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Decent beginning to the series It was clear that Brenda Jackson was laying the foundation for the subsequent stories and as a result the Main Characters stories suffered I plan to read the next ones. Reviewer s Thoughts Brenda Jackson is a master storyteller I have read many of her books and loved each one When I started to read this one I began to wonder whether this would be the first book where I felt Ms Jackson missed the mark.The book deals with some very weighty matters from the very start You dive right into the story The housekeeper calls to summon the oldest, Jace Granger, to his grandfather s bedside Edward Granger, the grandfather, has had a massive heart attack and probably will nor survive After learning of his grandfather s grave situation Jace notifies his other brothers Caden and Dalton The brother s have a unique relationship with their grandfather because he took them as teenagers after their father was found guilty of murdering their mother Right away I sort of became hesitant because I didn t know how Ms Jackson was going to pull off a decent nevermind good novel when she begins with the death of the grandfather and 30 year incarceration of the father She s one of my favorite authors so I didn t want to read a dud However, she pulled off an awesome romance novel with intrigue and multiple storylines involved.The main romantic storyline is between Jace and Shana Bradford, an industrial consultant that specializes in turning failing businesses around Jace and Shana try to fight their feelings, but it s impossible to ignore the sizzling hot chemistry between them I love that Ms Jackson depicts her heroines as independent, fiesty, and unafraid of their own sexuality and Shana is no different I nearly fell out of my chair when moments after they meet in her new office she tells Jace that they need to control his libido and her hormones Shana grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak and acknowledged their mutual attraction However, a blistering hot sex scene on her office desk days later cancels any chance Shana had of keeping their relationship strictly professional Shana and Jace get their happily ever after with some suspense along the way and many steamy sexscapades Jace is everything a woman could want in a man He gives her pleasure the way she wants it, he s considerate, and he hums her to sleep while cradling her in his arms I think I m in love.Ms Jackson was not content to tell one story, but she gave the reader glimpses into the other stories that will be told later in the series I am currently waiting with baited breath for the next book in the series Caden s high school flame, Shiloh Timmons, broke his heart after she refused to continue to associate with him following his father s arrest Years later she attempted to reignite the flame but again left him with a broken heart.Dalton is a lover of ladies He meets a mystery lady that stirs his senses and other body parts but unfortunately he doesn t know her identity She is none other than Jules Bradford, sister to Shana and a private investigator I look forward to seeing their storyline progress.Shana and Jules father has also met a woman that for the first time, since their mother died, has him considering marriage Shana is all for it but Jules has her reservations Ms Jackson deftly weaves in a second chance at love at an older age into this story of 3 different romances, but she s not finished It appears that Sheppard Granger, father of Jace, Caden, and Dalton, did not use all of the evidence available to him to prove his innocence Now that Jace has found the evidence will Sheppard be free after serving 15 years in prison I loved, loved, loved this book I admire Brenda Jackson s skill and ability to weave together so many interesting storylines in one book without detracting from any of them Beware that reading this book will have you hooked for the entire series It has the best of family love, steamy sex, intrigue, suspense, and old fashioned romance. Review posted at Swept Away By Romance4.5 Stars A Brother s Honor is the remarkable beginning of Brenda Jackson s new trilogy that features the Granger brothers Jace, Caden, and Dalton I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite of these men because they are all completely swoon worthy Jace is the oldest, a lawyer, and the CEO of Granger Aeronautics Caden is the middle son and a professional saxophone player who sells out concert halls Dalton is the youngest and a former NFL football star that after making some lucrative business decisions is now a self proclaimed billionaire Take your pick, because they are all successful, gorgeous, and very sexy We learn early in this book that Jace s father was wrongly convicted of the murder of Jace s mother and is currently serving a 30 year prison sentence In his father s absence, Jace s grandfather has been overseeing the family business Jace takes over as CEO after his grandfather s death and Shana Bradford is brought in as a consultant who advises businesses on how to get back on track The sparks between Shana and Jace fly, but Shanna is reluctant to mix business with pleasure Thankfully, her reluctance doesn t last long I absolutely loved this book The relationship between the Granger men was so special and the chemistry between Jace and Shanna was, to say the very least, intense Their first sexual encounter was so incredibly hot that I swear my kindle was smoking I also appreciated that this book is multi layered Jace and Shanna certainly take center stage, but there are many sub plots that are explored as well There is a minor suspense plot, a secondary romance that involves Shanna s father, and the irresistible remaining eligible Granger brothers Although this is Jace s book, Caden and Dalton s future love interests are introduced and I can t wait to see how their stories will unfold Overall, a brilliant start to a promising new series My one complaint is that Caden s story, A Son s Promise, is not due out until June of 2014, and that my friends, seems like an eternity away It s shaping up to be something VERY special, and I wish the release date were next month instead of next year Highly Recommended Thank you to Harlequin via Netgalley for providing this ARC copy for review Despite the book s strong professional heroine business consultant with an MBA , there s so much underlying sexist ideology and male privileging here that I often felt I was reading an Old Skool romance bitchy ex wife who has an abortion without telling our hero but of course it turns out she was cheating on him, so, whew, the baby wasn t really his heroine too clueless to remember that antibiotics can interfere with the pill, so of course she gets pregnant, and of course she doesn t have an abortion opening scene where our hero is on a date with another bitchy woman who only cares about his wealth another opening scene with a second brother who ditches the woman he s been sleeping with and we re intended not to have any sympathy for her, because he TOLD her he wasn t into having a real relationship with her a third brother who can t stop hitting on any woman who crosses his path an old family retainer female who cooks and loves these poor boys etc etc.I don t think Brenda Jackson is going to be my cup of tea, alas. ( READ KINDLE ) ⚔ A Brother's Honor ♴ The Granger Brothers Left Behind Their Family S Virginia Estate And The Bad Memories It Holds Years Ago But Their Dying Grandfather S Request Brings Them Home To A Failing Business, A Legacy Of Secrets And A Deathbed Promise To Make Things RightAs The Eldest Brother, Attorney Jace Granger Is Determined To Take Responsibility For Granger Aeronautics, His Family S Failing Business But The Years Of Mismanagement Seem Impossible To Untangle As CEO, He Hires A Consultant To Turn The Company Around Smart, Sexy Shana Bradford Is The Right Person For The Job And The Right Woman To Turn Jace S World Upside DownBut The Passion Between Them Is Jeopardized When Old Secrets Begin To Emerge A Woman From Jace S Past Suddenly Reappears And An Explosive Discovery Changes Everything Jace Thinks He Knows About His Mother And His Father, Who Was Convicted Of Her MurderJace Granger Tried To Leave His Family History Behind Once Before But This Time He Needs To Face The Past Or Risk Losing His Future Three Brothers One Legacy A Lifetime Of Secrets Three brother One legacy A lifetime of secrets Another wonderful family added to the list The Granger brothers definitely are worth getting to know better Brought back home by their grandfather before he dies, they make a promise to save the family business As they learn how to co exist and run the family business.love drops in Jace maybe the strong leader but Shana is going to give him a run for his money Sit back and let their journey engulf you as Shana struggles to be professional and Jace struggles to process his new discoveries. Man, I really wanted to like this, but I don t even think I can finish it The prose is so stilted and terrible, the dialogue is declarative and unrealistic, and she majorly tells instead of showing It feels like she s talking down to the reader Maybe if I try a different Brenda Jackson book I had heard such good things I m so disappointed. Great start to hopefully a great series 3.75 stars The Granger brother s left Charlottesville, Va as soon as they could Despite their family s business, standing and wealth their lives were irrevocably changed with their mother s murder and father s first degree murder conviction To honor a death bed promise to their grandfather they re back To their dismay they discover things aren t always as they appear and the past is still very much alive.A BROTHER S HONOR starts off w a bang Jace, 16, Caden, 14 and Dalton, 11, are in court when the verdict against their father is handed down Sheppard Granger has been found guilty of first degree murder in the death his wife and their mother, Sylvia Now the boys will be raised by their paternal grandfather, Richard Essentially the boys are losing not only both parents but their friends as well when they re ostracized after the conviction They leave Sutton Hills, the family estate, as soon as possible returning only for occasional visits When Richard has a heart attack and is dying the brother s return Richard extracts a death bed promise from each of them He requests they take over Granger Aeronautics, discover why the business has been losing money and bids to competitors and most importantly to continue his efforts to clear their father No small order Each brother has done well in his chosen field, even Dalton as his brother s will be surprised to learn Dalton s success will be especially critical to their plans The Granger men are forced to hit the ground running after Richard s death to prevent the current CEO s seizure of Granger Aeronautics Not sure who they can trust or the extent of the troubles the brother s hire Shana Bradford s Crisis Management Firm A BROTHER S HONOR focuses primarily on Jace and Shana but shares the love with Caden and Dalton, whetting readers appetites and setting the stage for their stories Ms Jackson writes vibrant intelligent characters that were raised right , have strong work ethics and possess a deep love and value of family It s always a pleasure to read such characters Her descriptive writing puts you right there making it easy to lose yourself in the action I have a theory about the true killer of Sylvia and can t wait to see if I m right While partial, the resolution is satisfying and the unresolved issues lead naturally into the remaining books Corporate espionage, murder, intrigue, old secrets and some serious romance make A BROTHER S HONOR an exciting fast paced page turner that doesn t disappoint.Reviewed by IvyD for Manic Readers I really enjoyed this book I think Brenda Jackson finally has her mojo back The storyline kept me interested, especially that bit of suspense that was thrown in I really didn t suspect the culprit at the end so it was nice to be surprised Looking forward to reading Caden and Shiloh s story, seems like those two will have a lot of issues to iron out, and to see what becomes of the brothers father I think this series will shape up to be a goodie.