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I was intimidated by the Introduction 50 pages but I am glad I read it before diving into the recipes or appendix of nutritional information Everything was written in such an inviting and friendly way It is clear with science, numbers and facts calculating calorie deficits to glycogen storage in the body to back up their recipes I m not a tri athlete but I m a meal prep er who came across this book by chance and am now looking at other cookbooks and books by the Feed Zone and Skratch labs.Appetizing pictures Recipes that work Great ideas for kids, families, athletes, and to go meal snack prepping Just a lot of foil and ziploc bags though I have altered some portables into small tupperwares. I purchased this book not because I m an athlete I don t require a snack on my hour long walk but because we travel a lot and need snacks other than pretzels and corn chips The little homemade grab and goes in this book look to be the perfect homemade snacks to keep us on track I haven t tried any as I just purchased and read the book on our last trip but I will start preparing some and freezing them for our next trip They also will be perfect to have in the freezer for home snacking or a quick lunch. Don t skip the introduction of this book the authors describe the science behind sports nutrition in exceptional and clear scientific detail It sounds like a chapter from Maffetone s Big Book of Endurance Training, but follows with specific recipes supporting the scientific principles The recipes taste good and pack well for rides, but often don t work well in the heat of the desert The rice balls fall apart, the egg and meat dishes are unsafe after 5 hours in 90 heat, anything with chocolate melts, and many of the recipes don t taste great when hot I stick with my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but now use the Feed Zone method of flattening slices of bread, dressing them, and rolling them for ease of eating on the go Note that many of the recipes freeze well in the portable containers so you can make a complete batch to use over several long rides. This is a surprisingly technical cook book I m definitely not one of the athletes this book is made for but it offers a lot of low carb, high protein foods to take on the go.Some are pretty complicated and there is a variety of meals largely sweetened by fruits or maple syrup which isn t my favorite There s also a lot of information about weight, how to get the most out of your work out, and what it takes to stay active A bit too much work for a casual runner like myself but definitely interesting for people who count calories and are super active. Looking for real food fuelling options for my long runs and upcoming ultra Got to try some of these. Enjoy it. A good balance of the science behind the choices and a varied collection of recipes Plenty of options and information to keep you fueled for years to come. I read through this book and immediately found a lot of recipes I d like to try Any cookbook that makes you want to head for the kitchen is immediately worth four stars Let s hope the recipes pan out.The only reason I m not giving this five stars is because I haven t tried the recipes yet I was not a fan of the athlete endorsements of the authors work spread throughout the book Beautiful photographs, but seemed a bit too self congratulatory A bit too much jumping around i.e., where book refers you to recipes or info on another page The detailed information on sports nutrition that kicks off the book is pretty impressive I d love to see something by these authors that s a generalized approach to diet and nutrition I m at the point where I wish there was the equivalent of Soylent Green or rat lab blocks for humans, because I m so sick of trying to figure out what I should be eating and what I shouldn t.Also, it should be mentioned that, as a book, this is a beautiful design in terms of font use, and layout of recipes and photography. I had a hard time planning these portable meals the first few times I made them but practice makes perfect We use the rice balls and sticky bites for ultra running They have been a hit on aid stations and among friends in training runs as well Bottom Line Real food is better tolerated and provides energy and hydration in a stressful state. `Download Book ⇲ Feed Zone Portables ↿ When Dr Allen Lim Left The Lab To Work With Professional Cyclists, He Found Athletes Weary Of Processed Bars And Gels And The Same Old Pasta So Lim Joined Professional Chef Biju Thomas To Make Eating Delicious And Practical When The Menu Changed, No One Could Argue With The Race Results Their Groundbreaking Feed Zone Cookbook Brought The Favorite Recipes Of The Pros To Everyday Athletes In Their New Cookbook Feed Zone Portables, Chef Biju And Dr Lim Offer All New Portable Food Recipes For Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, Mountain Bikers, Climbers, Hikers, And Backpackers Each Real Food Recipe Is Simple, Delicious During Exercise, Easy To Make And Ready To Go On Your Next Ride, Run, Climb, Hike, Road Trip, Or Sporting Event Feed Zone Portables Expands On The Most Popular Features Of The Feed Zone Cookbook With Quick And Easy Recipes For Athletes, Beautiful Full Color Photographs Of Every Dish, Complete Nutrition Data, Tips On Why These Are The Best Foods For Athletes, And Time Saving Ways On How To Cook Real Food Every Day In His Introduction To Feed Zone Portables, Dr Lim Makes The Case For Real Food As A Easily Digestible, Higher Performance Source Of Energy Than Prepackaged Fuel Products He Shows How Much Athletes Really Need To Eat And Drink At Different Exercise Intensities And In Cold Or Hot Weather Because The Body Burns Solid And Liquid Foods Differently, Lim Defines A New Approach For Athletes To Drink For Hydration And Eat Real Food For Energy Feed Zone Portables Includes All New Recipes That Taste Great During Exercise Rice Cakes, Two Bite Pies, Griddle Cakes, Waffles, Baked Eggs, Sticky Bites, Rice Balls, Ride Sandwiches, Baked Cakes, And Cookies A Smart Introduction On How Real Food Works Better For Athletes More Than No Fuss Gluten Free Recipes, Including Great Tasting Cookies And Cakes More Than Vegetarian Recipes With The Recipes, Ideas, And Guidance In Feed Zone Portables, Athletes Will Nourish Better Performance With Real Food And Learn To Prepare Their Own Creations At Home Or On The Go