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Forget what can I say, I really liked it, it is one of the only books that can make you laugh, cry and scream all on the same page I can honestly say it changed my view of high school popular groups I honestly thought that this book was going to be like all those other books that I have read about tragedy coming into a girl s life and how she moves on and finds love And it was I know how weird it sounds but it was exactly what I expected but in a good way, it ended the way I thought it would but the events in the book were really interesting, and even though I saw some of the things coming my emotions were all over the place while I was reading The book had characters that you can emphasize with and it talks about real problems and brought me to tears I really enjoyed reading this everyone should give it a go. [[ Download ]] ☙ Forget ☔ Pretty Popular, Eva Is Like Any Other Year Old That Is Until Her Father Dies Suddenly Her Whole World Falls Apart The Only Person She Can Talk To Is Cute, Scruffy, Guitar Mad Zac, Who Always Seems To Know The Right Thing To Say Eva Feels That The Responsibility For Keeping The Coonan Family Afloat Rests On Her Shoulders I would like to start by saying that I am a big Gilligan fan but this, her debut novel, is definitely not her best work Her following two books are much better reads This is way too D4 for my liking Its all high fives here and collared up rugby playing boys there The characters in the book have an awful attitude to life, believing that living off their parents is the only way to be and drinking illegally every weekend is okay It really irks me The love story between Zac and Eva is sweet and nicely told though You can tell the author is young by how innocently refreshing her outlook on love is. its very good and reli exciting to read.its al bout tis girl whoos dad died and she isnt coping.she meets up with tis new guy in her skol Zac and he helps her through her first year without her father..Zac is also having trouble at home.eva helps him thriugh tat.bt they hav decisions to makebt will der relationship survive One of the best books I have read I really enjoyed the way the story changes between both charachters and then finally submerge into one 3 Ruth s an extremely talented writer and I look forward to reading of her books. It was weirdly really goodI don t normally like lovey dovey books, but this was quite a good read