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(((FREE))) ⇲ Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? ↙ This Provocative Study Explores What Happens To Those Who Commit Suicide Drawing On Communications From The Spirits Of Than Successful Suicides, It Offers An Intriguing Look At What The Dead Themselves Say About Suicide, Its Repercussions, And Their Experiences In The Afterlife Bringing Together The Channeled Messages Of Three Types Of Suicide Traditional Suicide, Assisted Suicide, And The Suicide Mass Murder Adopted By Terrorists The Book Covers A Wide Range Of Topics, Including Why People Commit Suicide, What It Is Like To Cross Over, Adjustment Problems, What Suicides Would Say To Those Left Behind, And What They Would Tell Others Thinking Of Taking Their Own Lives Additionally, The Book Conveys Powerful Messages From Suicide Bombers, Warning Potential Terrorists Of The Serious Karmic Consequences That Await Them For Anyone Contemplating Suicide Or Euthanasia, The Book Offers Profound, Sometimes Unsettling, Insight Into The Ramifications Of These Acts