldn t find the romance I looked hard, tried every corner but it just wasn t there I didn t see any great feelings developing, I didn t see how they went from friends to f ck buddies to mates I just couldn t see it I want some relationship development, I want to be able to discern the point were they go from friends to .My second problem was the epilogue I was reading the book and then, suddenly, it was over No easing into it, no closure, nothing It was too abrupt and addressed almost none of the issues raised during the book in my opinion It was like walking down a street and suddenly falling down the cliff you didn t even know was there.What I liked about this book was the characters, the fast paced story, the humor and Irene s and Bo s appearances Generally considering the characters in this book it pussed every button I have Genious people, psychotic people, laid back people, motherly, arrogant, in their own world, scared, brave, funny, boring Everything you could think of that you like in a book character the author provided it for you Especially Toni s family were the best supportive characters I ve ever read in a book 11 prodigies in a family make for an interesting day My favorite was KyleThe kid is 11 and psychotic.Summing upThe book was great but it failed miserably in the romance department I was thinking of giving it a 3 but I seriously enjoyed it so 4 it is PS I want a romance between Livy and Reece next but I have a feeling that Vic will get the girl 10 4 2014 BR with AlySurprisingly I liked this book eventhe second time around It still had the issues mentioned before but this time it workes better for me PS I finished first And yes, I m bragging despite the fact that she probably read two other books in the meantime. Read this review on Got Fiction book blogReview originally posted on Demon Lover s Books MoreI breezed right through this one, even though it s over 400 pages With Shelly Laurenston s trademark sense of humor, her shifters are always fun to read.Toni Jean Louis Parker and Ricky Lee Reed are fun characters to read, and they re fun to watch fall in love as they are so incredibly opposite Toni is the only non prodigy in a family full of child prodigies When she was younger her dad used to have her help him deal with all her younger siblings of which there are 10 I believe , and that turned into her career Toni now spends every day knowing that her siblings, genius as they may be, can t do anything without her They depend on her way too much, but she likes it She thrives on it She has had many jobs that she has turned down because after just a day or so, she feels the family falls apart without her And they do to an extent, but she never lets anyone try to help her because she manages them so perfectly An opportunity for her mom arises that means they ll be staying in New York for the summer This is frustrating for Toni because it means she ll be giving up yet another job opportunity back home, but something else comes up and she gets a job working for The Carnivores as Director of Team Travel and Promotions She handled Novokov amazingly She gets him She also asks him to schedule her family when her job takes her to Siberia For anyone who knows this series, this is hysterical For those who don t he s very OCD about his schedule, so it s funny to watch him take charge.Ricky Lee Reed, on the other hand is a laid back country boy who works in New York now he s part of a security firm He kicks back and just waits for something fun to happen, because when he s around Toni, something seems to always happen He s never bored His character was fun and sweet and sort of quietly funny He spent most of the book dodging an ex girlfriend from high school, and it was hysterical When he goes with Toni to Siberia as security , the two of them have a lot to deal with Bears yes, Russian bears at that , their desire, and Toni s first time out on her own It s a lot for her to handle But Ricky Lee is there in his quiet way to help her calm down.This book has it all fun, action, and humor We also are treated to some cameos from Laurenston s Magnus series as well, and a brand new type of shifter see spoiler below, BUT only if you truly want to be spoiled I absolutely recommend this book to any GA Aiken or Shelly Laurenston fans If you re a big fan of shifters and enjoy humor in your books, I suggest this series But I d suggest starting at the beginning view spoiler Honey badger don t care Go watch the youtube video of that right now hide spoiler Ricky Lee Reed feels life provides enough entertainment and if he waits long enough it will come to him Seeing the adorable woman with a gaggle of children waiting at the arena looks like just what he is looking for, especially those beautiful curls he would love to put his hands into Toni Jean Louis Parker is the queen of organization and being able to handle any situation put in her path, when Ricky tries to pick her up she has the help of her brother and sisters to keep him at bay, should work right Ricky is not deterred by the weird little children, he is however eveninterested in Toni and plans to hang out with her quite a bit, even if it means just following her around until he wears her down Toni s life is changing though and she finds herself under Ricky s protection and into his arms.Full review on Single Titleshttp singletitles.com p 8432 Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating A Your charm makes me want to punch you in the nose That made Ricky chuckle I m not trying to piss you off, darlin Just trying to get you to give me a chance Why she had to ask I m really not that interesting I m cute but not stunning I m not excessively tall And sexually, I m rather vanilla So then what is it Rickey decided to be honest with her I like your hair She suddenly went tense You don t have to be mean I m not I like curls If we have sex, can I play with them I don t even know how to respond to that Toni is the oldest of 11 children and her 10 younger brothers and sisters are all prodigies in different fields Along with the genius that are these young musicians, artists, mathematicians, etc comes a drive and competitiveness that only Toni can manage It s been her full time job for years, managing her siblings schedules, breaking up fights and controlling the chaos but she s starting to wantShe ends up landing her dream job with one of Ric Van Holtz s companies, managing team travel and promotions which is perfect for her considering all the schedule maneuvering and travelling she s been doing with her siblings But, she s having anxiety over leaving her brothers and sisters, positive that they ll kill each other and they probably will but her parents step up and she gives her first job a try It does not go well at first Add in to the mix Ricky Lee Reed He works in security with his brothers and loves Toni s curly hair Yup, that s all it takes for him to initially get fixated on Toni.Where to start Toni s family is nuts I seriously didn t think that Shelly Laurenston could give us a crazier pack family than the ones she s already written about, but she does it with the Jean Louis Parker family and these 10 kids who had me rolling with laughter From eleven year old and artist Kyle, who wants to sculpt Bo Novikov naked, and yes asks him, to young Freddy and his photographic memory, to Delilah, a true psychopath, the fun never stops It is constant mayhem in this jackal shifter family and also the source of the small suspense storyline comes from the very creepy Delilah and little Freddy, who gets his hands on some information from Miki Go Fetch that puts him in danger The danger presents itself early on which means we get plenty of time with Dee Ann doing her scary bit and are introduced to Livy, Toni s best friend and possibly someone even scary than Dee Ann, especially when you find out what she shifts into.Toni growled a little, then asked, Why did you attack her Ricky s ex girlfriend Livy had to think on that for a second, as if she attacked so many people during the day, she couldn t just recall them easily It was time for his appointment with me and she was in my way Plus, she added, I didn t like her face So I slapped it around The story is heavily focused on the family and Toni s new job working for Ric that takes her to Siberia to negotiate with the Russian hockey team The romance between Toni and Ricky Lee isn t front and center, and if I had a very small complaint, that s it There s not much in the way of hot sexy scenes in this one, but any guy that sees first hand what Toni s family is capable of and doesn t run away screaming, he s a keeper.Past series favorites show up, Bo and his awesomely detailed organizing skills come in handy when he helps the Jean Louis Parker kids Where there s Bo, there s also Blayne who Toni and Livy love to torment by never seeming to remember her or her name Toni waved at Bo s fiancee Bye Blank She stopped, spun around, and snapped, It s Blayne Right Blayne Sorry And as an added treat, there s a quick scene with Sara, Miki and Angie Magnus Pack series I love those insane women and even Conall gets a little page time.This might be one of the funniest books in the series I laughed so hard at all the random, off the wall comments and insane situations the characters put themselves in But even through all the funny moments, the fights even a fist fight with a squirrel Toni was the star for me I loved her so much, she really stands out from the start She loves her family so much that even though she wants and needs a life of her own, she has separation anxiety when she starts to live her own life and the family goes through some growing pains getting used to the new arrangement I loved seeing her take the skills she used to manage her siblings and move that into the professional position she s working in and how she needed to be a bit, uh, creative, to get some negotiations done I loved her and I loved how Ricky Lee just went along for the ride, no matter where she was heading or what she was doing.Wolf With Benefits delivers big time It s hilarious, we re introduced to new characters who I can t wait to getfrom in the future The story, while giving us new characters, still manages to work in past characters so well and with purpose This is a big must read, one of most enjoyable books I ve read in a long time and the series continues to be one of the funniest I ve ever read. This is the Pride book I ve been waiting for Beautifully paced action, hilarious dialogue, and just the right amount of shifter mayhem and violence mixed in with the romance I ve always preferred the bear books, but Ricky Lee is right next to Bo and Crush on my favorites list Toni s family of prodigies brings all the crazy fun of the wild dogs, but with a sweet, centered heroine who is a pleasure to read And asmuch as I was rooting for Toni to succeed, Ricky Lee s good natured courtship was practically ursine in its sweet, funny sexiness There is plenty of page time for past favorites I particularly loved Bo s appearances , and I m dying forof Livy, the bad tempered little shifter that even bears treat with respect Laurenston s world is always sexy, violent, and utterly hilarious, and WOLF WITH BENEFITS has all of that classic shifter charm plus a very well paced story The action doesn t overwhelm the characters, the changes in Point of View are effective and seamless, and the romance was so beautifully written I fell in love a little bit, too For fans of the Shifter series, this book is a must, and for anyone new to this crazy, hilarious world, I d recommend WOLF WITH BENEFITS as one if the best of great series Full review to follow Sexual Content Sex scenes Re read 1 3 31 14 Re reading BITE ME brought me back to where Toni and Ricky Lee began and WOLF WITH BENEFITS has me wanting to hunt all the way back to Niles and Irene.