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Great dragon series Solina can t be stopped Even after two battles, she still has not had her revenge against Requiem and King Elethor She starts the process to release an ancient evil among the land, even though all who hear of her plans KNOW that it s a terrible idea But she doesn t care because she really is no longer a queen of Tiranor, but is using anything she can to attain her goal of defeating the Vir Requis It s a wonder the Tiran are still following her wishes and accepting her as queen.There s not much the Vir Requis can do in preparation Except that once again, they go make an appeal to their allies And this time they are met without hesitation All nations know that this ancient evil that are the Nephilim are not simply being awaken to defeat Requiem, but will come after all It s so sad that it took near annihilation of Requiem for their allies to finally realize that Solina would not stop at just conquering Requiem I do wonder though, where at the Crescent Isles people in all this I loved their story in book 1 of this trilogy, but they have not resurfaced again, even when the world was near extinction.Now we get to a big battle, and I was shocked at first because it seemed like it was the battle of the ages and it was all over within a chapterumm, so much build up for this Thankfully it wasn t the end All nations divide themselves to hit Solina in numerous areas, but that s about all we hear of it The story mainly shifts to King Elethor and his storyline Which is fine, but there was a lotpotential I think the ending happened a little too quickly, but I am also glad that the author ended the trilogy with the happy note of what happened to everyone after. Fantastic just like the other two Crazy ending Loved it I enjoyed this series, although I did find the plot to be predictable All three books were an easy read The characters were engaging, but perhaps a bit underdeveloped I have read and enjoyed other books by Mr Arenson, so I will continue reading the Requiem stories. Pretty good finishOkay, so I will repent from my book one review which said that the series was a little immature to me due to it s predictability I still feel like I knew how it would end to a point, but I did become somewhat attached to the characters and the world in which they live The ending was a bit typical of the genre and in some cases a little too neat and tidy however, it was satisfactory in the main It would be interesting to hearof the rest of this world Unsure if I will delve any further in this realm, but it is not a bad world to visit. Wow, this series went downhill in a hurry It started off ok, if a little cliched The second book was basically just a rehash of the first, but it worked The third bookugh Just awful The author seemed to have no idea where it was going, the characters and motivations and even key plot points all seem to be lifted from second rate movie scripts, and the ending is so painfully bad it s enough to make you angry you started the book in the first place Also, a side note to the author, just a little FYI It turns out there are other ways for a female character to be motivated to action beyond simply being raped, beaten, or both. Glad to have finished the series, however a bit too violent for my liking One word.Gruesome But it was a good ending to the trilogy ive read all of the song of dragons,dragon lore and the two newer ones and there all 5 stars for me `DOWNLOAD EPUB ↚ A Night of Dragon Wings (Dragonlore, #3) ⇝ Dragonlore, The Bestselling Fantasy Series Beginning With A Dawn Of Dragonfire, Concludes With A Tale Of Blood, Steel, And Flame BOOK THREE A NIGHT OF DRAGON WINGS Requiem Burns Her Marble Columns Lie Shattered Queen Solina S Army Sweeps Across The Land, Searching To Kill Every Last Dragon Among The Ruins, Requiem S Dragons Plan A Desperate Attack To Survive, They Must Strike Solina At The Heart Of Her Desert Empire Yet As Requiem Rallies, Solina Raises Her Cruelest Champions Yet The Nephilim, The Spawn Of Demons And Their Mortal Brides, Have Languished Underground For Epochs Giants Of Rotted Flesh, Razor Fangs, And Clawed Wings, They Crave To Crush The World That Imprisoned Them When Queen Solina Frees This Unholy Legion, The Nephilim Marshal Under Her Banners And Swarm Into Requiem