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[[ Read Book ]] å Exclamation Mark! ó From The Bestselling Creators Of Duck Rabbit , An Exciting Tale Of Self Discovery He Stood Out HereHe Stood Out ThereHe Tried Everything To Be Like ThemIt S Not Easy Being Seen Especially When You Re NOT Like Everyone Else Especially When What Sets You Apart Is YOUSometimes We Squish Ourselves To Fit In We Shrink Twist Bend Until A Friend Shows The Way To Endless PossibilitiesIn This Bold And Highly Visual Book, An Emphatic But Misplaced Exclamation Point Learns That Being Different Can Be Very Exciting Period Exclamation Mark knew from the beginning he was different from the Periods He tried very hard to act like them, but no matter what, he always stood up And that of course made him feel worse But one day he met the talkative Question Mark He asked so many questions Exclamation Mark felt dizzy And he needed to SHOUT At this moment it was clear to him all the potential he had inside So many Happy birthday , Congratulations and Way to go have been trapped in his throat for so long It felt good to be himself is a funny story about how everyone is different and with different talents, and the importance of knowing ourselves and respect others.Age range 4 to 6 years old.Check out children s book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog TASTIC We all have an inner exclamation mark.The question is, how to find itThe shy Exclamation Mark finds it s way and it is proud to be different.This is a story of fitting in and at the same time standing out.Excellent book Although it is written for children, I highly recommend it also for any adult who believes that he she somehow does not fit with the rest of the crowd. A dear friend who inspired me to go after my dream and become a school librarian gave this book to me as a gift I found it on my computer in the library on my first day It s a beautiful allegorical story about standing out and being a leader I love the book, and its presence at my desk always reminds me of how much I appreciate this friend who has also been my coach and cheerleader.