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Short and graphic read. This was a pager turner I am definitely going to keep this author on my radar I highly recommend this true crime book. I knew very little about this case before reading the book I read a lot of true crime but some cases make me sick and this one I knew enough about to make me think I didn t want the depth of a book to tell me However, I am very glad to have read it Mr Sullivan has done an excellent job with a very sensitive subject matter Some reviews have called the book graphic, or, specifically, the writing graphic, but that s not exactly the situation and especially why I appreciated the author s tact Yes, the data is graphic but 1 there are no crime scene photos and 2 the graphic details are simply listed information taken directly from police or court documents The author hasn t taken any creative license in that area Sullivan has done an exceptional job of providing direct quotes from various sources and weaving them together with his own sparse narrative that concentrates heavily on the victims, both dead and living Sullivan also makes his main discussion throughout the text to be the difference between mental insanity and legal insanity There is never any question that Richard Chase was mentally insane, but the question his trial brought to the surface was that a person can be insane and legally culpable at the same time An absolutely horrendous case for everyone involved first and foremost the victims and their families, but also those involved in the investigation, Chase s own family and even Chase himself, that he wasn t locked up in a psychiatric ward, when they first had him and he, himself, knew he was sick, years before he killed anyone The book is short but thorough anything longer than this would have been sensationalism Great read This true crime book was difficult for me to read, since it made me feel physically sick due to the graphic detail of the murders committed by the vampire of Sacramento Richard Trenton Chase I will not mention the details of tbe murders due to the disturbing and graphic and disgusting detail of what he did, none of the victims deserved to be killed in the way they were murdered especially the 22 month old baby, it made me feel sick reading about it.Richard Trenton Chase was a paranoid schizophrenic but sane during the murders he committed, he was a vampire, cannibal, necrophile and killed 6 people including a 22 month old male baby, a pregnant woman, rabbits, a cat that was his pet, dogs that he shot, mutilated and consumed the flesh and blood due to his delusional beliefs that he needed to consume blood to repair his body because he believed that he was had been poisoned with iodine or mercury He purchased rabbits and drank their blood, and attempted to inject himself with their blood which lead to him being hospitalised for a few days where he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic due to his behaviour and paranoid beliefs He purchased dogs, hung them up, cut their organs out of the body and partially ate them and drank their blood He was eating dog viscera raw He used a.22 calibre Luger pistol and knives during the murders and kidnapped the baby after murdering his family, he shot the baby in the head, consumed part of his brain matter, mutilated his body and decapitated him because causeI needed something to eat After he murdered a victim he would keep a copy of the newspaper asa trophy to re live the crime by reading about it.He was similar in some ways to Jeffrey Dahmer both seem like they were loners wrapped up in their deluional fantasy world that only existed in their minds All the victims were not connected to eachother except the small geographical area whefe they lived and were murdered was very close to where Richard Trenton Chase was living at the time of the murders The murders occured within walking or driving distance from his house, where he was living at the time of the murders From a young age he was developing a extremely violent and predatory nature towards animals or people, so even if he wasn t a risk to others he would have been a risk to himself He cut the paw of his pet dog andwould frequently have attempt to crush the jaw of the dog by tightly griping it around it s jaw almost to the point of broking it s jaw He believed his family was trying to poison him or control his mind, he also had conversations with people that were not real or no one else saw His mother thought it was a good idea to slowly stop giving him his medication till eventually he wasn t taking his medication and his paranoia became a problem again If he continued taking his medication he would have been fine, and possibly none of the deaths of any of the animals or people he killed would or happened, it could have been avoided and lives would have been saved.He was a disorganised killer that left fingerprints or evidence of his presence at the crime scenes, due to the violent, graphic way he killed his victims People were known to fire guns in a creek, near or around the area of some of the crimes and the gunshots were heard by multiple people in the area at various times of the night When Richard was living with his family he behaviour become very bizarre and they all thought that something was off about him, that something was wrong despite acting or appearing normal most of the time, he was known to talk to himself however Richard, you re a good boy aren t you Yes you re a good boy He would do a handstand because he wanted the blood in his body to flow back to his head and would wrap a towel with oranges slices on it around his head He was u able to keep a steady job due to not doing his job properly and inadequate in terms of dating due to a inability to perform sexually with women, which is one of the reasons he might of hated women and murdered them due to humiliation and rejection The closer he came to murder the better he looked in terms of apoareance or deameanor He was aware of social condemnation in social for his actions.He would target homes that didn t have a car outside, but he would knock first to see if anyone was at home so no one would die During the murders he was considered sane due to being aware of his actions being wrong, he was aware of what was right or wrong so wasn t able to claim temporary insanity as a way to get a lenient sentence he knew what he did was wrong and excited about reading about his crimes in the newspaper after he committed them, he liked the attention.Eventually he was caught due to eyewitness testimonies and the the daughter of the one of the investigators being approached by Richard in a supermarket, that felt uncomfortable being around him and talking to him All the evidence pointed to Richard Trenton Chase and he was finally brought in to be questioned, then brought to trail in a court and convicted of 6 counts of murder in the first degree and sentenced to death in the gas chamber He decided to killed himself to cure whatever he believed ailed him his whole life that he never re eived sufficient help for because he was delusional andit was all in his head He overdosed on Sinequan a medication for depression while in prison. A short but interesting gruesome story about the Vampire of Sacramento, Richard Chase I have read a bit about him in another book and his case definitely caught my attention It s obvious that Richard Chase had some serious mental illness but he was legaly sane The book is well written and it seems that the author knows what he is writing about It suprises me that he is not famous or should I say infamous because his crimes are wild. Why did I read this I ve read about Chase s crimes before He was batshit crazy and off his meds He was also on mind altering drugs.The author moralizes like mad here Feeling sorry for the victims and horrified about the crimes that Chase brought to their doors can co exist with understanding that mental illness stole all of their lives It doesn t make him any less horrifying or bizarre It doesn t shift the blame It just puts his terrible crimes in a different category Calling him evil and diabolical isn t appropriate His crimes were evil for sure, but using diabolical to describe Chase is way off the mark He was frenzied, impulsive and not the brightest crayon in the box.So yeah, describing Chase as some kind of evil genius and diabolical is dumb He was no Hannibal Lecter Dude barely made it through High School because the crazy was setting in.I m beginning to think I have to stop reading true crime books I am picking up repeat cases now and books by inferior authors.Who am I kidding It s summer I ll be reading true crime all over the place. This was a short story, AT BEST This was not a great story, there was no real attempt at research. &Download ☚ Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders ↿ By The Time Richard Trenton Chase Graduated High School, Everyone Knew He Was Strange But No One Had Any Idea How Bizarre He D Become, Or What Dark Impulses Were Flowing Through His Troubled Brain The Transformation From The Outwardly Strange Young Man To The Diabolical Killer He Ultimately Became, Was Gradual And Would Not Become Known Until It Was Too Late First It Was The Killing Of Small Animals And Birds, And The Drinking Of Their Blood However, When These Sacrifices Failed To Satiate His Needs, Richard Chase Would Seek Out The Highest Form Of Life, And The City Of Sacramento, California Would React In Horror To The Hideous Murders And Mutilations Committed By His Hands For Those Living In The Quiet Neighborhoods Where The Murders Occurred, It Was Nothing Less Than A Time Of Terror Until The Fiend Was CapturedVampire The Richard Chase Murders With Photos , Is An In Depth Look Into The Life And Disturbed Mind Of A Killer, His Family, And His Many Victims, The Living As Well As The Dead Within These Pages You Ll Discover What It Was Like For The Police, And What A Difficult Job They Had Finding A Killer They Knew Wouldn T Stop Until He Was Apprehended It Was A Race Against Time, In A Series Of Murders That Would Stun Even The Most Hardened Investigators It Is The Story Of A City Under Siege, Held Captive By The Man Whose Appetite For Blood Could Not Be Satiated I received this book to give an honest review.Whoa is all I can literally say about this This is a crazy true story on a man named Richard Chase He literally killed a few people and drank their blood on top of that started eating them Like who in their right mind would do that Someone crazy is all I have to say Richard would seem to be just a normal person normally But if you looked into his life you knew something was wrong When someone is paranoid, staying up all hours of the night, knocking holes in the wall something is wrong If it is not drugs then it is something mental This story is filled with information on how it all seemed to start, the background of Richard, how detectives were able to capture him before he could go on and kill people It also shows us how mental illness was described by doctors in this case I honestly think that he had a mental illness now what it is I don t know exactly There are pictures within the book so you really get a feel as to where things took place and what things looked like back in the day It is crazy weird If you like true crime stories then I say get this one Even though it is gory when told just imagine what those that put him behind bars saw and think The author did good on his research and knew just how to write it all to where it sounds good when told. Mentally deranged, sadistic, a bloodsucker and a cannibal, this diabolical killer held the city of Sacramento in fear during his spree in the late 70 s Fortunately, his reign of terror was relatively short lived Unfortunately, the savage cruelty he showed his innocent victims is something I don t imagine anyone from that area will ever forget I think the author did a fantastic job of pulling this story together Although only 109 pages, you finish the book feeling you know everything you need to know about the tragedy Its very concise and not a word is wasted There s lots of background information about him and his family dynamic that may or may not have impacted his mental condition, excerpts from arresting officers, exact wording from the actual case files, and even Every true crime fan s dream read I m most impressed and absolutely will be reading by this author.