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FREE PDF ☪ Mosques of Istanbul ☸ The Key To The History And Splendor Of Islamic Art And Architecture Is The Centrally Planned Mosque In Istanbul, In Its Ottoman Form, The Domed Roof Contrasts With Thin Elegant Minarets The Mosques Of Istanbul Were Instruments Of Enlightened Religious Policy, And Represent The Pinnacle Of A Thousand Year Old Architectural Tradition Building By Building, This Beautifully Illustrated Book Describes The Development Of The Ottoman Mosque, First In Bursa And Edirne, And Then In Istanbul Itself After The City Was Captured By The Turks InWith Full Color Illustrations And A Lively, Informative Text, Mosques Of Istanbul Is Indispensable Both To The Visitor And To Those Wishing To Understand And Enjoy The Beauty And Architectural Prowess Of The Mosque