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Bored me too many characters gave up to many good books to read I quite enjoyed this one As the name suggests it follows a number of families who do the school run over a week Some are having marital problems, medical problems, guilt issues and as the book progresses, some of the problems are connected to other characters It was an easy book to pick up whenever I had a moment, on the bus to work, lunchbreaks etc Very enjoyable, easy to read and actually very gripping There were parts in there that I didn t expect but the story was all the better for them At first, it was hard to keep track of all the character s names, however, their individual traits soon made it easy to identify them and keep track of them I have always enjoyed novels which intertwine people s lives, I find them pretty fascinating and this was a good version of such a story I think I loved Harriet the most, she seemed so warm and vulnerable, yet also extremely strong when she realised what to do Also found a lot of common ground with Kitty as I too work in a high school, the dialogue in her scenes made me giggle at the familiarity apart from the end All in all, a recommended read, especially as I only paid 90p for it on Kindle I don t think it s gone up that much in price anyway I really enjoyed the book, a nice light hearted read I felt it could have been padded out a bitThe last part of the story really seemed to happen out of nowhere, I felt a bit ambushed by it and to me it felt out of place Had it been building up, maybe it would have madesense I felt the book ended quite abruptly too The Kindle edition literally ends at like 68% and the other bit is a chapter of her new look which was weird An okay read overall, not sure I would recommend though. ( Download Book ) ☤ The School Run ⚔ This Book Presents A Week In The Lives Of Seven Peopleall On The Same Route To School Harriet Is Waiting For Her Husband To Tell Her If Their Marriage Is On Or Off, While Pippa Is About To Receive Some Potentially Devastating Hospital Results Evie Has One Week To Save Her Career, And Nick S Wife Died Two Years Ago, Leaving Him With A Troublesome Teenage Daughter Martine, A French Au Pair, Is About To Run Off With A Married Man While Kitty Accepts A Bet To Find A Man In A Week And Betty Watches By The Roadside, Looking For The Driver Who Killed Her Son Little Do Any Of Them Know That By The End Of The Week, The School Run Will Have Become A Collision Course, Connecting Their Lives In Ways Than One Enjoyed this multiple POV tale of contemporary urban life as seen through the eyes of a cross section of Londoners Exactly the light, pleasant kind of thing to read while parked outside a school, waiting for the bell to ring and kids to come streaming out. It s a nice storyread it in a couple of days It s about the life of 7 people over 7 days, and the way they interact during the school run It makes you think twice about having kids Far too many characters couldn t keep up with what was happening. Seg och trist A good enjoyable easy to read book Easy to keep your interest as there is so much going on with so many different families and all their dramas.Clearly the mothers are the driving force behind each family,holding it all together while the men frankly are all rather pathetic.At a point in the first half it did get rather confusing as there was just too many people to try and keep track of,trying to remember who was who and who s child belonged to who and so forth.I liked Kitty the teacher as she seemed quite fun but normal and Evie was nice too with all the crap she had to put up with from her step daughters who I really wish she had stood up to .I rather disliked Harriett as she was quite a pathetic woman who let her jerk of a husband treat her like rubbish again and again,she irritated me so much.It was over rather quickly and abrupt tho I was glad of the outcomes for them,pity we didn t get an epilogue after a few years or so,just to let us know what they were all up to.