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No Place Like Oz Review on K BooksOh My Word There are no words to explain just how amazing this novella is When I first heard of Dorothy Must Die I thought hmm that sounds interesting With me being a massive musicals fan I have, of course, watched The Wizard of Oz a gazillion times and memorised every word So anything to do with Wizard of Oz I instantly was interested in Dorothy Must Die was on my radar of a I want to read eventually at some point When seeing there was a prequel I decided to get it to get a taste of what Dorothy Must Die would be like After reading it is now a I must have this book like seriously RIGHT NOW No Place Like Oz gives us a backstory and a sequel all at the same time Dorothy has returned to Oz after her adventure when she was younger Now 16 years old all she wanted was to get back to Oz and now she s there with her beloved aunt and uncle But as they start to haveanddisagreements Dorothy starts to change and it will impact not only her family but the whole of Oz No Place Like Oz was so much better than I ever expected I love that we get a kind of sequel from the original Wizard of Oz story In a lot of books that have a new take on a already known story it tends to take the viewpoint of retelling the story in a different,magical or supernatural ormodern way One thing I adored about this one is that it doesn t It take The Wizard of Oz having already happened and gives you a What happened next story.I completely expected this to be a very quick short read with it being a novella but I felt like it waslike a full story I have a very love hate relationship with novellas I love getting the back story for books but I feel like there isn t a whole arc of the story because as soon as you get into it and are dying to find out what happens it s over But that s what novellas do That s their job No Place Like Oz islike a whole full length novel It may not be in length but it feels like it as there is everything you want in a novel included in it You have the characterisation, the story arc Everything is there.Get ready to see a whole new side of Dorothy From the original story I always liked Dorothy I hate her now Dorothy has changed from the innocent girl she once was who only wanted to go home She has grown up and I really feltanddislike for her the further I read She is selfish and pretty bitchy right throughout the book She s just awful.I am completely surprised that Dorothy Must Die will be Danielle s first novel as just from this prequel novella you can really feel the talent, passion and love for her writing I was completely drawn in right from the start and I seriously couldn t put it down I am a fan for life now I cannot wait for her work No Place Like Oz was incredible and I don t even see it as a novella to me it s a book It has everything you could possibly want in a book It completely sucked me in and took me on this journey to Oz It made me fall back in love with the characters I loved in The Wizard of Oz as well as introducing me to new ones Ozma I adore her It also makes you rethink everything you ever thought about the characters I am so beyond excited to get my hands on Dorothy Must Die It s going to be absolutely phenomenal and breathtaking if the prequel is anything to go by I went ahead and pre ordered as soon as I finished this If you are curious about Dorothy Must Die then I urge you to go and read this prequel It will make Dorothy Must Die one of your most anticipated books of 2014 I know it is mine March cannot get here fast enough The countdown begins En realidad un 3,75 Muchos dicen que no puedes volver a casa Bueno, tengo la prueba de que eso no es cierto Ahora bien, d nde est ese lugar No siempre est donde uno nace o se cr a, sino all donde echa ra ces Ahora me sent a como en casa Nunca, pasar lo que pasara, volver a a cometer el error de marcharme Hab a dejado mi pasado atr s Como en Oz, en ning n sitio Es una peque a historia introductoria de como Dorothy volvi a Oz Es bastante entretenido y augura una buena historia para el primer libro Deseando leer Dorothy debe morir. #Free Book  No Place Like Oz Ì In This Digital Original Novella, Dorothy Travels Back To Oz To Reunite With Old Friends, But Her Story May Not Have A Happy Ending No Place Like Oz Is A Prequel To The Forthcoming Novel Dorothy Must DieAfter Returning To Kansas, Dorothy Gale Has Realized That The Dreary Fields Of Kansas Don T Compare To The Vibrant Landscapes Of Oz And Although She S Happy To Be Reunited With Aunt Em, She Misses Her Friends From The Yellow Brick Road But Most Of All, Dorothy Misses The Fame And The Adventure In Kansas She S Just Another Prairie Girl, But In Oz She Was A Hero So Dorothy Is Willing To Do Anything To Get Back, Because There Really Is No Place Like Oz But Returning To The Land She Left Comes At A Price, And After Dorothy Is Through With It, Oz Will Never Be The SamePerfect For Fans Of Alex Flinn, Marissa Meyer, And Gregory Maguire, No Place Like Oz Is A Dark Reimagining Of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz By L Frank Baum Building Off Of Its Rich Mythology, Danielle Paige Creates An Edgy, Thrilling Story For Teens That Chronicles The Rise And Fall Of One Of The Literature S Most Beloved Characters This Digital Original Novella Is A Prequel That Sets The Stage For The Forthcoming Novel Dorothy Must Die They say you can t go home again Well, I m proof that s not true Home isn t just where you re born it s where you belong I found my home and I let it go But I came back Now I was home for good, and I would never, ever make the mistake of leaving again The past was gone forever There was no place like hereDorothy There s not a whole lot to review in such a short story but I was seriously shocked at how dark this was haha I freaking love how twisted it is I m a huge fan of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and so getting to read from all these different characters and their point of views is so much fun I m excited to continue on with these novellas So Many Novellas Until Next Time, Emerald BookWorm For everything that s wonderful, there s something wicked, too That s the price you pay for magic It s worth it, I thought Even here, standing at the mouth of a place that radiated the purest evil I d ever felt, I knew it would always be worth it Because without magic, you re just left with Kansas Dorothy it seems, has become something of an unhinged sociopathAs of this review, I ve only seen the film, The Wizard of Oz, and haven t read any of Baum s original series That being said, I m familiar enough with the story and am always up for a dark take on the classics I always thought there was something shady about Glinda Maybe not Dorothy, but Glinda is suspiciously calculating to be the supposed good witch Dorothy Must Die seems to recognize that as well, and runs with it.I was hesitant about reading the prequel novellas first, because in my experience, young adult writers don t know how to execute a prequel in a way that doesn t cause reference vertigo It s almost always and very annoyingly I might add, necessary to read the first book to know what the actual hell is going on, and I like that the prequels to this series are both large and developed enough to not need that context These are full length novellas, too, rather than a series of disconnected short stories, and that definitely helps No Place Like Oz has good writing and is fun It s edgy, vicious and strange And Dorothy, oh, Dorothy is horrible She s like Veruca Salt with magic abilities It s great This also reminded me of A.G Howard s Splintered in its style, which I am a massive fan of, so that s a plus Don t know how far I ll continue this series, but I would like to see up to why Dorothy s gotta die, at least More books and reviews here on my blog. Initially gave this 3 stars.I know which side I m on now though.Original review Damn it, I didn t want to actually UNDERSTAND where Dorothy was coming from and why she is the way she is This story definitely humanizes her a lotand it changed my thinking towards Glinda and Ozma But now I don t know whose side to be on Argh. WOW La precuela de Dorothy debe morir ha estado genial Sin duda, me ha encantado volver a Oz y saber lo que pasa para que Dorothy deje de ser la buena de la historia Sin duda me ha sorprendido much simo Eso s , recomiendo much simo haber le do El mago de Oz antes de adentrarte en esta aventura, hay muchas referencias en esta precuela, as que no me imagino la cantidad de referencias que puede haber en el primer libro Estoy deseando tenerlo en mis manos y seguir con la historia. Creo que es un error leer este antes que el primero, porque yo lo estoy haciendo en el orden que corresponde y tengo la sensaci n de que este me hubiese aclarado muchas m s cosas si hubiese le do antes el otro. I devoured this There was something about wanting to see how Dorothy rises to her vengeance that I just needed to see through to the end How she rises to power, the insanity of who s at fault and how the world is going to be flipped turned upside down has me beyond excited for when Dorothy Must Die releases Since Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite books and films, I found myself really in love with how Paige portrays Dorothy and how she grows into her madness It was SO perfectly fitting that I found myself nodding along with the story.Seriously, can it be time for Dorothy Must Die to release yet I must have it, like, right now. I really liked this prequel because of the way Dorothy was portrayed as a narrator instead of making her a mindless villain, Danielle Paige depicted her transition away from innocence and how greed overtook her and I thought it was such a captivating journey.Oh, and lots of foreshadowing for Dorothy Must Die If I had all that, I would never let myself lose sight of how lucky I was Not for a moment.