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I think I would give this book 3 1 2 stars This book tells the story of a Korean family who immigrates to New York after the one of the twin daughters is severly burned in an accident in the home and ends up disfigured The mother places all of their hopes and dreams for the burned daughter in America where children will not call her names and where she may even be able to be healed Of course, the real America doesn t come close to the dream The story is told in the voice of the sister who was not injured and has to deal with the guilt of being the one who doesn t have to bear this terrible burden You get a real and very complex picture of both parents and the two daughters and how deeply each of them is affected every day by this accident The author explores through them questions about how people experience beauty I really liked this book, especially the way the author wrote the interactions between the individuals in the story I also really appreciated that she didn t back down from dealing with a lot of hard issues such as rcism, immigration, but didn t go over the top in trying to be preachy about them, but made them a part of the full lives of the charachters I didn t really like, though her writing stly when she was just describing scens For me it got bogged down with way too many metaphors. This is an interesting and rather unusual novel by a young Korean American who takes a slightly different approach to the lives of immigrant families Because of a scalding accident that scars one of a pair of Korean twins, the family emigrates to the USA in hopes of finding a better life The physicals scars are not the only ones the rest of the family carries psychological scars Although the move take the family away from rigid Korean s, it doesn t really go as planned.This is not an easy book The story is told in a couple of different time frames which are sometimes hard to follow I would recommend the book to book groups especially. Truly amazing Made me feel so many things What an incredible writer Made me escape far away for a few hours. My first piece of Korean literature And a pretty good story too Quite insightful into issues of travel, dreams, beauty, family, siblings, Korean culture, American culture and immigration I think because I have had a taste of the Korean culture, I was able to enjoy this book Small things like the Korean dialogues, the expectations because one is Korean and just the Korean way of dealing with things I also learned a few things to my list of Korean Culture.This book was hard to read though I noticed I would be re reading a few sentences because I couldn t get the gist of it I think mainly because things are overly described Like a poem Hence, there are heaps of links.All in all a good book to read on a cold day. [ Read ] ⚇ Translations of Beauty ⚕ A Deeply Affecting And Emotionally Charged Novel That Explores The True Meaning Of Beauty, Family, Home, And Race, Translations Of Beauty Radiates With Raw Wit, Heartache, And Universal TruthsIt Not Only Reaffirms The Unbreakable Ties That Bind All Families But Also Lays Bare The Boundaries And Pitfalls Of The American Dream Mia Yun, Whose First Novel Was Hailed By Kirkus Reviews As A Superlative Debut, Maps The Relationship Of Twin Sisters Inah And Yunah From Their Early Childhood In South Korea To Growing Up In Queens, New York At The Center Of Translations Of Beauty Is The Terrible Childhood Accident That Disfigured Inah For Life, And The Overwhelming Sadness And Guilt Yunah Feels At Having Been Spared It Opens With Yunah, Now Twenty Eight, Flying Out To Italy To Rescue Inah Who, In Her Struggle To Find Her Way, Has Drifted Away From Her Family Thrown Together Again After So Much Time, Long Ago Joys And Heartaches Are Stirred, And The Twins Find Their Relationship Tested As They Are Forced To Confront Unresolved IssuesIt Is The Account Of Growing Up In America As Immigrant Children, Dealing With The Painful Reality Of Inah S Disfigured Face And Trying To Find Their Individual Identities While Negotiating Their Relationship With Each Other Of Their Family S Struggle To Stay Whole As Years Of Collective Struggles And Colliding Dreams And Values Take A Toll On Each Of Them And Of Its Effort To Find Dignity Amid The Constant Jockeying For Respect, Acceptance, And LoyaltyPeppered Throughout This Darkly Poignant Novel Are Colorful, Vividly Drawn, Ethnically And Socially Diverse Secondary Characters Uncle Shin, The Loyal Family Man And Avariciousbusinessman Cousin Ki Hong, A Rebellious KISS Fan In His Youth Who Gloats In Domestic Bliss As A Married Man Auntie Minnie, An Irrepressible, Loud, And Bawdy Beautician And, Finally, Uncle Wilson, Aunt Minnie S African American Husband Who Divorces Her To Marry A Woman Of His Own RaceThought Provoking And Uncommonly Honest, This Story Of One Korean Family S Heartbreaking Journey In America Will Resonate Powerfully With Every Reader I did enjoy the story of the two sisters Inah and Yunah who came in their early childhood to Queens New York Through a terrible childhood accident to Inah, the parents decide America is the only hope for a damaged child with a brilliant mind I would have given it a higher rating but it was not easy to decide whether you were in the childhood or in Italy at age 28 Both girls struggle with their own guilts and sadness as does the whole family It was too sad for my mood, but ended on a positive note. At times I liked this a lot, and at times I got impatient with it It s about twin sisters born in Korea who move to America after one suffers disfiguring burns to her face There s some marvelous writing, but also a dismaying lack of variety lots of attention to the color or the sky and to people s faces turning red The burned sister is a compelling character the other, who narrates, is a bit of a cipher. Liked the premiss of the book the exploration on the far reaching effects of a sudden loss of physical beauty, especially in regards to the feelings of guilt responsibility shared by family members The perspectives on immigrant family life were also interesting Overall, felt like the novel just wandered along, without ever letting us in to Inah s true state of being Perhaps the intention is primarily to promote the reader s reflection. There just wasn t enough here to grab onto Nothing is explained, characters are superficial, plot lines go nowhere The three stars are for evoking some emotion some of the time. i really liked this story, you can connect to it, and also i love reading in other cultures views