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!Book ⚖ La pazienza del ragno ♷ The Latest Mystery In Andrea Camilleri S Internationally Bestselling Inspector Montalbano Series Winning Fans In Europe And America For Their Dark Sophistication And Dry Humor, Andrea Camilleri S Crime Novels Are Classics Of The Genre Set Once Again In Sicily, The Patience Of The Spider Pits Inspector Montalbano Against His Greatest Foe Yet The Weight Of His Own Years Still Recovering From The Gunshot Wound He Suffered In Rounding The Mark, He Must Overcome Self Imposed Seclusion And Waxing Self Doubt To Penetrate A Web Of Hatred And Secrets In Pursuit Of The Strangest Culprit He S Ever Hunted A Mystery Unlike Any Other, This Emotionally Taut Story Brings The Montalbano Saga To A Captivating Crossroads Like all the Montalbano novels, The Patience of the Spider is also filled with lively dialogue, sharply observed descriptions, vibrant characterization and dramatic shifts in tone The relationship with Livia is skilfully handled, but this time I couldn t stand Livia s presence and discourse It looked like she only functioned as a counterpoint to Montabano s viewpoints And the nagging, for pit s sake This book also has a less complex plot than earlier books but is still an excellent read for the pleasure of the character development and the insight into Sicilian life I still have to read the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th installments in the english or german translations.It amounts to a great deal for Camilleri s writing that I worked out who had done, what and why quite early on in the story, but it didn t matter in the slightest I still enjoyed immensely the path to get there The writing, even in translation, it s still better than most of the crap out thereCatarella is also at his best It s difficult to imagine, as you read, that this book could have been written in anything other than English Catarella s rather eccentric use of language and the quality of the translation is perhaps best demonstrated by saying that the English could be corny and rather annoying, but isn t And it s also gigglingly funny I know this series is a crime procedural, but that doesn t stop me always want to a laugh out loud and b want to eat really good Italian food, when reading them. El comisario Montalbano nos entretiene en otro caso donde no est exento el misterio y los entretenidos di logos.He le do muchos libros de Camilleri, este fue en 2012 me estoy poniendo al d a con goodreads y me cuesta diferenciar sus novelas no se si esto es bueno o maloSi tengo claro que recuerdo el placer de su lectura, capaz que esto es lo importante cuando nos sentamos a leer. L ottavo romanzo di Camilleri dedicato a Montalbano si svolge esattamente dov era finito il precedente Giro di boa, che io non ho ancora letto , ovvero col nostro commissario convalescente dopo esser stato ferito Richiamato urgentemente in servizio dalla convalescenza, si ritrova a indagare su un sequestro che sveler , col proseguire dell indagine, particolari ben pi inquietanti.La bravura e la maestria di Camilleri riuscita a sorprendermi ancora una volta riesce a scrivere un ottimo giallo senza il classico morto ammazzato dipinge, con pochi personaggi e una trama breve, un affresco di una famiglia coinvolta nel dramma del sequestro della propria figlia, gi gravato dalla malattia della madre e ridotta sul lastrico anni prima a causa del fratello della donna infine, descrive magistralmente la malinconia in cui piomba il commissario dopo esser stato ferito e aver passato la convalescenza prima in ospedale e poi a casa, curato dall avole presenza della fidanzata Livia.Sicuramente, nonostante sia un romanzo sottovalutato dai pi , il mio preferito di tutti i romanzi che ho letto di Montalbano Unica nota negativa qualche refuso qua e la nell edizione in mio possesso. Very much enjoyed this next instalment in the Montalbano series pleasantly diverting at a time when I needed it Un alt roman din seria Montalbano pe care l am a teptat ndelung i n a fost deloc o dezam gire, de i pare c Montalbano ncepe ncet ncet s fac pasul napoi Aventur , suspans, mister, anchet ntortocheat , de i am reu it i eu spre final, n sf r it, s ghicesc cine ar fi f pta ii i de ce Recenzie, cur nd, pe FanSF. Grover Gardner is in typical form i.e wonderful in this entry in the Inspector Montalbano series His voice for Catarella is worth noting he manages to convey the crazy accent but still be understood, quite a feat I still have several Montalbano books to read that I missed over the years, and this was one This was very amusing for me as I have always enjoyed this writer s comedic arts and know there will be times I laugh loudly Montalbano is recovering from a gunshot received in the last episode, so Livia is staying with him to help him toward wellness A kidnapping is announced and his commissioner assigns someone from another locale to head up the messy investigation This allows Montalbano to stay in the shadows gathering information as he stealthily moves along eventually seeing the pattern of deceit while watching a spider weave its web.He remains incognito as he delivers the truth so that nothing is done from a legal standpoint and no one will ever knowunless he eventually tells Livia what really happened. The first of the Montalbano books where his Genoa based girlfriend, Livia, is at this home for most of the book, supporting his recuperation from being shot at the end of the previous book He is called back to duty to support the team after a kidnapping and applies his usual peculiar insight to the mystery which emerges.