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I think I would have liked both of these stories had they been full length novels As is was, they were too short with not enough back story to make them noteworthy. [[ Kindle ]] ↚ The Eternal Highlander ⇱ Cathal MacNachton And Connall MacAdie Are Cousins Bound By Far Than Blood Ties And The Rugged Highland Landscape Their Clan Calls Home The Ancient Curse Of Their Ancestry Has Fated Them To Live By Night With An Unquenchable Thirst That Neither Can Tame The Only Thing That Can Save Their Souls Is Marriage To Outsiders Mortals Whose Untainted Blood Will Weaken The Curse In Their Children And Break The Chains Of Fear That Have Made Their Clan A Breed ApartBridget Callan And Eva Caxton Are The Women Who Will Shape The Clan S Destiny Marriage To These Strange And Mysterious Men Will Rescue Each Of Them From Desperate Circumstances And Draw Them Into A Web Of Danger, Desire, And Intrigue The Eternal Highlander is a collection of two stories 1 by Hannah Howell, and the other by Lynsay Sands As I am on my paranormal romance kick, and have liked Sands other stories, I thought I would give it a try And ended up liking the book, and it s stories verra much The stories focus on two Scottish lairds whose clans have a dark secret and the women who not only give them hope, but become their lifemates I thought both stories were well written, and the characters were intesting and well matched I also liked how the stories weren t predictable, and included some interesting and unexpected twists One of the things that suprised me, though, was that Sands story had less humor than some of her other books I would definately recommend this book to other readers and look forward to reading other collaborations by these authors. Enjoyable stories featuring hot Scottish vampires Both were equally good, and will have you craving . I bought this book because I adore Lynsay Sands, but I d never read anything by Hannah Howell Ms Howell s story, Nightriders, is the first of the two stories, and I went into it with anticipation I enjoyed the story I did It was a little bit of a different take on vampires In fact, the word vampire is never used Cathal MacNachton, the hero, is a laird who is a halfling his father, a Nightrider, married an Outsider, as normal mortal people are called The Nightriders no longer feed off humans, and Cathal wants to breed out the undesirable traits Butimportantly, he wants to breed, period There hasn t been a child born to his clan in twenty years, due to excessive inbreeding So when Bridget Callan, an Outsider, falls into his life, he decides she will be a suitable bride Though she, of course, is not at first convinced Bridget has secrets of her own, which we, the reader, are not privy too, though it was fairly easy to figure out, long before Cathal did But their banter and eventual coming together was enjoyable It was the dialogue that about did me in Not what the characters said, but the way they said it I realize that the author was striving for authenticity in her characters But there were just too many verras, and dinaes, and willnaes, and kens, and weels and the like It interrupted the flow of the story for me An example of the dialogue Ye dinnae belong here Nay Why shouldnae I be here I am nay upsetting the horses Dinnae play the fool Ye ken what I mean Ye should leave Cambrun I did love this line though I recently decided that I best take ye as I dinnae seem to want anyone else to have ye I finished the second story in this book, The Highland Bride by Lynsay Sands, yesterday, and I enjoyed it muchThe dialogue was much easier to take, but then the heroine, Eva, is English, not Scottish Eva has been a burden to her brother since the death of their parents when she was nine years old With no money for a dowry, he has been unable to find a husband for her, and made plans to send her to a convent The night before she is to leave, six Scotsmen arrive, with an offer from their laird, who is willing to pay for Eva s hand in marriage So Eva finds herself married in a quick proxy ceremony and riding to Scotland to meet her husband Eva is a fun and likeable character On the ride to her new husband s home, the men accompanying her become worried that she is mad , because she keeps talking to herself In actuality, she s talking to her horse, and doesn t understand why that should upset them While she s a little apprehensive about her new life, she s also eager to meet her husband, and hopeful that her life will be better than it was in her brother s home, where she was treated like a poor relation One reason I probably liked this story better is because Lynsay Sands always infuses her writing with humor And four pages into the story, she actually uses the word vampire , and severaltimes throughout Eva has been told by a maid at her brother s home about the rumors that the MacAdie clan are vampires, but she is skeptical I think party because she is so happy to be leaving her brother and not to be going to a convent Connall MacAdie, who is a cousin to Cathal, the hero from the first story, is not thrilled about his marriage, but can understand the reasoning behind Cathal s plan to weaken their bloodlines with mortal wives He had met Eva very briefly at court, when Eva s brother had taken her there to attempt to find a husband Knowing her brother was desperate to rid himself of Eva, Connall felt that he probably wouldn t care about the rumors and would be eager to accept In other words, Eva was an easy and convenient solution for Connall You know they will get their HEA of course, and as usual with Lynsay Sands, it is a very satisfying one. This book features the stories of Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands Nightriders by Hannah Howell In the Winter of 1474 Cathal and Connall decide the family bloodline must be thinned in order for their species to survive Not quite human, but not quite fitting the full definition of Vampire, the MacNachtons decide they must to to assimilate in order to survive The only way to do this is to attempt to breed out some of their family traits with new blood.While on the way to her cousin s Bridget s carriage is attacked and her guards are killed She escapes with the help of the Connall and his clan While being held at Cathal s home he tells her she will marry him While Cathal may be pleased with his decision not everyone is okay with an outsider joining the clan Very fun read and the twist about Bridget s family was a nice touch.The Highland Bride by Lysay Sands Saved at the last minute from going into a convent, Eva marries by proxy Connal Not sure who he is, she is relieved to find out she knows him by sight when she arrives at her new home Rumors fly about her new husband and his family They say he is one of the undead She is sure the rumors are untrue, but as she starts to get to know him she realizes some rumors are based on fact Now she must separate the true from the untrue and decide if she can live with what she finds Very fun read. These stories are about 2 cousins who are Nightwalkers but have decided to take mortal wives, so they can have children to weaken the curse They are doing this as there have been no bairns born to their clans for over 20 years plus the rumors of the McNachtons MacAdies have people trying to kill them.In Cathal McNachton s keep there are purebloods who do not like the idea of him marrying an outsider Bridget Callan is bought to his keep after the people she was travelling with were killed, she had been injured Cathal decided she would make a good wife so decides to woo her.I really enjoyed this story with it very Scottish accents and words.Connall MacAdie bought his bride, he had met her when she had been presented at court looking for a husband, he decided she would do for him.This story was not as good as Hannah s but still a good read.I was thinking as I read these stories that it looks like the authors were given an idea to work with, it was interesting to see how different each story was. I liked the first book, the second one not so much I thought Eva was pretty stupid to waltz into the house of the husband that married you by proxy and completely redecorate, who does That alone almost spoilt the entire book for me, not that she was redeemable in any way. 4 Eternal Highlander Stars I don t usually go for Historical Romances of any kind, but I like Lynsay Sands, so I had to try this novel out I actually read this novel a couple of years ago and have been wanting to re read the series I enjoyed the writing and unique spine on the vampires for this series. In The Eternal Highlander we get two stories in this novel One deals with the MacNachton clan and the other the MacAdie clan They are family, bounded farthen by blood ties. Nightrider by Hannah Howell Nightrider takes place in 1475.Bridget is a young maiden who is on her first trip away from home She is also a littlethen human, but we don t learn what until much later in the story I sometimes feel women in the past have no spunk or wit, but Bridget is feisty, spunky, and witty which made her enjoyable to read Cathal MacNachton is lord of his clan The MacNachton s are a different kind of human, with superior strength, good night vision, live longer, but can t go out in the sun and must drink blood He is loyal to his clan, family, and sees a need to keep his people alive well.The MacNachton s are not only being hunted by humans, but their are those in the clan who do not want to see the pureblood diluted with outsiders Cathal and Bridget are a good couple It was enjoyable to see the wowing How Bridget tries to fight her feelings and how Cathal finally falls in love with his women I like both Bridget and Cathal as characters and the unique spin on the humans vampiresI also enjoyed that Bridget has an open heart and accepts all his brethren clan even when several scorn and reject her She thinks of their well being and how to bring light into their lives, when they must avoid the sun.The Highland Bride by Lynsay Sands The Highland Bride takes place about a year after Bridget and Cathal hook up and is about Connall MacAdie who is cousin to Cathal MacNachton.Eve is a plain human who is witty, adorable ,and amusing plus a little clumsy Which made her kind of funny to read about Connall is clan chief, stubborn, strong willed, and a different kind of human.This one was a little harder for me to read, because Eve and Connall don t know each other before marriage Then when Eve shows up at the MacAdie clan s home, well her husband Connall does not spend much time with her, so how are they to get to know each other and grow to love It was an interesting arrangement and amusing to see how the relationship developed Eve feels this need to find her place especially with her husband avoiding her and not knowing anyone It was fascinating to watch Eve accept and figure out what her new clan are She does not see them as soulless blood suckers, but the kind people they are As for the danger the clan chief faces, well it is not just from the outside, but also inside as well Which makes for an intriguing mystery adventure The Eternal Highlander gives us a unique spine on vampires, some mystery, adventure, and a sweet romance I look forward to reading the next novel in this series Nightriders Hannah Howell Setting 1474, Scotland forest Castle Cambrun Theme changing the future of the clan love sex Characters Sir Cathal MacNachton half breed clan head believes the clan will end because children very rare to his kind, and if don t change ways and fit in with society so pushes others, and self, to marry an outsider wants children in his sixties Vampire vs The Outsiders not dead risen vampire, but different breed of human live long, heal fast, quicker, stronger, etc As breed with outsiders, different traits are retained or lost Lady Bridget Callan of Dunsmuir 19 years old wants the excitement of court, and finally talked her brother into letting her go though loving family, wants freedom Callans are cat shifters who had already conscientious breed out the extreme but still retain some aspects she is fast, graceful, 6th sense of others hidden, and strong nails brave adventurous beautiful Jankyn pureblood Cathal s first rescues Bridget, brings her home, and suggests she be his bride humor Mora housekeeper mated with Jankyn in her youth they had a son, who is now grown she not willing to be mated bit to him befriends Bridget and helps her adjust learn of vampire ways and goodness of Cathal Scymynd and Edmee Purebloods, and want to keep things the same Edmee wants to mate with Cathal, and Scymynd trying to build anti Cathal sentiments.Summary Cathal decides he wants to marry Bridget she gets a glimpse of Jankyn and crew attacking the men chasing her, tearing out their throats but passes out wakes up in Cambrun Cathal decides she will be his bride her virtue compromised and though he is upfront with it, he ignores her disagreement And his decision is reinforced as he sees how she handles his kinsmen, her accurate reading of their underlying threat, and her siding with him and he begins to woo her mostly with touches and kisses and he convinces her to give him a week, and he will let her go but of course she falls in love with him before then, and agrees to marry and she figures out their truths, and takes it in stride ahhhMemorable scenes He figures out For Bridget to do this had to mean that she cared for him, feltthan lust for him There was a good chance that the seed of affection had already taken root inher heart Cathal prayed he had the skill to nurture it well and make it grow The Highland Bride Lynsay SandsSetting 1490 s MacAdie in northern Scotland the Caxton keep Theme falling in love Characters Eva her brother would not pay a dowry, she only had 2 dresses, she has tried her best to not be a burden to her brother, and to an aid to those around her, very positive personality brother about to put her in an abbey, when Ewan shows up to negotiate for her hand to pay for her in court, she didn t fit in, and escaped to garden, where she met Connall not given his name and he was kind to her feels has possibility to be happy here, and wants to show Connall that she is an asset, so removes furs that are covering hall s windows. hurting herself in spite of others trying to discourage her Ewan Connall s first, purebred, sent to negotiate for Eva s hand Connall MacAdie Eva caught his eye his one time in court, and when pushed by cousin to marry and led change in politics of their kind, and knowing her brother isn t willing to pay dowry to marry her off, he makes arrangements to marry her when she first gets there, he tends to avoid her though half breed, he carries characteristic of needing to stay out of sun, so sleeps in windowless , locked room during day Magaidh his vampire mother, who looks his age she is very kind to Eva Ailie Aileen Effie Glynis ladies maid cook maid Domhall Keddy etc Connall s menDonaidh Ewan s son, Connall s cousin he is patiently scheming to be laird but if Connall has an heir, he is left out so he is out to kill ConnallSummary Eva has had a neglectful childhood, and though very happy she s not forced to be a nun, she is nervous but all embrace her into her new home except her husband he s a bit ambivalent, and their schedules don t mesh but she s clumsy and hurts herself, and he assigns others to watch over her during the day at his mother s suggestion, they arrange another wedding so both feel really married and after a long sermon where she contemplates his sausage , he softly brushes her lips with a kiss and she stretches up foras he steps back, and she steps back, tumbling down the stairs so in bed for a week, he comes to visit her nightly, and they talk and play chess and grow in the knowing of one another And she tells him she s ready to consummate and tells him of the sausage and after a laugh, he proceeds to initiate her very gently and lovingly into sex and she finds she is pregnant, and trying to find a time to tell him but they get interrupted he takes her to the lake but he is attacked by his nephew he hides her in the bushes, but with 2 arrows in him and his bleeding, and his nephew dispassionately explaining his logic of being the next laird, she attacks with a branch and ultimately, Ewan is there, and kills his son, to protect his master ahhhhMemorable scenes I would bepleased had he bothered to collect me himself, rather than having you collect me like a new cow for the fields, she admitted bluntly Ah Yer English, so ye wouldnae be understandin , but Connall wouldnae send the six of us to collect a cow He d send one man, and it wouldnae be any o us So I should be flattered that he could not be bothered to coe fetch me himself, but sent the six of you After all, he couldnae collect ye himsel , so sent us in his stea Six of us in his stead It shows how important ye are He even sent Ewan Eva s knowledge of sex comes from her maid. who told her what she d seen a man sausage gets bigger, and he sticks it between a woman s legs hmmmm