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~EPUB ♆ A Reason to Believe ♣ Detective Matthew Bennett Doesn T Believe In Ghosts So When The Spirit Of A Murdered Child Leads Him To Her Body, He S Shaken To The Core And Taken Off The Case Unable To Explain His Vision, Or To Let Go Of The Investigation, Matthew Turns To Renowned Medium Kiernan Fitzpatrick Though He Has Doubts About Kiernan S Claims To Communicate With The Dead, Matt Is Nevertheless Drawn To The Handsome Psychic, Who Awakens Feelings He Thought Were Long BuriedHaunted By The Lingering Spirit Of The Little Girl, Kiernan Is Compelled To Aid In The Search For Her Killer The Chance To Get Closer To The Enigmatic Matt Is An Unexpected Bonus Although Kiernan S Been Betrayed By People Who Turned Out To Be Interested In His Fame Than In Himself, With Matt He S Willing To Risk His Heart As The Two Men Grow Closer, Kiernan Helps Matt Rediscover That Life Offers No Guarantees But Love Offers A Reason To Believe 4.5 Believable Stars I never believed there was anything after death A Reason To Believe takes you on a creepy, extremely sad and unforgettable journey, between a police officer and a renowned medium A story that will draw you in, keep your heart racing and simplyblow your mind awayall with the help of a ghost Detective Matthew Bennett and Kiernan Fitzpatrick work on solving the case of a murdered child, Abigail Reynoldswho finds comfort in visiting Matt and Kier, to help find her murderer Even though Matt acknowledges Abby s presence, he still finds it hard to believe in ghost and all theweirdactivity going on around him But soon Matt has no choice but to believe in Abby s presence and Kier expertiseto help solve the crime Along the way, Matt and Kier form a friendship, which grows from mere attractionto deeper feelingsYou re a beautiful man Matthew Bennett, he said, his voice soft but intense as he stroked himfirmly And someone should tell you that, every day for the rest of your lifeWith the police against them and a killer on the loose, the two find themselves in difficult and dangerous circumstancesand maybe a tad over their heads I LOVED this exciting and fast paced read The characters were so easily loved and full of humor, that kept me smiling and laughing all the wayYou re never too old to make out in your car, Kiernan countered You d have to be pretty athletic to fuck in this one, but I ll bet it could be done Matt stared at him You, he said pointedly, say the damnedest thingsI will admit to shedding some tears along the way I was heartbroken for Abby s story and would never wish for any child to endure the pain she did.So, I ve given plenty of Reasons to Believethis book is a must read matesit won t disappoint xxIf you don t believe mego check out Vilda s awesome review Only 1.99 for preorder atAnd it s 81,000 words Plus Love the cover Is there emotion YesIs there a plot YesIs there humor YesWell characters developed YesIntriguing myste YesIs it easy smooth to read YesWell edited YesEnjoyable Yes We NEVER got Kiernan s pov Why not I loved him and kept wanting his pov I liked Matt a lot He had a great voice but I wanted to be able to see Kiernan s voice too, and know what he was thinking The mystery and romance worked well together I was guessing a lot of different people and motives and none of them were really right And Matt and Kiernan together were just awesome I liked that it felt like their relationship was a slow build The end was to open for me view spoiler like first the love was instant The book was long enough and passed well enough it doesn t feel instant, but they ve known each other like 5 days I think Then there was no like does Matt stay a cop Does Kiernan move to wherever Matt lives Does Matt move Does Kiernan keep his tv show and his busy touring schedule Are they going to be long distance relationship Basically nothing was even hinted at for how their relationship would work and that left me feeling unsatisfied hide spoiler DNF at 27% No rating from me I was totally incapable of reading any further than this As a mother with a child around the same age as the murdered little girl in this story, reading about her death in detail was too much for me to handle I can t stand stories where young children get killed, especially if it isn t a brief mention but the whole premise of the story Reading about each step of her murder, from her crying and saying it hurt to her being tortured was pushing my every limit Totally not for me Read for project GRL 2014 My quest to read authors that I ve never tried before 3.5 starsThis book was moving right along at a 4 star pace I was really enjoying it I originally rolled my eyes at the thought of this celebrity medium who made money off of talking to the dead It was all a bit John Edward for me to handle BUT, Diana Copland did something really smart she made Kiernan absolutely adorable and lovableand sweet He s the kind of guy I d want as a best friend So cute and his goofy t shirtsreminded me of Ty from Cut Run Matt was a bit of a tragic character and my heart hurt for his loss But, I was so glad to read the attraction between he Kiernan unfold I really enjoyed their pairing though, per usualI could have used a bitsmutbut I m a perv, so And god knows I love me a cop in the M M genre, so it was a given I d enjoy this Where the book totally lost me and turned ridiculous and leveled down to the 3 star range was around the 90% markwhen a blue ball of light and a gray funnel cloud of ashes shows up I was just annoyed as that part of the scene totally took away from a very intense moment Up until that point, the supernatural aspect of the book was interestingbut from there, it just turned lame.Still, enjoyable Written October 19, 20144 Stars to a good crime thriller with some nice romance partsA M M romance with some spirit beings elements, in all other ways a crime CR story I choosed the easy way again I picked up the audiobook I also remembered that my Aussie friend Mona wrote a beautiful 4.5 stars review about this one.And, was it a good one Yes, it really was I liked this thrilling story from start It is Christmas Eve and a little girl is missingDetective Matthew Bennett doesn t believe in ghosts but when the spirit of a murdered child a little girl, Abigail Reynolds leads him to her body, he s shaken to the core and taken off the case Unable to explain his vision, or to let go of the investigation, Matthew turns oror less is forced by his sister in law to a famous renowned medium, Kiernan Fitzpatrick Here starts and scary horrifying a child. murder case investigation As well as a yummy nice gay romance I have listening to the 10 hrs audiobook narrated by Jack LeFleur I like Mr LeFleur s voice It was maybe a bit shaky in the start but it just went better and better Other books view spoiler A quite professional, immersive and husky male voiced narrator who also did Aleksandr Voinov s great sci fi dystopia novel Dark Edge of Honor very good hide spoiler Scared of ghost,avoiding this book in fear then don t cause you are missing out on something really good.This a good suspense thriller with a sweet child ghost and believe me nothing scary about that angel.Itslike reading a book on angel than ghost Can anyone be scared of a six year kid On top of that you get two hot heroes.A Wonderful suspense.Little humor.Yeah,with funny T shirt ,colorful personality and dialogue like this.Jesus, Kiernan said as he stepped from the Bronco and a gust of frigid wind lifted his hair I think my testicles just climbed up into my abdominal cavity in fear Matt chuckled Lovely visual He cautiously joined him on the icy sidewalk They ll come back out of hiding as soon as you warm up So you say The poor things aren t used to this kind of weather It s traumatizing I m going to expect you to check later to make sure they re still where they belong I can certainly make an inspection of the general area I m a detective It s all about gathering evidence Kiernan Fitzpatrick the renowned medium will win your heart and I am sure you will have at least one hero to add in your favorite list if not two, as Detective Matthew Bennett ison the subdued type and still grieving for his ex.Some may not like the quite MC but I sure did and so did the six year old girl who was murdered Diana Copland,this is for you on a story well written.Cheers Go read this book its not scary at all view spoiler Resembles JonBenet Ramsey real life tragedy hide spoiler Dear Book,If you weren t a romance, it might ve been true love A spoilery review by NatashaHi, Book I m sorry it didn t work I really am I was falling hard for you at first, but then I had a closer look and slowly, over time, I kind of started to bail out on you.The first few chapters, you were creepy as shit Haunty ghost child Yes please Terrifying Absolutely terrifying I thought perhaps you were going to be one of those stories that s heavy on the spooky, and less on the nooky I was wrong, and that s my fault, not ours, all right I liked Matt enough I actually almost broke down crying when hearing about your ex lover, Brad, and his death How terrible I also thought your character development was good I didn t like Kiernan When I think of why I didn t like him, I don t think I have anything solid to state besides that fact that he s a nosy child, but I think him acting like a 12 year old was stated and used as a tool towards his charm Well, that just fell short for me.Oh, also, this guy, L, from Death Note, is Kiernan, pretty much This mystery grew rather boring There was too much kissing and holding hands and sex all of which, I skimmed , not enough paranormal I wantedparanormal and weird shit, and less of all this crap about feelings, because who really has those, right Your lead female and tropey best friend to Matt, Sheila, was awful I think this book was bumped down at least a star, for me, because of her She was predictable, annoying, nosy, a know it all, and honestly, I m sick of these female best friend characters who talk about nothing besides the MC s need to get laid or hotness or the hotness of the MC s love interest, or the love interest s butt, or how far they got, or how much sex they had plan on having It s old IT S OLD STOP DOING IT I feel like if you took out all talks Sheila had with Matt about ass insert synonyms for sex or hotness , you d have a book at least 20 pages shorter.I seriously don t need to be force fed ass 24 7.But Book, please try to understand, I would still read other things by your writer, because the language was very well done and I think the writer has some real talent It s just the content of your pages that didn t mesh with me.We can still be friends, right Okay, cool.No, no, don t call me I ll call you Sincerely, Natasha Kiernan,this is a world class ass He leaned forward and took a nip from the right cheek Glad you like it, Kiernan replied, his voice slightly muffled by the bedding But you ll forgive me if I d rather you fucked it than waxed poetic about itHello Readers.Well I could have started this review in many different ways.I could have started it by telling you how amazing this book is.Or how much I love it.Or that it has so many elements, which I m a sucker for.Like ghosts, hot tortured heroes, mystery killers, second chances, danger, action, and so onYeah, this book is pretty Hollywood.But I figured that the short excerpt will drive my point across.My point being You ll have a blast reading it. Now, coming to story Detective Matthew Bennett doesn t believe in God.He doesn t believe in ghosts.One of the best, he believes in cold, hard facts.But once upon a time he used believe in God, if not ghosts.He lost his reason to believe when his one and true love was brutally torn out of his life.So when on Christmas Eve he was called to find a missing little girl, he never expected to find something so unreasonable.Some thing so unbelievable.The spirit of the little girl leads him to her body.Completely shaken, he is taken off the case when he explains how he found her body.No one believes him.Of course he himself was having trouble believing it.His sister in law and best friend Sheila, believing him, drags him to meet a renowned medium.And thus enters Kiernan Fitzpatrick.And finally, after a lot of hurdles, Matthew back gets his reason to believe Now I really loved this book, but the climax could have been better.I was a bit disappointed But the endingthan made up for it.Though an epilogue would have been greatly appreciated.Okay, I m just being greedy.But can t really help it.Give it a try Readers, I m pretty sure you ll enjoy it.That s all for now,Ta Ta Audio 4.5 starsStory 3 starsI was too busy feeling sad about the case to enjoy the romance.