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@Read Pdf ï Susannahs Saviors (Becketts Wolf Pack, Triad Mates, #3) ⚺ Susannah Robinson Thought Her Life Was Finally Complete The Night Drew And Carter Claimed Her As Their Triad Mate But Alpha Randall S Cruelty Tore Them ApartDrew Doc Barrett And Carter Hutchinson Are Haunted By Memories Of The Mate That Was Taken From Them When They Begin To Share Visions Of Suzie And The Cub She Was Carrying That Belonged To Them, The Sorrow Of What Would Never Be Finally Broke Them They Were Determined To Save Their Mate And Reclaim The Life That Was Meant To Be TheirsBut Suzie Didn T Believe In Their Love Any They Had To Convince Her They Prayed They Could Get Her To Soften Her Heart Toward Them They Were Determined To Be A Reunited Triad, Living A Destined, Loving Future Together They Would Protect Her And Their Babies With Their Last Breaths They Were Never Going To Let Anything Tear Them Apart AgainNote While Susannah S Saviors Is A Stand Alone Title, It Is Suggested That Laurie S Loves, Beckett S Wolf Pack, Triad Mates , And Babies For Nikki, Beckett S Wolf Pack, Triad Mates , Be Read First For Continuity Good read.Perhaps a little content about their life outside the bedroom, but a very sexy and fun book Ms Bernard has a hit with this series. Title Savannah s Saviors The Beckett Pack Triad Mates Book 3Author Lynnette BernardPublisher Siren Publishing BookStrand PublishingPublished 2 13 2013ISBN 13 9781622428489E Book ASIN B00DZX3AFGPages 335Genre Contemporary RomanceTags Menage Relationship, Shifters, Wolves, ParanormalSavannah Robinson, Drew Doc Barrett and Carter Hutchinson grew up with in the Randall Pack lands which boarders near the Beckett Pack Land They have known since they were young that they were triad mates and were meant to be together forever When Susannah turned eighteen Drew and Carter planned a dream night to remember for Susannah, with plans to claim her Unfortunately with the morning the dream turned into a nightmare Randall, a cruel and vicious pack leader, wants Susannah and her visions for himself for his own gains When the morning came Susannah has a vision warning the newly mated triad of Randall s plans to kill the men and hold Susannah prisoner As they rush to get their families together to leave Randall land quickly As they are waiting for their families and Drew to return so they can leave Randall strikes Using silver to kill in the most painful way he can he slashes out at Carter and even Savannah By the time Drew arrives Carter in near death and Susannah is severely injured Told if he does not take Carter and their families away from Randall land forever that the Alpha will kill Susannah, Drew puts Carter and Carter s brother in the trucks and leave They end up joining the Beckett Pack, but the pain over the loss of their mate whom they have not felt through their mate bond for years have taken their toll on the two friends They are ready to give up They are making plans to leave the park they have come to love and go off and die Much like the wolves of the wild they mate for life and when one mate dies the other soon follows from grief Jace knows there is nothing he can do to stop them As their Alpha he must respect their decision, but does not mean he can not try to delay the inevitable Yet unknown to the men their mate has not died and is planning a daring escape of her own For over fifteen years she has been held prisoner by Alpha Randall Tormented and tortured regularly When her visions stop and she is no longer of use to the Alpha she knows she has no choice, but to run Death would be a welcomed relief to the pain she has suffered and to what Randall plans for her next Suddenly Carter and Drew start dreaming of Susannah and learn that she lives When enforcers from the Randall Pack trespass on Beckett land they learn that Alpha Randall will trade Mitchell for Susannah Jace declines the trade and sends a message back, as the mate of two of the Beckett Pack Randall can either turn over Savannah immediately or Jace as Alpha challenges Randall to a fight Drew and Carter and the rest of the pack plan a rescue When Drew and Carter find Savannah their hearts break because Susannah wants nothing to do with them Her love has turned to hate for the two men she counted on to love and protect her who she feels abandoned her to the hell she has lived since they left her behind Severely scarred and damaged from the wounds inflicted and long term sliver poisoning Susannah has turned her anger and bitterness on Drew and Carter Is their any hope for them Will Randall win after all Can the love and medical expertise of her loves heal her What trouble does Randall and his masochistic enforcers due to get her and her brother back under Randall control This is the type of love story everyone loves obstacles abound, and young love has grown, dies and can hopefully be resurrected to burn ever bright Lynnette Bernard fills her books with loyalty and love of family Each book lets you know to never give up hope If yo can trust in each other and the love of those you surround yourself with, there is little or nothing you can not accomplish Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone, but you need to read the series in order to get the full background of the Beckett Pack From book 1 Laurie s Loves about Alpha Jace and Beta Jackson discovering the mate, Laurie Young, is among the visitors to the Circle Three Ranch for a vacation getaway Book 2, Babies For Nikki gives us Laurie s best friend, Nikki Sinclair with pack enforcers Alexander Gregg and Butler Roman Just because you are so lucky that book 4, Abbey s Protectors is also available for you to buy and read Book 4 tells the story of Abbey Tyler,a runaway wife and Hunter Stewart and Clayton Forest who are members of the Beckett Pack as well as law enforcement officers.You will come to love Lynnette Bernard s work I have never read a book of hers that I did not find to be of excellent quality Meet one of your new favorite authors and one of the best shifter series to be found. WOW, this one has become my favorite out of the series so far Lynnette raised the bar with intensely raw emotions with the story of Susannah, Drew and Carter, leaving me almost in tears and my heart breaking for the trio Fifteen years ago, the threesome mated, planned their future and knew their lives were going to be beautiful Susannah had a dream that they needed to leave the pack they were in immediately or death would take them Unfortunately they didn t escape in time and Drew was left to make a horrible choice that will affect their lives for a very long time Carter has a difficult time accepting his world that was destroyed by evil and not what the Fates had determined Drew tried to carry on but each day his heart died a bit , the dreams continued to haunt him reminding him of the choice he was forced to make Susannah believed her mates had died she was being tortured and abused, losing pieces of herself each day with the threats that loomed over her Trust in the Fates was what held them together for so long but now, after all of these years, their trust and faith were gone and resentful depression was all that was left As they each try to find their way through the darkness suddenly the doors open and reuniting becomes a possibility but not without a few challenges I won t go any farther into the story because I don t want to spoil all of the drama but I do want to express just how emotional this book was While there are still the same elements that are in each book so far, this one held dramatic action and raw, soul wrenching emotion I had already grown fond of Drew and Carter but seeing their story unfold in front of me and knowing how bleak they felt their lives was literally had me heart broken Two men, who have dedicated their lives to help others, were fractured and broken when left alone in the silence Susannah was one tough cookie and her wit and sarcasm was one of the best parts of this book To have that taken from her, to see the outcome of fifteen years of abuse killed me She was no longer the same woman they fell in love with Watching the struggle for the three to find their freedom left me emotionally exhausted I already knew Lynnette Bernard could weave words into a story that would take you off into a world of romance but she has proven to me with Susannah s Saviors she can take her readers to a dark world and manipulate their hearts, creating a magical story that won t soon be forgotten I love this book, it will be hard for her to top it with the rest of the series but I am going to have a blast reading them all to find out. Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review Damn, another heart wrenching and steamy book in Lynnette Bernards Triad Mates Series Now in the previous book, we got a glimpse of what was going down with Susannah, Drew and Carter Now things pick up pretty quickly in book 3 and soon we are on a dangerous and sexy journey to rescue Susannah and cub that Carter and Drew created with her With each book, I notice that the love and connection between each triad couple gets and intense I love the fact that there is never a dull or boring moment in the book I immediately get sucked in Lynnette s books and have some serious issues putting my ereader down once I get started In Susannah s Saviors, we get some wickedly splendid sex, we go on a rescue mission, have lots of suspenseful moments, and tons of heart pounding action Susannah is a VERY strong female while Drew and Carter are some of the most outstanding men yet in the series I melted over the fact that they absolutely REFUSE to give up on Susannah and are there for her every way a man or men could be for their woman They fight hard for their beautiful mate and when Susannah gives it her all too, I was awed I can t believe I missed out on this series for so long I am now HOOKED on this series thanks to Lynnette s writing, characters, and storylines I give a FULL FIVE SHOOTING STARS to Susannah s Saviors Its sweet, sexy, nail biting, and drenched in passion.