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I thought this was rather enjoyable It had been on my radar for a long time, after seeing my good friend Deb s review a few years ago I d been trying to get my hands on a copy Last night I saw that finally had it available in Kindle format I quickly bought it and got lost in Isabella s story I liked Isabella, Lord Heartleigh and even Isabella s mother Maria I liked that Maria put on quite the show, when really she was sharp and knew exactly what was going on around her I liked her story and in a way her own story would have made a great book Our villain, Basil, was actually kind of likable Deep, deep down he has a heart and even further down a conscience There is a bit of a love triangle, which I think could have been used a little While I really did enjoy the story, there were a few things that I would have tweaked One, there are a number of different POV throughout the story A pet peeve of mine Not only are there multiple POV, but they happen sometimes suddenly from one paragraph to the next Second, while I really did like the side characters and their stories, I wanted of Isabella and Lord Heartleigh together When I think back on it, there are very few scenes with them together They had good chemistry and I liked their story and would have loved of that While I do wish there was page time devoted to them, the lack thereof didn t really distract from the story Overall, an enjoyable story with likable characters I ll be looking for from Loretta Chase and definitely continuing the Trevelyan series Content Clean. (((Free Epub))) ⇩ Isabella (Trevelyan Family, #1) ☘ At The Spinster Age Of , The Independent, Wealthy And Imminently Sensible Isabella Latham Had Forgotten About Marriage Hopes Long Ago Ever Aware Of Duty, Isabella Accompanies Her Two Young Cousins To Oversee Their Debut In Londononly To Find That It S Isabella Who Is Attracting All The Suitorsall Of Whom Do Seem To Have Quite An Excess Of CreditorsThere S The Sinfully Sexy Basil Trevelyan, A Rake Through And Through The Kind Of Rake That Even Sensible Isabella Can Barely Resist And Then There S His Maddeningly Handsome Cousin, The Earl Of Hartleigh, Who Makes Her Heart Nearly Leap Out Of Her Chest, With Just A Glance Of His EyePoor, Poor Isabella What S A Girl To Do But Importantlywho S A Girl To Choose Never Did Prim And Proper Isabella Think That Having Two Rakish Suitors Would Cause A Scandal So Earth Shattering That It Would Rattle All Her Family Skeletons, Get One Over On All Those Vile Gossip Mongers And Land Her An Ideal Husband I was lucky to purchase this book in the first edition hardcover from eBay published by Walker and Company The book has a fly leaf dedication written by Loretta Chase herself, hoping that the dedicatee likes the book and laughs at least three times at the publisher s errors if nothing else Unfortunately I can t recommend the book to anyone except a die hard Loretta Chase fan There is far too much plot for a short book like this and parts of the plot are far too contrived to be believable the subplot about the mother Some of the secondary characters are extremely annoying the mother, cousin Veronica and the aunt , made worse by the fact that the annoying characteristics are not only over emphasized, but they add nothing whatsoever to either the plot or the book, i.e they the characteristics could be dispensed with almost entirely One or two sentences about them would have got the point across there was no need to go on about them for multiple pages There is a serious imbalance between the heroine s encounters with the hero and with the villain the villain gets a lot time with her Besides which, the H H encounters are always so fraught with misunderstandings and interruptions that it s wonder they get together at all I think if the book had been a good deal longer it s only 167 pages long, set in a large type , with attention paid to the hero and heroine, better exposition of the plot and less of the annoying characters, it would have been a satisfactory read. This book is Loretta Chase s debut, and for a first book it s pretty good There are glimmers of the Chase to come, but the plot development is quite confusing, although I suspect that some of my confusion could be blamed on bad Kindle formatting Scene shifts in mid chapter, which ordinarily might be marked by extra spacing, a wingding, or a dropped capital, were not marked in any way The plot itself was quite good, and I would love to see how today s Loretta Chase would write this book. While I do adored my first two reads by Loretta Chase Dukes prefer Blondes , Duke in Shining Armor , this one left me with a taste of lacking.For what I did understood, it was her first published work, maybe why her heroine character missed a spine, for a young woman who says to the vilain of the book she always says what she thinks, she lets false rumors get to her and then takes the worth possible decision.The hero is far from perfect as he needed time to clearly comprehend and accept his feelings but in all he did nothing as stupid as Isabella did.The vilain obviously acts like one, but as the author shares his point of view, we see all is not completely black, he has some remorses, and in some way falls too for Isabella.I was afraid at first when I read in some reviews there was a love triangle, a trope I rather dislike, but in fact there is none as she herself feels unsettle by Basil s presence when she is thrilled when the Earl is close to her Wasn t it odd that the one who had responded so warmly to her had frightened her, while this one, towering over her, who had insulted her and then dismissed her with cool arrogance, did not intimidate her in the least There are plenty of other protagonists, many with whom we share their thoughts, Isabella but also Edward were lucky to have great interfering and meddling parents, without them they might have faced a different future, a rather sad one.To conclude, the writing and details were confounding how good they were, I do just prefer my heroines with a backbone like the ones she gave life in the books I read previously. Edward Trevelyan, Earl of Hartleigh faced down the French and nearly died as a spy for Wellington Nothing has made him fearful than arriving home to his ward s governess tearfully confessing she has lost Lucy Hartleigh is terrified he has failed his late friend He promised he would look after Lucy and now she s lost in the middle of an unfamiliar and dangerous city How could this have happened Isabella Latham is in Town to chaperone her younger cousins first Season She s a spinster at 26 and was penniless since her father s death but now has a decent fortune As she s about to leave her dressmaker, she comes across a small child sleeping in the corner When the little girl awakes, she cries for her Mama, and Isabella s motherly instincts are aroused Isabella is about to return little Lucy home when Hartleigh finally finds them Hartleigh is so worried about Lucy, he is quite rude to the woman he assumes is a shopkeeper He admires the way she handles Lucy and immediately realizes his mistake He calls to apologize, but as Isabella s Mama points out later, timing is the enemy His disreputable cousin Basil has already set his sights on Isabella or at least her fortune Isabella is discommoded by the man with the cat s eyes She fears being caught in his trap but is also a little bit curious about what it would be like to be with such a man At least he makes no pretenses about courting her fortune, unlike her other suitors Lord Hartleigh decides he needs to find a Mama for Lucy He tries to court the young ladies his aunt has picked out for him but none of them attract his attention as much as Isabella He enjoys the time spent conversing with her and is attracted to her Isabella s aunt is annoyed at Hartleigh s attentions to Isabella He s way too good for Isabella and should marry her empty headed daughter Veronica instead As Basil becomes increasingly desperate, he spins gossip in such a way that will damage not only Isabella s reputation but ruin the chances of her younger cousins She s confused about which one to pick for Lord Harleigh doesn t seem to love her any than his cousin does Though she loves him, she can not marry him if he does not love her Finally, old scandals come to light as the two gentlemen try to win Isabella s hand.This is Loretta Chase s first published book and as such, it s a good one The plot kept me interested to find out how the HEA would come about I tried to stop at the halfway point but at the point, something happened and I couldn t put it down The romance plot could use a bit courtship but I liked it There are a lot of misunderstandings and I felt like yelling at Isabella Just talk to him even though it s not proper Isabella s time spent with Hartleigh goes by very quickly and is mostly his thoughts about her I would have liked dialogue and interaction showing how compatible they are I do get a sense of why he loves her but not so much why she loves him The scandal is predictable and I wondered about it early on I would think there would be legal hurdles to jump if such a thing happened It wouldn t be so neat and tidy I also didn t like the end of Maria s plot At first I did but then the other person does something that was typical of gentleman at the time but I didn t like it at all I liked the characters in this book a lot I especially liked Isabella s Mama, Maria She acts like the quiet beta heroes in Georgette Heyer Isabella is sensible and had a good head for business She doesn t allow Basil to fool her as to his intentions She thinks she can control him Basil is a nasty man He convinces himself that his lies are the truth and will stop at almost nothing to get money and to thwart his cousin He s entirely despicable and untrustworthy However, Basil seems to learn a lesson at the end Little Lucy is cute She sounds and acts like 4 or 5 than 7 though She s used enough to forward the plot and add some humor but not so much as to be annoying Hartleigh is an honorable gentleman As far as the reader knows, he s pretty much a saint He s a war hero, a devoted friend and trying to be a loving guardian He s not entirely perfect He acts like Mr Darcy at first but he realizes his mistakes some of the time The characters are driven by lust at times and there is some kissing not on the lips The door closes on a married couple but the pre marital kissing is much intense This book is far clean than Loretta Chase s current books She is now writing Regency Historicals. This must be a reread though I don t remember it, because I bought those double editions of old Loretta Chase regencies in paperback in the 90s, hmm checks shelves again Yup It obviously didn t leave any real impression with me Interesting, because some of the combined editions I quite liked and remember.Production values NYLA publishers an agent that publishes books is a publisher in my book managed to pick a much prettier cover than they had for the first release of Lord of Scoundrels generally paragraphs and indentation and punctuation are fine no major paragraph breaks when the scene shifts somewhere else, you need a minute to realise you are now looking at other characters obviously no one copy edited the scanned content too carefully while there are only one or two real spelling mistakes, there are lots of wrong words in the wrong place His Grace the Countess of Hartleigh , Mend instead of man , Mart instead of Matt, etc.In this book you will see very early signs of Chase s gift for humorous situations and turns of phrase, and of captivating characters like Maria Latham, or Hartleigh s Trevelyan s aunt, or Harry Latham I could see Basil as sort of a predecessor of Ismal of The Lion s Daughter, respectively Captives of the Night where he is utterly delicious Actually he s probably realistic, but therefore shabby shady.I liked what I could see of Lucy, but she s really only a plot moppet here when Chase thinks to use her she s delightful and her own persona, but the author forgets about her for long stretches of time, especially at the end.I think a book about Harry Deverell and Maria Latham would have been fascinating.Summing up only read this if you are a completist of her oeuvre. I m attempting to read ALL THE CHASE, and so, Isabella This book suffers for the obvious love affair Chase was developing with Basil It was as if she started out with a plot idea heiress Cit is torn between the sensual bad boy and the proper Earl and then promptly discovered just how much fun she was having with the sensual bad boy Half of this book feels like prologue for The English Witch Basil s novel nothing about the plot stood out except for Isabella s provoking chuckle and Basil, Basil, Basil I will say that there are glimpses of Chase s skills poking through the mush and it made me very excited to see That doesn t, however, excuse the lukewarm romance. Loretta Chase es una de mis autoras preferidas y, as y todo, este libro me ha defraudado mucho Ser a correcto para cualquier otra autora, pero siendo suyo, no parece escrito por ella No hay picard a, ni situaciones absurdas, ni di logos ingeniosos Le doy un tres porque es una novela correcta, como ya he dicho, pero muy por debajo de su nivel normal. Is this book perfect Maybe not Was it just exactly what I needed YES Isabella is an heiress of modest standing and disposition over whom two cousins battle, enchanted as they are by her quiet intelligence Yes, the plot took a fairly predictable course Yes, the characters lacked depth Yes, the tone of the storytelling abruptly changed No, there weren t any steamy scenes And yet, I loved it Go figure It probably has something to do with zingers like the following that seem to both epitomize and wittingly skewer the genre Now it is very true that Lord Hartleigh had unusually high notions of duty and a powerful sense of honour and right But at the moment, having already sent Propriety to the Devil, he was exceedingly loath to recall it.