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I read this book few years ago when it was still in Soompi I know that there will be a lot of changes in the paperback version I haven t bought mine yet but I know that I ll still love it nonetheless So five gazillion stars to one of the best stories written in the history. 53373729929 HOT STARSOMG the feels are coming back Read this last year and I swear..I swear it is a tear jerker Especially when you watch this after you read it THISGangs Gangs Gangs.So if you love your precious life don t involve yourself with any gang.I love this story so much I love every letter, punctuation and space in this fic It is definitely worth reading.I was a big ball of mess after reading this, that I just want to grab the author and hollered at her to change the ending It left my mouth agaped because of the twists turns in the story Literally, twists and turns I just want to pull my hair out of the frustration this fic is giving me.The love story of Jaewon and May is definitely not just a boy meets girl and they live happily ever after kind It has a lot of ups and downs A lot I think the author s purpose was to torture her readers because one day it s Sangwoo then the other day it s Jaewon It was very unpredictable I never read a fic with such turns and twists.This was an online fic in soompi last 2005 And I read it 2012 It took me all the glory to blame myself, why didnt you read this earlier Yeah right.If you don t like love triangles which is certainly a loathesome situation in every book then read this Read this so you ll loathe love triangles an gangs even Evil laughsMay, I m having a heart attack JaeWon April loves Black Coffee One of the best fanfiction I ve ever read, even better than a lot of books Review to be written later I m having a heart attack 5 STARS AREN T ENOUGH HOW AMAZINGLYBALLS THIS FANFIC TURNED BOOK NOW AND AFFECT MY LIFE 4 YEARS AGO He was my first love However quickly we ended before we even started.Four years ago, I still remember when I read the last part, I m in my room, lying on my bed crying nope sobbing hysterically LITERALLY.I even force some of my friend to read it, just because I m cruel like that I want them to feel my pain , too.Until now, I m brave to say that I m still not over with Yoon Jaewon, he is like my first fictional boyfriend And I want to murder, still, Kwon Sangwoo I can t imagine what life has May right now if she s real, and if this story is REAL Me every time mention Conversations Between Us But where my heart still is, I admit I m not too sure When the sky starts to cry, I become reminiscent and lonely Although I like to think I ve moved on, I can t help but think that I shouldn t have let go, I should ve held on tighter The beginning was so pure and pubescent, virgin and untainted When a person is gone, should you miss him or remember him If you miss him, do you look back at old pictures and cry If you remember him, do you think of the tone of his voice, his laughter Do you think back to the conversations between you and him Truth is, I will always be his April, and he will always be my Black Coffee.Always and forever ever April Black Coffee. I ve read this story a few years back when it was still in soompi it was one of the best stories ever it brought out different emotions in me i definitely fell in love with a gangster while reading this, i laughed, i was angry, happy and i really cried a lot it took me weeks to finally moved on from April and Black Coffee after finishing the story, i felt totally empty inside the kind of feeling you get when you finish a really good book and on top of that, i always wanted to cry that s how good this book is.If only all gangsters are as sweet as Black Coffee, i would definitely want to have one as a boyfriend.Fan made trailer First thing first, congrats Sol for having Conversation Between Us published It s not really a surprise that we can finally read this story in hardcopy because you are truly awesomesauce I read this story few years back and this story is really one of my all time favorites Black Coffee is my most favorite guy in story until today and I doubt if I can really replace him with anyone Maybe Ven or Boe might come closer to that spot, but naa Black Coffee ftw I can still remember going to my cousin s wedding the next day with red, swollen eyes just because I finished reading the story that night until 3 am And it is quite impossible not to cry a river while reading this story April Loves Black Coffee is a phenomenal I still remember how almost everyone of us have it in our siggie back then just to show our endless love to both April and Black Coffee Whoever that haven t read this, it is a MUST read Should have it in your to do bucket list This book not only deserves a five stars, but also all the stars in the sky Really Sol, we re happy to have you back Can t wait to have your next book Could it be about the Checkmate OMG Conversations Between Us My heart is crying with happiness, finally after so many years It is here asdfghjkl This is a very very very good story I swear, I m so incoherent right now Solangel I love you for this and all your stories And YES this is the first time I m going to use a.gif I m that happy I will re read and make a proper review APRIL LOVES BLACK COFFEE FIVE WEEPING STARS This is one of the best stories I ve read but never will I read this again Heartbreaking is an understatement It was just too much I don t think I will ever recover from the pain Every time I hear people say Conversation Between Us , I still sob AND I CAN T EVEN PUT INTO WORDS HOW MUCH I LOATHE KWON SANGWOO.Fudge This still hurts after all these years. First off, I read CBU as it will always be known to me in 2008 And it caught me in such a whirlpool of emotions that I practically bawled my face out upon reading the last chapter And I am not one to usually cry, so that goes to show how utterly BRILLIANT it was I re read it once after that, I think, so the plot stuck with me, and even though I m reviewing for the published version of ALBC, I guess it s inevitable that I d start comparing it with the older version random note, but I think I still have the ALBC banner in my signature on soomp , though it s been a long while since I ve visited that forum.ANYWAY, moving on with the real review Let s start with the bad points It started off, honestly, a bit awkward the transition from fanfic to novel is obviously a drastic one, and I guess the tone was too construed and formal at the beginning After a while it gets better, but it irked me a little at the beginning, ESPECIALLY since the formal writing seemed to take away May s personality a bit Also, the setting was not clearly stated at the start I mean, I know it s in Seoul, but it wasn t stated explicitly so when there was the sudden mentioning of people speaking the foreign language, aka the American English , it felt quite sudden and out of place The writing was VERY descriptive, and even though I m amazed at how well you manage descriptions since I can t do that for my life, too much flowery descriptions affect the flow of the writing, and I found myself skipping over paragraphs frequently There was a a lot of SHOWING, which is good, but also at the same time a lot of TELLING Does that make sense Basically you SHOWED what was happening, but promptly explained it afterwards, which basically makes the showing at the start irrelevant Also, not much pronouns was used for example, Lina is the one person in my life who has cared for me unconditionally Together, Eunhye and Lina have been my pillars of strength But for the first time since we were young, Lina is showing her vulnerable side After stating the name Lina for the first time in the paragraph, her name could simply replaced with the pronoun She , which would have made the writing flow a lot better There were also a few but very minimal missing apostrophes and additional apostrophes OKAY, time for the good points Of course, I must start it off with the amazing prologue Where my heart still is, I admit I am not too sure When the sky starts to cry, I become reminiscent and lonely.Although I would like to think I ve moved on, I can t help but think that I shouldn t have let go, I should ve held on tight.The beginning was so pure and untainted.When a person is gone, should you miserably miss him or regrettably remember him If you miss him, do you look back at the old pictures and cry If you remember him, do you recall the tone of his voice the rise and fall of his laughter Do you think back to the conversations between you and him Conversations between us It was what appealed to me when I first stumbled upon it or rather, I couldn t help but see it considering that the entire soomp community was raving over it, and with good reason The starting, as I said earlier, started off awkwardly, but it became better towards the middle Spyder but I will always know him as Feet was as usual detestable and annoying, Lina brilliant yet somewhat unhelpful, Bryan the annoying puppy nobody could get rid of, and then there s May May, who showed so much growth, from being a typical Korean drama protagonist to someone who manages to stand up for herself The frequent appearance of her conscience and intuition confused me for a while, but I guess it makes sense because of well, reasons And despite all that she s been through and what current events had put her through , it s amazing that she still manages to get on with her life well, somewhat, until someone goes ruining it for her again And then there s Choi Sang Woo, the guy we all love to hate because I never really liked him The plot is so much complex here, and so is he, it seems He and his deception, he and his manipulative ways, they hint at so much to come P.S I missed the cafe scene at the start AND THEN THERE S JAEWON.Even though this quote has yet to make an appearance in this book I m assuming it ll come out in the next , I have to say it view spoiler I m having a heart attack hide spoiler ^Read Kindle ☞ Conversations Between Us ⇶ Conversations Between Us, Previously Known As Conversations Between A Gentleman And A Lady, Is A Fan Fiction Posted On Soompi Forums Written By Solangel Beginning In August And Finishing In June , Conversations Between Us Was Nominated And Won For Fan Fiction Of The Year In On Soompi The Story Is Takes Place In Modern Day Korea Where Gangs Roam The Streets Of Seoul Conversations Between Us Is An Inspiring Story About A Girl Who Gets Caught In Between Two Gang Leaders And Falls In Love Crist Choi Sang Woo And Mayhem Yoon Jae Won Are Rival Gang Leaders Who Both Fall For The Main Character, May When May, Gets Thrown Into Their Game, She Doesn T Know What To Do And Her Life Turns Upside Down The Story Follows Her Relationships With These Two Men Who Have Suddenly Appeared In Her Life And Changed It Forever