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Rereading This is my honest opinion about this book.My friend recommended this book to me The cover is eye catching and the title is intruiging however, this book was really too cliche and far fetched for my liking Here s my review of the book, Summer of Suspense by C.R Hedgcock.PLOT Synopsis from GoodReads, comments in bold mine When Phil, Abby, Andy, and Tom Baker seemingly perfect, sheltered children hear that their cousin Millie seemingly haughty, worldy teen will visit their farm for the summer, little do they imagine what a dreary time they will have with the snobbish girl making it seem like the Bakers are living a perfect life and don t know what lies outside their back door But when Millie disappears gasp, who knew it was coming , life quickly becomes anything but dreary What starts out as a summer of chores and horse riding on the farm turns into a cross country adventure, as the Bakers find themselves matching wits with a notorious jewelry thief gahh this was the cringy est part of the book this book was written 6 years ago, but still, back then, I don t think there were big name jewelry theifs that would steal children who pulls them into her web Aided by a seasoned detective, the Bakers confront numerous dangers far fetched ones in their search for Millie, all while attempting to foil the plot of a major crime ring yeah, this was the part where the story went wacko making it a summer they will never forget.If that s not cliche to you, I don t know what is.MY THOUGHTS There are a thousand predictable plot turns and unrealistic ways of getting out of danger, such as Abby pulling the wire off her braces to make a key to escape I could never do that and her and Millie escaping on horses one stolen, gasp and jumping a fence and not getting captured again Then they practically walk right back into the trap We don t hear much about Millie s parents except at the beginning I don t even think her mom said a word in the book I feel like the author could ve added about her parents.The author added some Bible verses that were relevant at some points, but then I felt like in some situations they were just added to make the book seem Christian CHARACTERS The family as a whole A Christian, homeschooling family who lives on a farm and own horses The fact that the kids were super obedient and nice to one another annoyed me There weren t any big disagreements or fights and that kind of made the story fake and unrealistic.Phillip We were never given an age for Phil, but I was guessing he was 17 because he was able to drive and we were told he went to a conference on his own He was almost the perfect older brother and saves the day when all goes wrong.Andy This was the character that had the best development When he had to stay home while Phil was out helping the detective, Andy grew jealous and angry because he had to stay to do all the farm work The author then has Andy realizing the fault in his thinking and has him repent.Abby I don t have much to say about Abby She was, however, pretty smart with ways of escaping, although I d think that she d thought of it wrong to steal a horse to escape The author did mention, though, how she felt guilty of lying to her kidnappers.Tom I felt like he kind of added some intended humor to the story, although I thought that was unnecessary at some parts.Mildred Millie is the family s cousin who comes for a visit She s a typical modern day girl whose hair is dyed, wears makeup, and has an iPhone You see a bit of character development in her when she apologizes not fully but slightly to Abby when the girls are captured and near the end where her attitude is kind as apposed to prideful.WRITINGThis book was written by a teen and I believe it was her first book to be published I could see how I could write something like this, however, the story line and plot did have some extravagant twists that I wasn t expecting from my first impression I was impressed.CONTENTOther than some scary parts like Abby getting kidnapped, it was clean of langauage and any other dirty aspects After all, it s about a Christian, homeschooled family, so what can you expect COVER AND FORMATThe cover was what got me thinking this would be an awesome book The font was really small and it made the book look small when it really wasn t OVERALLOverall, I d give this book a 2.5 5 star rating It was an easy read I managed to get it done with in a day and a bit However, that was caused by the fact that the plot moved on immensely fast and didn t give too much time for character development, other than Andy who pretty much has to stay home while all the action is happening.Don t get me wrong This is a good book, but I think I would ve enjoyed it when I was younger as I wouldn t be able to see the faults The best thing about the book is that it taught some great character lessons throughout the story So, in conclusion, if you re looking for an easy read and lots of moments of cringy ness , then you ll enjoy picking up this book. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚝ Summer of Suspense (Baker Family Adventures #1) ê When Phil, Abby, Andy, And Tom Baker Hear That Their Cousin Millie Will Visit Their Farm For The Summer, Little Do They Imagine What A Dreary Time They Will Have With The Snobbish Girl But When Millie Disappears, Life Quickly Becomes Anything But Dreary What Starts Out As A Summer Of Chores And Horse Riding On The Farm Turns Into A Cross Country Adventure, As The Bakers Find Themselves Matching Wits With A Notorious Jewelry Thief Who Pulls Them Into Her Web Aided By A Seasoned Detective, The Bakers Confront Numerous Dangers In Their Search For Millie, All While Attempting To Foil The Plot Of A Major Crime Ring Making It A Summer They Will Never ForgetFilled With Mystery And Intrigue, Summer Of Suspense Contains Important Lessons Of Christian Courage, Humility, Submission To Authority, And Repentance Before God And Man Good length for a middle grade mystery novel The plot involves some young farm kids and their rich cousin as they investigate the disappearance of a horse and of the two girls, who are kidnapped by the bad guys in the process of trying to uncover the mystery The mystery was good and the attitudes to Millie weren t too unfair in fact, I would have liked to see detail on her supposed snobbery, as it wasn t shown in much detail I was impressed by how the heroine treated Millie in her own mind, as in general such plots revolve around a jealous, angsty child who is obsessively hostile to another girl just because that other girl happens to be pretty The best part of the plot was when the girls used braces as in, braces for the teeth to unlock a door Now THAT is a plot device that readers of any age but especially young readers would find memorable I also liked the extensive use of a parking garage for action sequences Those are very exciting places to children and were perfect for a mystery plot. I got this series from the author herself This is a great start I got this series for Christmas and I don t know who couldn t love them Full of suspense, tension and unexpected happenings this series contains wholesome, Christian family stories What an awesome series Read this book in one sitting and greatly enjoyed it Considering that this is the first book written by the author, it was rather well done The plot line was engaging, although there was a bit of unnecessary exposition at the beginning I love how the Bible and Biblical topics are naturally woven in throughout the Baker family s conversations and interactions Definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series I was surprised to find this book to be quite suspenseful, with a life and death race to rescue two girls who were kidnapped Lessons of ingenuity, acceptance, and forgiveness are weaved into the story of cousins. This has got to be, hands down, the best modern, homeschool family, upright character, thrilling plot book I have ever read I have always been very disappointed in the quality of books that people in my circles put out, but C.R Hedgecock hit it out of the park with this one I had to read ahead so it wouldn t get me all tensed up when I was supposed to be winding down for sleep Great for all ages, really It might be a bit scary because it s so suspenseful, but nothing unfit for young children. Age Appropriate For 12 and upBest for Ages 13 18I have been interested in this series since it came out, but it wasn t until they were put on Kindle that I decided to read them This is the first book in the Baker Family Adventures, a series that is written by a homeschooler, geared for homeschoolers, about homeschoolers.There are many positive things I can say about this book, but I want to fist talk a little about the elements I didn t like First off, it was very violent Don t get me wrong, there isn t a lot of gore, but there is a lot of action violence I felt that, for the age group it is targeted for, it was a bit excessive My second issue that I had with this book is I thought some parts of this book were a bit disturbing children being kidnapped and such Parents will want to read this book before they hand it to younger children.This book has a lot of good qualities primarily, the faith element that is woven through the book The Baker family members are strong believers Verses are quoted and acting in a godly character is valued This book did a good job of showing how God fits into everyday life as well as difficult circumstances.Homeschooling families will also appreciate that homeschooling and large families are shown as sort of a normal thing Many of us get tired of the book and movie portrayals that always have the homeschool characters being confronted at every turn for their choices While the characters are challenged in their beliefs at some points, it is mainly in their faith, and they are respectful about it.There is plenty of action in the book to keep you from being bored, besides plenty of fun settings to keep the imagination working I can easily see these being books that the family reads aloud and everyone enjoys.I recommend this for kids who like action, adventure, and contemporary stories.