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I recieved this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was a delight to read, and drew me in from the beginning, even though a few times I was wondering were the plot was headed This story starts off in 1956, by introducing us to Joey Tempo He was the newest singing sensation to hit Memphis, but within twelve months of being discovered, was killed in a plane crash back to the United States from London.Now, fifty years later in the present, we have Callie While looking in her grandmother s attic for 50 s memorabilia for a theme party, she discovers Joey s first album, and she finds herself being drawn into his tragic story, and wanting to change his fate While listening to his record she is transported back to 1957 where she thinks she is there to save him from the plane crash, especially since she ends up in the airport bathroom when she arrives.But after talking Joey out of taking that fatal flight, Callie still cannot find her way back home She is now sucked into being involved in Joey s life and career And what she finds is things are not turning out the way she planned and everthing is in chaos Now the question that remains is can she find her way back home without altering too much of the future And can she fix what she has done I really enjoyed this story Callie and Joey were both great characters, and the tension between them made for a little excitement and romance But I was worried about how the love story would end Catherine Chant did not let me down The ending has one great, unexpected twist that I did not see coming at all It brought everything together and made perfect sense after you read it And I was able to get my happy ever after. I was sent a copy of Wishing You Were Here by Catherine Chant from the author in exchange for an honest review.My kind of time travel The concept of time travel is something that intrigues me, but I admit that I am quite picky with the books I read that focuses on this idea I am not a big fan of science fiction or fantasy, so technical time travel having to do with time machines and the like don t really appeal to me However I do like it when it involves a fate based storyline, like Wishing You Were Here has As a music lover myself, the idea of an Elvis Pressley style character also really caught my attention.50 s charm Set in a small American town of Shelby Falls, Chant paints a picture of a typical 1950 s era setting Complete with the small town support, drugstore diners and ice cream shops Think Grease While others may find these descriptions clich , I loved them all.Make it or break it Although a cute romance, Wishing You Were Here examines the power the record industry holds over their artists They can make or break a career with the snap of their fingers This still rings true today, just as much as it did during the time period that this book was set in.Oh Callie Callie was definitely a 2000 s girl with the ideals to match This didn t exactly bode well for a young woman trying to pass off as someone coming of age in the late 1950 s There were times when I wanted to shake her for stepping outside the character she was trying to keep up I found her attitude to boarder on disrespectful, like an angst ridden teen She was also quite meddlesome with Joey s career, although I know she only wanted what was best for him.How about that plot twist I admit that earlier on in this book, I found some passages to be repetitive making me roll my eyes However I really enjoyed this story and was able to set aside the unrealistic often than not I enjoyed reading along as all was revealed and honestly didn t see the plot twist coming near the end.Further reading and recommendations I look forward to reading the follow up novella, as well as the sequel to this series soon Wishing You Were Here is a fun contemporary romance style read with a time travel twist I would recommend it to fans of that genre and think that it would make for an enjoyable beach read. Callie Reinhard is listening to an old record of Joey Tempo s, a famous singer from the 1950s who died in a tragic plane accident flying from England to the US, in the US when she falls asleep, only to wake up at London s Heathrow Airport in 1957 where she learns she has been sent to make things right After she manages to convince Joey to change his flight, much to the annoyance of Joey s manager, she ends up moving to the south to work for his record label Joey s fiancee lives there, too The Callie tries to help make things right, the worse things go and the attracted to him she is.While romance is not my normal cup of tea, Chant writes well She has clearly done her homework on the historical and musical aspects of the 1950s One of the best y a romance genre novels I have ever read. 3.5 starsTime travel and also reincarnation is not my favorite story I feel it is a little bit tricky than other stories It s because the authors have to have a good reason to cause their characters to time traveling Thus they also have to provide the logic in it If the characters can do it how they are going to back to where they belong, what happen with their life if they change the past, whether they can carry on things when they time traveling and other stuff like that If the authors fail to intertwine those questions with logical explanation and cannot be related to the story then it failed me In the other hand, the idea fascinated me so I will always up for time travel story I even have one stand nicely on my favorite book shelf, The Time Traveler s Wife.Yet, I have to admit that I didn t read this ebook as soon as I got Somehow I left it behind to read another books At the beginning, it made me curious The prolog and first few chapters made me keep my eyes open I like the idea Callie time traveling back to 5 decade her time, she learn a lot about it and Ms Chant did a good job providing the setting and the music reference.Then Callie met Joey and continued to second part of the story, I m bored Callie indecision whether she want to stay or go back to her time was kind of annoyed me While I can understand her hesitation, I couldn t believe Joey s love for her I felt it was too rush, too instant yet kept wonder how it will going to end I even considered put it on hold since I felt asleep a couple times whenever I tried to read it.At third part of the story my effort paid There are surprises and twist I keep asking why I didn t think about it Once again it made my eyes kept open and I can stay awake this time Then, in the end of the story a very big twist I love a story with twist and surprises, story that let my mouth and eyes wide open and the good thing is I can relate to all of the tricky stuff in this story Thanks to YA NA Fanatics and of course to Ms Chant who allow me reading this story. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ♌ Wishing You Were Here ☢ She S Out Of PlaceHe S Out Of TimeIn , Joey Tempo Was The Biggest Sensation To Hit Memphis Since Elvis Presley Within Twelve Months He Was Gone Killed In A Transatlantic Plane CrashHalf A Century Later, Callie Reinard Is Headed For College And Her Dream Career In Radio Broadcasting When She Discovers Joey S Iconic First Album, She S Mysteriously Drawn To His Tragic Story A Profound Desire To Change His Fate Invokes A Mystical Force That Sends Her Back To To Make Things Right What Callie Doesn T Expect Is Her Meddling To Make Everything Worse Much Worse Joey May Be Glad To Be Alive, But Not Everyone Welcomes Her Presence Especially Not Joey S Glamorous Fianc E, Who Has Her Own Plans For His FutureEvery Second Callie Spends In The Past She S Altering Much Than Joey S Fate She S Changing The Lives Of Everyone Around Her And She S Growing Closer To Joey By The MinuteIf Callie Can T Find A Way Back To Her Own Time Soon, She May Lose Than A College Education And The Career She S Always Wanted She May Lose Her Heart To A Boy She Can T Have I got a free copy of the book from the author, in exchange for an honest review 4.25 starsShe s out of place.He s out of time First, the story is brilliant.It ll make you curious, it ll make you confuse, it ll make your heart leap, it ll make you cry, it ll make you smile You ll have your emotions scrambled up while reading this book But in the end, you ll actually love this book for making you feel mix up Why That s because the story line is pure awesome The prologue was intriguing enough to hook you to the next chapters A couple of chapters bored me but it didn t mean that those chapters were not necessary in the story All of the chapters were connected and you just have to patch them up together and in the end, you ll be like, Hoorah That made sense I m not into time travel The time travel thing is not new to me since I watched a couple of dramas revolving on that idea but I m not really a fan of it The other ideas Miss Chant used, like soul mate and twin souls, sort of caught my interest Actually, I like the idea of twin souls It s pretty unique for me since I haven t heard of it before and I m not really a believer of legends and stuff And using it for your story Salute, Miss Chant The surprises really let my guard down Those are real surprises I was really shock about Joey Tempo s real identity Woohoo, I don t want to spoil anyone of you but winks be ready for some jaw dropping moments, my friends.The story s flow is smooth although just what I said a while ago, some chapters bored me I noticed some flaws but heck, every book has flaws The romance is just right, not too sappy or too dull.Overall, the story is great and I m looking forward to of Miss Chant s works.Wait, in addition, I saw Soul Mates Book 1 wiggles eyebrows I m excited for Book 2 D 3.5 StarsI ve been struggling with my review of this book since I completed my read I received the book as a read to review and overall, I am glad I did It s a good book, one of those that sticks with you when you re not reading it I enjoyed the premise The author has a great writing style, not too weighted or wordy, yet immersive pictures are conveyed with great ease The characters are well rounded and mostly believable I loved the book in so many ways, but here is why I ve been struggling the book desperately needs a solid edit I m not a stickler for perfection in books Typos happen things get missed That s the nature of reading and editing Every person will catch something different But in the case of this book, errors are glaring Missing words, confusing sentences where structure leaves the subject ambiguous , overuse of to be creating stagnant sentences amid otherwise lovely prose , and incorrect verb use singular instead of the needed plural or vice versa shake the reading experience In many cases, there are numerous errors on a page Because of this, I lost my reader s trance after a while, to my great frustration I don t often find a book that completely engrosses me, and when I do, I don t want to be reminded another world exists With this book, I really, really wanted to stay engrossed yes, it s that good.Without the errors, this is easily a solid 4 or 4.5 star rating, so if grammar doesn t bother you, you ll love this If it does, you ll still like this book, but you will have issues staying engrossed.Either way, read the book and keep a watch on this author She s worth your time. Books Sweet Epiphanywww.booksandsweetepiphany.blogspot.comThis is the best book I ve read in the month of July.Wish You Were Here is a book where you can t stop reading, your heart pounds in time with the characters in the book, the writing style just drags you into the story and in the end, you can t help but fall in love with the book.I love the time travelling theme in the story and the beautiful love story between Callie and Joey Tempo.When I said love story , I meant there s a lot of pain, anguish, slight jealousy and the ups and downs of a relationship The way Catherine Chant wrote the story really really really pulls me in and made me feel whatever the main character is feeling.For me, that is one of the few elements of a really awesome book.The story is unforgettable and the characters are likable When I first read the synopsis, I was immediately pulled in because of the words, She s out of place He s out of time That was like, the one of the best lines I ve ever read.At first, I thought the book was similar to the Time Traveler s Wife but I really got a sweet surprise.Its completely different Well, that s what I thought.If you ever get your hands on this book, trust me, you HAVE to get it For me, a good book is when the story is able to drag you in, scramble up all your emotions, and letting your heart ache in pain when you ve reached the ending.Seriously, go and get it I really really really REALLY want the paperback version of Wish You Were Here If I DO get it, I ll put it up on my FAVOURITE BOOK SHRINE which is my bookcase Sincerely,Selina. I missed the fact that this was YA book when I bought it and boy was I glad The book had me hooked from the start and was gutted that I had to put it down at 1 in the morning to sleep I good length book with a brilliant story I am looking forward to reading by this author I recommend this book to anyone who loves YA books and to everyone else there is no naughty bits and I would let my daughter who is 16 read this There is a love story in the book and just a fabulous read. 4.8 stars rounded to 5 on my Goodreads list see review at mamabookasaurus.blogspot.com I picked up my iPad at 1pm yesterday and read through my son s nap At the bus stop picking up my daughter and waiting at the pharmacy on my other son s medicine my eyes were glued to the pages Reluctantly, I put it down when I had to stop to make kids dinner, change diapers, fill sippy cups, review homework, give said medicine and tuck them in for the night Then I read non stop till 12 30am And I am sitting here writing my review now instead of getting much needed sleep because it was Just That Good.You all know I am a sucker for time travel novels This one was superb It was back and forth time continuum craziness Chant wrapped me up tighter than a newborn in a swaddle with her fascinating take on what could happen if you went back in time and actually TRIED to change history Think about it everything hinges on just one moment Life Death Success Failure Wealth Poverty What would you do if you had the chance to go back in time and help someone Would you try or be afraid you d make it worse Or would you be confident you d be assisting them Oooh it is like spaghetti noodles all wrapped up in my brain what a yummy mess to think about Now let s throw in an undeniable connection to a guy who s looks could get him arrested for public disruption he s that gorgeous and you have yourself one hot mess The one reason I didn t give it 5 stars was a little pet peeve of mine I noticed in several spots throughout the book a lack of sentence variation, specifically the opening A couple pages in particular had about 75% of the sentences starting with her That bothered me a bit and tripped up my reading flow However, that did not dampen my enthusiasm for the storyline.My other little annoyance was at the idea that staying home and raising kids instead of a job is not fulfilling My Mom was raised at that time, graduating and getting married in 1958 I went to school, got my degree and worked for some years but stopped when I had my kids to be home for them I don t think either one of us has regretted it and I know others who would agree Maybe I m oversensitive about the whole idea and reading too much into it, but that was my gut reaction.With those two items aside, I thrilled to the vortex Chant sucked me into By the halfway point in the book, I was mumbling to anyone near me asking a question They know if I am that into it, they need to just walk away Joey and Callie s characters were captivating The last half of the book and the last 30 pages had me whipped Not just by his development but how everything came together It had a few smiling moments, a handful of utter tear jerker scenes and a completely satisfied reader by the end Well done Catherine Chant I would love to see this continue into a series as there are some unanswered questions such as how did she get that ability Who else has it and do they know each other Could any of her future children be able to time travel as well Buckle up readers, this is one YA, romance time travel novel that will throw you for a loop and leave you breathless