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In honor of having it out here @READ DOWNLOAD ⚢ Allie In Wonderland ì ALLIE IN WONDERLAND By Everett Robert F M Either Extras Approximate Playing Time HourWhat Happens When Alice Forgets How To Dream That S What The Characters In This Refreshing Adaptation Of Lewis Carroll S Timeless Tale Want To Know For One Thing, Wonderland Isn T Quite As Wonderful Any The Sparkle Fades And The Characters Lose Their Luster But Rumor Has It That Thoroughly Modern Alice, Who Prefers The Name, Allie, Is Coming Back There S Hope Yet For Wonderland If Only The Cat Can Convince Her That The Imagination Is Not Only Real But Necessary This Is The Opportunity For Your Actors And Your Audiences To See Alice In A New Light And Follow Her Through The Rabbit Hole Where She Rediscovers The Magic Of Wonderland Along With All Your Favorite Characters From The White Rabbit And The Caterpillar To Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, The Mad Hatter And The March Hair And Wonderland Wouldn T Be Complete Without The Queen Of Hearts With Her Flamingo Croquet Mallets Who Still Threatens To Cut Off Her Head But Allie Has A Weapon Of Her Own A Triple Chocolate Espresso Mocha Latt With Whipped Cream Allie in Wonderland is about a teenage Alice now calling herself Allie The main plot is about the attempts of the characters from Wonderland to get her to once again start dreaming and using her imagination It took just an hour to read this because of its length.I enjoyed it As a side note after I read it, I went on You tube and watched it be performed. We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland But, do we know what happens when Alice grows up What happens to Wonderland Everett Robert tells us in his delightful play Allie in Wonderland The play opens on the Mad Hatter and the Hare getting ready for a tea party The tea setting and their costumes are a bit worse for the wear The Cheshire Cat, invisible as always, prompts them to try a find Alice now called Allie Allie shows up, texting, checking her phone, going online to find friends on social media sites, and completely unaware of Wonderland.Follow the play as the denizens of Wonderland do their best to try to make Allie remember who she was and what Wonderland once was It was a cheerful reminder of the power of imagination and the wonder of being a child.Allie in Wonderland is a short, charming, and enchanting play and one that I truly enjoyed reading I give Everett Robert credit for taking a tale from childhood, giving it a new spin, and telling us all that it is okay to dream.My rating 4.5 stars I received this from the author through the making connections group and I really enjoyed the script I laughed at the hatter and hare the way the audience is included helps keep the entertainment value up as well as the fun banter that goes on.I love how it teaches us that with your imagination and belief in it anything is possible.the starting at the tea party was nice for that is where all the action begins in the book.the caterpillar is a area of confusion I know his role in the books and movies but not quite sure what he is doing here other than that this is very fun and engaging.