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A definite must read for any academic, politician, and anyone really.We sometimes take on beliefs of others out of pressure to conform Beliefs that are true for others might not be true for us and end up hurting us in the long run Ruiz helps us understand the levels of attachment to our beliefs one level at a time while pointing out when attachment becomes a habitual pattern that cannot be broken He offers a couple of meditations to help move beyond attachments by way of forgiving our self and others who have imposed their opinions and beliefs on us Even when we move beyond attachment to beliefs that no longer serve us, it helps to respect the beliefs of others that maybe opposed to ours He writes The only thing that separates us is our attachment to our own point of view and our attachment to the belief that others must share it This is where we begin putting conditions on our love for one another, and this is the source of conflict p126 It is one thing to question your ideals and state them when needed, yet when you realize that conflict will arise from doing so, it may perhaps not be the right time to be too attached to your way of thinking As long as we know that other s beliefs have no power over us as we know our own truth, then we are free Some causes are worth fighting for, while others, not so much. My inner Buddhist has long struggled with the whole idea of not being attached, in large part because so much joy and fulfillment comes from our attachments Ruiz Jr managed to put attachment into a structure that makes sense and allows for analyzing healthy versus non healthy attachments The other concept that I found helpful was an idea that I am going to put into my own metaphor our identities are the tip of the pen where we interact with society and the people we are around to create the narrative for the world in which we live, it is a messy manuscript because everyone is writing too, but it is the nature of the beast, just be happy you are writing and don t get to worried about the ink color. Like millions of others around the world, I started reading my Toltec journey with the fatner s book The Four Agreements A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by don Miguel Ruiz After reading aall almost all of the father s books, I am now ready to his son s books I believe another son writes as well As many many already know, re scanning the Four Agrement is an important step to get the most out of most of the Toltec books, including this one In fact, the son makes an homage to his father by listing the agreements in his book.The father s book did just he stated it could do Took me out of a personal hell of my making I am hoping with the son s book to find away out of some place between Limbo and Purgatory With son s book I have a good continuing place to release myself from the lies, unrealistic expectations, and What I believe controls me The son asks Do you hold beliefs Or do your beliefs hold you I want to and answer I, Cynda, hold my beliefs.If the book interests you, I will only strongly suggest to read The Four Agreements A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, then read The Five Levels of Attachment Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World Some concepts may may not be fully self explanatory. This book was chosen by a book club group I was asked to join At first, I thought it would be a yawn as I find most self help books a bit too opinionated and based on one person s perspective However, I was excited to be included in a book discussion, so I put aside my pre conceived ideas and started reading Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised, as it contained ancient wisdom that can be applied logically to our chaotic world Ironically, the main content was about putting aside your own opinions or attachments long enough just to listen to what others have to say I can honestly say that I felt mentally and emotionally refreshed after reading this book and recommend it to my friends and family members. The statement that stood out for me most sums it up When I believe something must stay in its rightful place, exactly as it is, for me to be OK, I have become attached to it, I have confused this external thing with who I am. Miguel Ruiz Jr offers the world ancient wisdom in a fresh, clean voice.I loved this book Millions have read his father s books Four Agreements, Mastery of Love , and Miguel Ruiz Jr puts meat on the bones for seekers who desire to integrate those lessons deeply.This book is intellectually stimulating but made accessible with practical examples and stories from the author s journey.I will quote from this book and recommend it to many of my friends. I just love reading about the Toltec ways I love this family s books Jr s and his dad s books make you stop and think I am positive I will be buying any future books by this family. &KINDLE ⇹ The Five Levels of Attachment ⇠ Building On The Principles Found In His Father S Bestselling Book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr Invites Us To Gauge How Attached We Are To Our Own Point Of View In The Five Levels Of Attachment, He Will Help You Gain Awareness Of The Agreements You Have Been Implicitly Making All These Years That Shape Your Reality And Affect Your Future And Show You How To Release The Attachments Which No Longer Reflect Who You Really AreThis Method Is Twenty Years In The Making When Don Miguel Ruiz Jr Began His Apprenticeship Into His Family S Toltec Tradition, He Was Just Fourteen Years Old His First Task Was Translating His Grandmother S Talks From Spanish Into English One Day, As He Struggled To Keep Up With Her, She Asked Him Are You Using Knowledge, Or Is Knowledge Using You Finding The Answer To This Question Would Shape The Destiny Of His Life In This Groundbreaking Work, Ruiz Explains Each Of The Five Levels Of Attachment In Detail And Shows That As Our Level Of Attachment To A Belief Or Idea Increases, Who We Are Becomes Directly Linked To What We Know Our Attachment To Beliefs Our Own And The Beliefs Of Others Manifests As A Mask We Don T Realize We Can Take Off But With Don Miguel Ruiz S Help, And Some Toltec Wisdom Along The Way, We Can Return To Our True, Authentic Selves, Unhindered By Judgment And Free To Pursue Our True Life S Calling I was turned off by the introduction Perhaps I am too attached to certain tropes in my way of thinking, particularly in having enough self pride to dismiss much of the intro as merely inner worries or at most neuroticism My main criticism is that it doesn t tell us what they consider truth, and what they consider merely an attachment There appears to be a large attachment in the belief of love and goodness in such that it is alright to have a huge attachment towards that I wasn t able to tell if he was talking about attachment levels in only the positive sense or the negative sense, as opposed to the way it is, both It wasn t until the 3rd of 3 cds where examples were given that actually could be applied in conflicts Overall, I disagree with many of the precepts I disagree with the way it does not seek to convince others, although perhaps this is the author s interpretation For example, politics, specifically global warming and pollution If there is a large percentage of people who don t believe pollution really exists, then they can convince the whole to do nothing about it I don t deem this as acceptable It seems practical for a personal emotional scale for inner peace, but not on a larger practical scale I agree inner peace is a great thing to strive for, and we cannot sacrifice our integrity towards helping the world as inner and outer peace are both connected. In the past I have likened the Toltec teachings to a spiritual toolkit This is an excellent addition to that kit.I ve been studying, practicing, and sometimes teaching this Toltec stuff for a very long time, for the simple reasons that it has brought my life out of chaos and introduced order and fun to it The Five Levels of Attachment brings new insights to the old stuff, but is entirely consonant with it The levels apply to one s attitude about everything one really cares about And the virtue of it is that it gives us a checklist to crosscheck every category of attachment, see where the level is, and also see whether that level serves us or not If it does not, break out the Four Agreements and apply them to the attachment Those four tools applied to these five levels will, actually rather quickly, move that attachment into a felicitous alignment.