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When Darkness Falls, by Shannon Drake Heather Graham is a vampire romance novel Written a good five years before the Twilight books made paranormal romance hot as fire, the author sticks to the basics as we knew them at that time Jade, an author, lives in New Orleans She survived a mass murder in Scotland while doing research for a book She finally starts getting her life back to normal She has good friends and family and is dating the perfect guy But, one by one, the survivors in Scotland are being murdered.Lucien saved Jade in Scotland, and is back to help her now as she and her family are being sought by his oldest enemy.Lucien is yet another tortured by his conscience vampire He stays alive to keep peace and true evil at bay His back story was interesting Jade, of course, reminds him of his wife, who was murdered There just wasn t enough chemistry between Jade and Lucien The book was maybe a touch too long, as it tended to drag now and then I wish we could have hadof a solid ending for the couple They have the HEA ending, but we aren t told which options they chose Overall I give it a C. This is my first Heather Graham book that I have read For me it was a book that was hard to lay down once I got started but sometimes you have to make yourself do it Just a little about it Jade McGregor goes to Scotland to do research on old cemeteries, joins a group of college students to tour an underground tomb She is then caught up in a vampire attack, where some of the college students are killed, she is saved by a mysterious man, she and a few students survive Is this all over for Jade, or does things start happening that brings her back in to the clutches of death again Find out about Jade s life, family, the mysterious man, the survivors and her fate poor editing, but didn t hurt the book. Like the first book in this series, the story iscentered on the suspense part than the romance And to be honest I also found it a little too centered on the bad guys rather than on the heroes relationship development Because the romance part was very weak and under developed, the only reason I don t give it 2 stars is because I really liked Lucian s story. This second book in Shannon Drake s vampire series was really quite disappointing In addition to the myriad spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, the plot and characters were very lacking My copy is not even an ARC, so I was completely mystified as to why the publishing company would allow this manuscript to be sold in this condition.Lucian, self proclaimed king of the vampires is the hero of this tale, doing battle against an ancient foe that seems too powerful to defeat Fortunately Drake has changed her vampire rules a little from the first book in order to make this villain vanquishable, otherwise this might not have turned out so well As before random characters are convieniently the reincarnations of past friends, so much so that when someone says, I feel like I ve met you before the reader starts trying to think of who they must have once been.The narrative is slow going with several little subplots that seem like excuses to showcase vampire cruelty to sub characters without putting main characters in any danger Then, despite that, main characters actually do find themselves in peril, except that the rules have changed, so they can recover Whatever.The book comes to its climax, a big show down in a grave yard, but is over almost before it begins Yay, the good guys win, the end The reader is left going, what just happened and wondering if it s even really over Drake might want to leave some ambiguity, intending to resurrect this villain, which she might actually need to do because I know this series continues and Sophia seems like a hard one to top However, it s just really poorly done and doesn t feel like a payoff at all for slogging through this lame book.I really wanted to like this book I tried so hard Honestly, though, I couldn t bring myself to care I do have to give it points for referencing Buffy the Vampire Slayer overtly, but I feel dirty about it because quite frankly a lot of the story feels like it was cribbed from episodes of Buffy Specifically, her war with Spike and Drusilla. Narrator Tanya Eby did a wonderful job Her voice was light and dark alternating when necessary However that wasn t enough to draw me into this I found this neither to be a romance nor a true mystery It was interesting in parts but then quickly fell apart. I really love paranormal stories and it s the genre in which I want to write, so I can be a little critical, but in this book, I was quite disappointed by the lack of romance between the hero and heroine Lucian and Jade The basics were there and good they were, but I really wanted Jade and Lucian to be feeling the luuurve and it didn t feel as though they were Which really made the story lacking to my mind I loved the paranormal parts, which did feel under developed, but still, great afternoon s entertainment Better than the first book in the series, Beneath A Blood Red Moon, but once again the story seemed to fall apart towards the end of the book The ending itself was extremely frustrating, and leftquestions than answers I love the character of Lucian He is a near perfect anti hero However, his heroine Jade ended up coming off as somewhat whiny The secondary characters Jade s friends from her writers group especially were for the most part entertaining, and provided a bit of much needed comic relief For me, the single biggest problem was the fact that Lucian Jade s future was left pretty much up in the air The ending to BABRM while extremely far fetched in it s resolution, at least left little doubt as to the path that Maggie Sean were on Where as with this book, the reader is left feelingthan a little cheated out of a proper ending. &FREE PDF ↡ When Darkness Falls ↿ What You See In An Ancient Cemetery, Travel Writer Jade MacGregor S Tour Of A Scottish Tomb Is Marred By A Terrifying Attack That Leaves Her Surrounded By Corpses Drained Of Blood A Year Later, Back Home On A Shadowy French Quarter Street, She Glimpses The Oddly Compelling Stranger She Met That Day Coincidence Or Is It Something Far Disturbing Could Kill You Surrounded By Her Friends And Engrossed In Her Work, Jade Should Feel Secure But Then New Bodies Start Showing Up, And Somebody Is Dogging Her Every Move Somebody Who Knows What She Saw On That Long Ago Afternoon Among The Gravestones And Mausoleums Somebody Who Will Try To Rescue Her From The Undead Waiting To Make Her One Of Them I thought this was a good PNR It had good believable characters and the plot generally built up tension well The only slight drawback for me was that there were a series of flashbacks which filled in one character s backstory I didn t think that it really needed filling in with the amount of detail and flashbacks which were used I thought the flashbacks diluted the build up of tension in the main plot a little However, I am not a big fan of flashbacks, so that may account for my feelings about them in this book. After picking this up as an afterthought in a used bookstore for 1, this was much better than I expected The worldbuilding was very good and I like the characters Plot development and pacing could have used some serious work I thought this was the 1st in the series but I was wrong Reading in order may have helped with the issues I had with it I liked it enough that I ll pick up the others if available cheap and used as well.