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I really enjoyed reading Emerald fire It was a little confusing in the beginning with multiple times, but once I got into the book I thought it was good Emerald Fire continues the story of three sisters that began in Sapphire Ice and Greater Than Rubies Robin and tony are happily married, but Tony s friend Barry is having marital troubles, and even worse has begun to doubt G d Maxine the middle sister cannot trust men After the first few dates, when a man might want a kiss, she ends the relationship Now she and Barry are friends and buddies They enjoy football games and just hanging out while Barry s wife socializes An unexpected tragedy brings everything to a head Hallee Bridgman has done a good job of keeping a person guessing as to what is going to happen next Once you get into this book you will have a hard time putting it down.i look forward to reading Topaz Heat the final book in the series I was given this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. Emerald Fire is the second book in the Jewel Trilogy by Hallee Bridgeman The Jewel Trilogy is made up of three books about three sisters Sapphire Ice covers Robin s story Emerald Fire covers Maxine s story Topaz Heat covers Sarah s story There is also an accompanying novella to Sapphire Ice that covers Robin s engagement and wedding That story is called Greater Than Rubies I definitely suggest reading Sapphire Ice first, then Greater Than Rubies Follow those two stories with Emerald Fire and then Topaz Heat.I do not want to give away the plot and all of its twists and turns But suffice it to say, it was a great read This books just grabbed me right from the first and didn t let go I had to know how it was going to work out This is the third book that I have read from this series and I have loved them all I am looking forward to reading Topaz Heat. Read Ebook ♻ Emerald Fire (The Jewel Trilogy #2) ♚ Best Inspirational Novel Of The Year Finalist ForRONE Award A Terrifying Past Imprisoned Maxine Bartlett All Her Adult Life, Shackling Her With Fear Anytime A Man Even Touched HerIn A Spontaneous Weekend, She Unintentionally Elopes With An Unlikely Groom After A Magical Wedding Night Filled With Love And Passion, Maxi Finally Discards Her Dreadful ChainsShe Doesn T Know That Her New Husband Has Turned His Back On God Worried Over How The World Might See The Completely Unexpected And Some Would Certainly Say Inappropriate Marriage, In His Pride He Promises Maxine A Quiet AnnulmentUnwilling To Let Their Marriage Disappear As If It Never Happened, Maxine Refuses To Cooperate Seeking God S Will, She Moves In With Him And Informs Him That When He Decides To Act Like Her Husband Again, He Will Find His Loving Wife Waiting For Him Right There In Their Home As The Days Stretch Into Weeks, The Newlyweds Slowly Begin To Trust And Even Love Each OtherThen, Just As They Begin To Live The Happily Ever After Love Story That Neither Of Them Ever Dreamed Could Come True, A Sudden And Nightmarish Catastrophe Strikes That Could Wreck Everything Will Her Husband Realize That He Must Trust God Once Can He Find Peace And Strength Enough To Carry Them Through The Flames Emerald Fire is book 2 of the Jewel series Once again Hallee drew me in and got me hooked while reading this Christian Romance book. Emerald Fire by Hallee BridgemanEmerald Fire is the second book in the Jewel Trilogy about three half sister that have overcome a heart wrenching childhood filled with drugs, abuse and murder To the outside world Maxine Bartlett has overcome and risen above her childhood of abuse She climbs to the top of the corporate latter and has made something for herself But nightmares of her childhood still haunt her today and if any man gets to close or touches her she pull away She has found a great friendship in Barry Anderson, ex pro football player now lawyer Because he is married and off limits she feels comfortable around him Barry and his wife had a very strained marriage, he was always faithful but she stopped loving him and was unfaithful for many years Things change when his wife of eighteen years is killed in an accident Barry who has had a strong relationship with God is now filled with anger over his wife s death and betrayal While attending a football game in Las Vegas with friends he some how finds himself married to Maxi He wants an annulment but she wants to work thing out After seeking God s will in prayer she takes a bold step by moving into Barry s home and challenging him to make their marriage work Just when things are looking up Maxi is in a terrible car accident that changes everything Can Barry somehow find his faith in God again and the strength to stand by Maxi in her darkest days The author Hallee Bridgeman does an awesome job of showing the highs and lows of tested faith I highly recommend this book for those seeking a novel full of faith, inspiration and wholesome relationships. Two wonderful stories of redemption and transformation I received a free copy of this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.This Bundle contains books 2 and 3 from the trilogy written by Hallee Bridgeman The trilogy is about 3 adult half sisters that are trying to make their way in life after a very harsh upbringing.Emerald Fire is book 2 and it is about the second sister, Maxine Bartlett After a peek into her childhood in the prologue we are introduced to her the morning after she marries We are then taken on a journey to discover how they came to marry and to see how they proceed to find their way with God as their guide.Topaz Heat is book 3 and it is about the youngest of the sisters As a young girl Sarah Thomas was rescued from the horrors of her early childhood through adoption She has no real memory of the horrors that she lived through though Since her adoption she led a sheltered life with her Christian family Derrick DeNunzio was a poor tough street kid He was taken off the street and made into a billionaire s prot g When first Sarah and Derrick met Sarah simply saw the street kid Now a decade after meeting Derrick DeNunzio they are suddenly back in each other s lives through their family ties Can Sarah set aside her prejudices and open her heart to true love Both of these books have fantastic characters that have been well developed and brought through journeys of redemption and transformation Both of these books along with the two stories contained in Bundle 1 are very intricately woven so that the same characters flow throughout all of them Each story is focusing on a different pair of main characters and yet they are all in each book I loved the marvelous way that Hallee Bridgeman built their stories and carried this family through all three books in the trilogy as well as the novella.I was very moved at many times while reading both of the books contained in this bundle At a couple of times I was very happy that I had a box of tissues close by God s love is so freely given and He is so wonderful to see His children through the darkest of times These books truly encouraged me to never lose sight of that. As in Sapphire Ice and Greater than Rubies, Hallee Bridgeman takes us deep into the lives of the three sisters and the men they love Enjoyable is not a strong enough word Enthralling isaccurate I couldn t stop reading until I found out how it all ended.Emerald Fire, Maxi s story, offers unexpected plot twists causing a rollercoaster of emotion Sarah s story in Topaz Heat is full of excitement and suspense Combine these with the continuing saga of Tony and his sweet Robin, the Jewel Series characters will live long in my mind Hallee s way of writing from the depths of the characters hearts and souls make them real, like friends I ve known all my life Cinderella stories at the finest, the transformation of Robin, Maxine and Sarah from a childhood of poverty and abuse to one of love and spiritual fulfillment are captivating, leaving me wanting to know them , better, and share them with others I forget I m reading fiction It slike real life.Hallee, you surprised me I guessed what Sarah s story might be like but Maxi s What a great plot twist Thank you so much for sharing your heart with readers through this series What a treasure.I received this book from Book Fun Network in exchange for my honest opinion Maxine Bartlett has had a worse than hard life, yet she overcomes the terrible start and makes something of herself Great job Great friends Great sisters Dates a lot of guys, but can never find herself to trust them Then when one comes along she can trust, one thing after another threatens their relationship She has to learn to fully trust God and how to listen to Him before things start to turn around.This story takes you on a journey from pain and survival to hope, forgiveness, faith and love It is a beautiful Romance that is very difficult to put down The characters are so real, it is a fun trip to get to know them Their lives are connected in such amazing ways, it s neat to see and realize in our own lives how God brings us together.I read it in just over one day Beautiful story Had to get to the end, it was that good I highly recommend it to Romantic Fiction fans.Note I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter TMWoodsBook, FaceBook at. Loved this book It was a great follow up to Sapphire Ice, but still stands on it s own as a great book Hallee makes the characters so realistic, so human, that even when they make mistakes and don t act the way they should, I still liked them and rooted for them Just like the first book, I got sucked into the story from the start and couldn t put it down I highly recommend this book An amazing sequel to Sapphire Ice, can t wait to read the third book read this in two days because I just couldn t put it down Love the way she shows how trusting God and having deep faith can bring us through any trial.