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OH DAMN this book deserved every single one of those 5 stars this book will leave you stunned, amazed and mostly speechless there are no words what a boy will do to save his parents even if he has to leave the woman he loves to do it I am super excited to read the next story in this wonderful series I have read many books in the End of the World genre Many times I feel like I am reading the same thing repeatedly However, this book has a fresh take on the aftermath You can tell Luke s parents are preparing him for anything good or bad that may happen once they leave their safe confines I must admit I was a bit surprised by what they encountered and even shed a few tears towards the end The author did a good job of developing the charecters Overall a good book for summertime reading I highly recommend it. [Download Epub] ♞ Doomsday Diaries ⚔ When Americans Are Alerted Of An Imminent Nuclear Attack, Luke And His Parents Retreat To Their Underground Shelter, Barely Escaping The Deadly Blasts The Years Crawl By, And As Their Supplies Continue To Diminish, Luke S Desire To Leave The Shelter Is Further Driven By His Raging Teenage Hormones And Sexual Curiosity But When The Time To Leave The Shelter Finally Arrives, What Waits For Them On The Surface Surprises Them All Follow Luke As He Gives His Personal Account Of Doomsday, Growing Up In A Fallout Shelter, And A Civilization That Rises From The Ashes Of The Apocalypse Doomsday Diaries by Aaron Powell is a good book which was hard to put down The storyline is very good and creative The story is well developed and easy to follow I enjoyed the way the author wrote the book as a journal.The characters were believable and easy to relate to I found I could put myself into the story and identify with the characters.There is one section of the book which did not add any value to the storyline but actually distracted from it and will limit the book s readership It was a section of the story that dealt with graphic sexuality and could have been handle discreetly Other that this I liked the book. Doomsday Diaries 1 was a very hard book to put down, so I really never did It came to an end way to soon, all ready to dive into book 2 Going through the time living in a doomsday shelter with a mother, father, and a son That the very disciplined father previous Military had built with money he received from an inheritance We explore the diary of the young boy that grew to a teen, being home sheltered schooled, learning to play the guitar, reading, and continuing a very rigorous training program with his father That now included not just exercise, but the art of combat and weapon use He learned of the birds and the bee s, and given a gift of Playboy from dadmake sure you hide it from mom Thank goodness they built the shelter with ROOMS Then we go through the time of its time to leave the hole in the ground, for the 3 of them With no idea of what is waiting out there, if anything The author did a great job connecting with those that have certain beliefs of what is taking place in the world, and were it is headingwell the heading partOk that is you got to read it for yourselfI am off to continue with snooping, ah I mean reading through the next doomsday diary 2 ssshhh wonder were its hiding Perhaps with the playboy Doomsday Diaries by Aaron Powell is a thrilling apocalyptic story told from the first person perspective of Luke Mitchell, who begins the story as a 13 year old being hurried to an underground survival shelter by his mother and father Worldwide nuclear destruction has erupted, and their hometown of Austin was among the first cities destroyed As they rush into their shelter several miles outside of Austin, bright lights to their rear signify the end of the world as they knew it.The beginning of the story focuses on Luke and his parents as they struggle to survive for five years in the cramped but amply supplied shelter They try to live their lives as normally as possible Luke continues to be home schooled, but his curriculum is expanded to include the survival and defensive skills he will need once if he and his family are able to return to life above ground Aaron Powell obviously knows a thing or two about survival preparation and training Significant and realistic details are provided throughout I found the book to move at a believable and page turning pace as I anxiously anticipated the family s return to the surface and what awaited them.When the Mitchells finally venture above ground, they find a New World Order has been established The systematic nuclear destruction of the world had been their doing It is here the story takes a fast paced turn Luke transforms from a home schooled and somewhat na ve farm boy into a super hero as he attempts to rescue his parents from a world where older citizens are of little value and the main purpose of teenagers and young adults is procreation and repopulation.I found the speedy transformation of Luke, still a teen, and how he reacts to what he finds in the New World as stimulating reading, but a little hurried and less believable than the first half of the book I felt the characters introduced at this point the New World Leader, Mr Winthrop, Luke s love lust interest, and the dolphin woman who came to Luke s aid needed time to develop Doomsday Diaries was a quick enjoyable read, and the stage has been set for new and exciting adventures for Luke Mitchell Aaron Powell is a promising new author worthy of your reading time. This is a story about an apocalypse Luke, a 13 year old boy that is home schooled by his parents tells us the tale on first POV The first installment of Doomsday Diaries describes life in a small shelter and how these characters spent their time and what happens a few days after they come out to a new world that they don t recognize any And OMG, leaves us cliff hanging for the second installment.Aaron Powell is a skilled author He uses his narrative and dialogue with great ability I m sure he did great research because the description of the shelter, supplies and way of living there is amazing Also, I loved the way he describes the relationship between Luke and his parents, including the way they teach the teenager and prepare him for the unknown It s very interesting to see all this in Luke s perspective.If you enjoy sic fi and apocalypse stories, don t miss Doomsday Diaries. This book had a concept that I have always been drawn to Post apocalypse stories are always fascinating.The lead up to the 5 year stay in the underground shelter was done well as was the interaction of the three characters as they lived in close contact and tried to lead a normal life.I wouldn t have minded detail of that section of the book.I didn t care for the sexual content at all It wasn t needed to make the book enjoyable.Overall it was a quick and enjoyable read.I received this book thru Goodreads Thankyou Aaron Powell. Doomsday Diaries , by Aaron B Powell.This book grabbed me from the start, and didn t let me go until the end No spoilers, the book s description tells us that there is a nuclear attack So let us start there BAM POW Are you awake now Good.America gets lambasted by nukes, and Luke s mom and dad are barely able to get the family to a fallout shelter before the blast Years go by, and Luke grows His father, a former U.S Marine, teaches Luke the fine arts of combat I say arts because there are many different aspects to combat, and I was very glad to see them all addressed and explained in this book There is nothing pedantic or professorial about the explanations, just harsh reality at full adrenaline speed I have to step off, now, because I won t do spoilers This book deals with issues that we are facing, that our children are facing, and issues that will be faced in the future The Eloi and the Morlocks, master and slave, brainwashing, culling, conspiracies, and the hidden puppet masters pulling the strings to make us all dance These are some of the things that came to my mind while reading Powell s book.Raw reality in the combat descriptions, explained just right so I was inside the combatant, looking out through Luke s eyes, and killing with Luke s hands Doomsday Diaries is the vision of a future that is already being forged A future that doesn t belong to us, only to THEM.This book contains violence and sex I recommend Doomsday Diaries to ANYONE over the age of 18 This book has something for everyone Well done, Powell, well done. This is not exactly my kind of book, but wow It did for me It s very interesting and the characters are very believing But what made me give the 4 stars is What a turn of events I could have never imagine what did happen when they left the shelter Congratulation Aaron Great Job