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~Pdf ♋ Whisperers ♃ It May Seem Incredible, But As J H Brennan Reveals In This Eye Opening New History, There Is A Wealth Of Evidence To Suggest That Such Whisperings Are Not Only Possible, But That They Have Occurred Again And Again, Subtly Directing The Course Of Human EventsIn Whisperers, Bestselling Novelist And Expert On The Occult J H Brennan Explores How The Spirit World Whether We Believe In It Or Not Has Influenced Our Own Since The Dawn Of Civilization With A Novelist S Flair And A Scholar S Keen Eye, Brennan Details The Supernatural Affinities Of World Leaders From King Nebuchadnezzar To Adolf Hitler, Showing How The Decisions And Policies Of Each Have Been Shaped By Their Supernatural Beliefs And Encounters Brennan Also Examines The Impact Of Visions, From Shamanism In Native Cultures To Prophets Such As Joan Of Arc Chronicling Millennia Of Contact Between The Spirit World And Our Own, Whisperers Presents An Entirely New And Different Way To Look At History An interesting survey of the worlds mystical beliefs throughout history The author seems very focused on proving that spiritualism while perhaps not true is important because people throughout history believed it to be true Almost all of the possible usual suspects appear, the SS, John Dee, Rasputin, etc But some of the surrounding work is worth reading, even if you are some what versed in the subject As someone who has been studying both religion and magick for years It was a good read while of a survey for me than perhaps the lay reader who I assume was the intended audience for this book. Interesting history of spiritualism from ancient times to the present I found the most fascinating aspect was investigating the theories of quantum physics and psychological experiments to explain the phenomenon of psychic mediums, shamans and those who have witnessed paranormal activity. There were moments when I really loved this book, but too often I found myself frustrated by the generalizations, the mistakes I don t care if you re Irish you shouldn t spell Ronald Reagan s name wrong multiple times and the way it devolved, in the end, into rambling accounts of ghost hunting I guess I hoped for daring conclusions, or at least an interesting theory or two of the author s own He spent a lot of time on Jaynes bicameral mind, about which I had mixed feelings And some of the chapters seemed a little light on research For instance, the chapter on Joseph Smith and the founding of the Mormon church had some weird stuff in it I went looking through the notes to see where he d come up with it and found Wikipedia Yes, the website I try to get my kids not to use for research Color me unimpressed. Interesting history of spiritualism and the sightings of ghosts Regardless of one s belief in the paranormal, this book makes good argument that the belief of others in ghosts and spirits has influenced our world and history. There are many thought provoking topics explored related to whether or not spirits exist and how they are thought to have influenced the world, from politics to formations of religions.My favorite chapters came near the end Guess I should have read the conclusion first Wonderful coverage of Jung s activities in developing his concept of the collective unconscious Also covered is the neutrino, quanta, and the possibility that spirits are composed of neutrinos, and the voice recording experiments conducted by scientists that yielded results.Slow going, but definitely a good read. Very good read, definitely kept me interested. I could have done without the poltergeist section, or at least done of it the v science chapter was fascinating Every year I read another book from my trip to Park City This year Whisperers by J.H Brennan was selected Often the books selected don t fit mainstream thought as this one The author writes this book based on research conducted as part of his educational pursuits Taking a historical approach, he presents the argument that people, interacting with spirits, have influenced the world in which we live From communion with the gods, early Egyptian documentations, to famous historical figures Joan of Arc, Nostradamus, Rasputin, etc to contemporary views, the author takes the reader on a journey of life being influenced by the spirit world note my LDS peers would be interested to know that Chapter 15 is devoted to the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith After recently seeing the movie The Conjuring I was interested to find that the author mentions the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren The documentary style used throughout the book makes the material approachable for the various levels of belief a reader might have I also enjoyed that the chapters were divided into bite size chunks of information that could be easily consumed as needed At the end of the journey the reader is presented with modern day explanations including basics of Carl Jung, the Boggle Threshold, and Quantum physics For the most part the author uses constaint in his presenetation and saves his bias for the chapters near the end loosely using logic to make the point that This is the reality to which history points us This is the reality taught by every major religion This is the reality of the mystic s vision and the shaman s quest This is the quantum reality discovered by our scientists How long will it take for us to grasp it In addition to representing his bias the author does attempt to balance the presentation with scientific explanations research that would suggest alternative explanations This does add to the credibility of the author and the controversial topic If you are interested in spirits, the role that they may take or perhaps interested in those who do believe and the personalities they have, you may enjoy this book Each character is brought to life by the author, presenting the details necessary for each experience I believe the author was successful in presenting an authoratative presentation on the history of Whisperers. Interesting ideas and thought provoking, but let down by some basic mistakes and repetitive in places.