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It was ok I was not able to connect with any of the characters and I really just wanted to slap Tirrell. @READ KINDLE ⚟ Outcast ⚝ Tirrell Ellis Has Always Felt Like An Outcast His Loving Grandmother Takes Him In After The Death Of His Parents And His Very Existence Becomes The Source Of Much Conflict Between Him And His Half Brother Feelings Of Being Unwanted Fester Inside Tirrell And He Eventually Explodes In Fits Of Anger His Unbridled Temper Gets Him Booted Out Of The Military, And He Violently Unleashes His Frustration On His Girlfriend When He Discovers A Secret That She S Been Harboring Tirrell Believes Things Are Finally Turning Around In His Favor When He Meets Alexandra Solomon Blinded By The Trappings Of The Lifestyle She Offers Him, He Ignores The Warnings Of His Grandmother To Stay Away From Her By The Time Tirrell Finds Out That Alex Solomon Is Not Who She Appears To Be, It S Almost Too Late, As He Puts His Life And The Lives Of His Family In DangerWith His World Falling To Ruin, Will Tirrell Be Able To Right The Wrongs He S Done And Prove That He S Not He Pariah His Family Believes Him To Be ws a pretty good story and turns out there is at least a part 2 to it, i might have to get it and read it. Black SheepTirrell Ellis has always been an outcast, never really fitting in anywhere The product of an extramarital affair with a huge chip on his shoulder, he isn t the easiest person to get along with As he tries to navigate his way through life and the streets of Atlanta, Tirrell thinks he may have finally found his niche in life when he meets Alexandra Solomon, a wealthy, older woman But things aren t always what they seem.With an interesting premise, Outcast had the potential to be a good story, but it didn t reach its full potential It weighed itself down The 300 plus page story dragged in spots Even though there was action, I felt the story simply took too long to get to its point In the meantime, instead of becoming invested in the characters and as the story progressed, I lost interest in them.Not a bad book by any means, Outcast is a book that will have a hard time finding its place in an overcrowded market I have read something else by this author and think the author is talented I just don t believe this is the author s best work.Reviewed by Toni And what did I do on my snow day off work Read of course What I do best and it was sooo lovely to have a quiet clean house, music as a background, some coffee and blankets and a book to get into for hours to get lost in aloneheaven I loved it, but just to be accurate I did start this book last night after finishing a dud book I wanted to be engrossed in but felt cheated see Innocence by Dean Koontz review so I took it basic for some drama and page turning street fiction and decided to smash through this urban read and found that it was surprisingly good and had me hooked to see what else Tirrell, the family outcast would get into as he just could not stay out of troubleOkay so this book told the story of a man fathered out of an affair and treated as a mistake his entire life..After his birth breaks up his father s marriage and then his father and mother are killed in a car crash Tirrell is taken in to live with his grandmother and introduced to his bitter and resentful older brother Kevin who takes on the reluctant role of caretaker guardian everytime Tirrell gets in trouble which is quite often The novel starts with Tirrell s dishonorable discharge from the military for fighting and nearly killing someone and from there we are introduced to his bad reactions to a violent temper and its only the first pages From there Tirrell is forced to return home but cant bring himself to tell his family the truth and how he messed up which begins a string of lies he struggles to maintain a chain of events that lead him straight to the bottom This book takes it there as the gritty streets of Atlanta are tempting to a man struggling to find himself and some source of pride with a violent temper and a penchant for making bad decisions Enter drugs, women problems and his past coming back to haunt him and this page turner keeps you reading to find out how things will end and will anyone get a happy ending do they deserve one I cant lie this was a good read..fast,pretty well written..