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Loved it Much better than the movie. Honestly, I wasn t expecting to like this as much as I did, but it was such an enjoyable read This is the story of teenager Ricky Baker, who had been bounced around foster families until he settled in with an aunt and her husband, Uncle Hec Circumstances led to him needing to re enter the social welfare system, but instead of doing that, he decides to go bush with his uncle until he turns fifteen At least that was the planI really enjoyed this very Kiwi coming of age family bonding novel, and also thoroughly enjoyed the adventure aspect of it especially the food descriptions It also gave me a new perspective on tramping you never know who else might be around The ending was a bit of surprise as well, but added another dimension again to what had been Ricky s and thus, mine romanticised version of the experience readharder2017 Task 10 Reads a book that is set within 100 miles of your location. @READ KINDLE Û Wild Pork and Watercress Ë The Urewera Country, In The Eastern Centre Of The North Island, Is The Largest Unbroken Expanse Of Native Bush In New Zealand It Is Into This Harsh Environment Of Precipitate Hills And Impassable Forest That A Young Maori Boy Ricky And His Uncle Hec Flee When The Social Welfare People Threaten Once Again To Put Ricky In A Home Following The Death Of His Beloved Aunt BellaWild Pork And Watercress Is A Rapid Fire Tale Of Raw Adventure As Uncle Hec And Ricky Use All Their Skills To Survive In The Hard Bush World It Is Also The Moving Story Of A Young Misfits Rapid Rise To Maturity When Faced With The Uncompromising Character Of The New Zealand Bush And The Cruel Attempts Of The Authorities To Bring Him And His Uncle Hec To Justice It Uncovers With Rare Skill The Slow Maturing Love And Trust Between Two Loners In A Hard World I read this after loving the Hunt for the Wilderpeople movie which is based on this terrific book.Like any adaptation, the movie is markedly different from the novel the book is not the comedy that the film is at all.Crump was a legend in NZ, and this is the first of his that I ve read and it s full of the author s authentic bushman wisdom, all related through the eyes of Ricky Baker, our 14 year old kid on the run with his gruff Uncle Hec.To some extent, to a city boy like myself who occasionally goes to a nice campsite or walks a well maintained trail this is a bit of a fantasy how good would it be to live off the land, hunting wild pigs and hares, cooking them on the fire and sleeping beneath the stars Crump makes it very clear that it s bl dy hard work, but there is an appeal just the same.The end of the novel is somewhat bittersweet I won t spoil it but it s not the same happy ending as the film and provides a certain grounding after the ever so slightly romanticised escapades of our fugitive duo.Crump serves up some authentic bush tucker probably an Aussie phrase and lets us all dream of giving the system the finger and taking our own lives and destinies into our hands. This is great Right up at the top of my favourite Crump books.Excellently and richly descriptive in the few characters involved, of the Urewera, and bush life in general Great storyline, view spoiler and interesting twist to finish hide spoiler So much not my thing a coming of age, a Young Adult, a boy book, a book about survival in the wilderness and yetand yetI d already seen the movie and, having loved it, was a little disappointed to realise that there were substantial differences, but that disappointment quickly vanished when I realised how good the book is Different, but excellent in another way The characters are so real and Ricky is so engaging, and the author manages to get his voice just right I forgot, than once, that this was fiction I even had to go back and check again because the ending was view spoiler making me so sad hide spoiler An interesting story about the relationship between Uncle Hec and his 13 year old nephew Ricky as they spend two years living in the bush of the Urewera evading authorities who would put Ricky in a social welfare home A realistic story about surviving off the land in harsh conditions and hunting. Wow, what an amazing book that is both the same and different from the movie that I learned of first I went into this book thinking that it was going to be the same as the Taika Waititi masterpiece, but I was pleasantly surprised by the differences between the two The last three chapters are particularly gripping, and the last one is really great.If Barry Crump books were accessible here in the United States I was lucky enough to grab this one on my honeymoon in NZ this past October , I would read each and every one His writing style was both simplistic and layered an easy read as this book was, it was still meaningful and touching. This is such a boy book It s so different than anything I would normally pick up I requested it from the library after seeing the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople which is based on this story The movie gave so much context for the book and I think that improved the reading experience a lot for me The story could not get Kiwi and this is one of the only books set in my country that I ve ever read This is an easy read, a charming and fantastical adventure that keeps you glued to the end. This is a great story, of the relationship between two loners overweight Maori boy Ricky and grizzled old Pakeha Uncle Hec Ricky s been in and out of foster care his whole life and Uncle Hec well, he just doesn t like people The story picks up when these two head into the bush to escape the police who want to put Ricky back into care and the adventures they have trying to survive Like all of Crumpie s books the writing is rough and ready but always engaging, and the development of the relationship between the young, withdrawn boy and the older, weary man is handled exceptionally well and never feels anything less than true.Highly recommended for anyone.Apparently Taika Waititi of Boy fame is set to make it into a movie, which could be interesting The story is simple and strong enough to make a great film, and Taika has proven himself to be a deft character director Worth keeping an eye on, I think