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It was interesting but at the same time I would never be able to make these drinks as precisely unless I had the proper equipment. [Read Book] ☢ The Cocktail Lab ⚉ From One Of The World S Leading Authorities On Modernist Mixology Comes This Revolutionary New Approach To Drink Making, With Than Sixty Recipes For Wildly Creative, Genre Bending CocktailsThe Right Cocktail Is Than Just A Drink It S The Perfect Combination Of Scent, Color, Sound, And Taste Utilizing A Broad Spectrum Of Influences Including Gastronomy, Perfumery, Music, Art, And Design Tony Conigliaro Has Established Himself As One Of The Most Innovative And Thought Provoking Mixologists In The World In The Cocktail Lab, Tony Presents His Best And Boldest Creations Drinks Like The Vintage Manhattan, Dirty Martini By The Sea, And Cosmo PopcornThese Recipes Will Not Only Redefine Your Understanding Of What A Cocktail Can Be They Will Also Inspire You To Become A Confident And Creative Drink Maker Great recipes for people who like different cocktail recipes I was expecting molecular gastronomy recipes such as spherification But the recipes sounded great and there are recipes in the back for the cordials and syrups used in the cocktails including raspberry violet syrup, homemade amaretto and home made grenadine Some of the recipes require some advanced equipment like a vacuum machine but many of then just require the ingredient and a cocktail mixer Great book for throwing a cocktail party with friends who are willing to try new and different drinks. The Cocktail Lab is written and tasted by author Tony Conigliaro who is master of the modern cocktail from Great Britain or in his words a guide to liquid flavor.This book is beautifully designed collection of cocktail recipes ranging from simple to the really complex ones prepared by cocktail masters For each cocktail included are how to make instructions, ingredients, an explanation of cocktail s development and year when it had its debut in Congiliaro s Colebrooke Row atelier.Conigliaro, who was art school student before he became cocktail expert, besides making this book very informative designed visually extraordinary book as well You ll find covers made in old school way, still life pictures and sketches made in pastel, all beautifully presented on high quality glossy paper.Nevertheless are you home bar enthusiast wanting to serve their guests a simple cocktail or you are in search for a great gift for someone in love with cocktails, you can t miss with this one it will be both attractive just to look at it and full of information if you want to emerge into cocktail world.Awesome design, full of information, for cocktail lovers and all of those who will become ones while reading it Highly recommended. Tony Conigliaro is one of the few bartenders that has taken the perspective of a chef and utilized it on riffs of classic cocktails He is one of the premiere molecular mixologists in the world, and excels on presentation, execution, and overall experience of the cocktail, none on par, that I have seen besides The Aviary in Chicago As an art major, an encyclopedia of classics, and the interesting stories with the mindfulness of, how do you know where you are going if you don t know where you ve been, alongside studying at El Bulli in Barcelona, one can t even comprehend the genius and creativity of such a true artist The tools of the molecular mixologist are described in great detail along with his perfect aged manhattan with 48 variations of whiskey and vermouth The Cosmopolitan popcorn was intriguing with an error bringing forth its creation much like Champagne A must read for the classics bartender looking to dive into the modern world of a liquid chef.