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Very enjoyable fantasy, nicely written, with terrific magic system and a fun murder plot I found the romance a bit undercooked, with a lot depending on the old communication failure thing, but this was a pleasure to read in general The price point is a bit steep for the market, mind. (((E-pub))) ↠ Death by Silver ☛ His Practice Newly Established, Metaphysician Ned Mathey Can T Afford To Turn Away Any Clients But The Latest Londoner To Seek Ned S Magical Aid Gives Him Pause Mr Edgar Nevett, An Arrogant Banker, Is The Father Of The Bully Who Made Ned S Life Hell At Boarding School Nevertheless, Ned Accepts The Commission To Ensure The Nevett Family Silver Bears No Ancient Or Modern Curses, And Then Prepares To Banish The Nevett Family To Unpleasant Memory Again Until Edgar Nevett Is Killed By An Enchanted Silver Candlestick One Of The Pieces Ned Declared Magically HarmlessCalling On His Old School Friend Julian Lynes Private Detective And Another Victim Of The Younger Nevett Ned Races To Solve The Murder, Clear The Stain On His Professional Reputation, And Lay To Rest The Ghosts Of His PastAssisted By Ned S Able Secretary Miss Frost, Who Has Unexpected Metaphysical Skills Of Her Own, Ned And Julian Explore London S Criminal Underworld And Sodomitical Demimonde, Uncover Secrets And Scandals, Confront The Unexpected Murderer And The Mysteries Of Their Own RelationshipIn Death By Silver Veteran Authors Melissa Scott And Amy Griswold Introduce A Victorian London Where Magic Works, Influencing Every Aspect Of Civilized Life, And Two Very Appealing Detectives I just finished this book and rushed to write a review I loved it the storytelling was tight, the murder mystery compelling, and the characters so endearing I can t wait to revisit them in the next book I could go into detail, but I ll just say that if you like Whyborne Griffin or KJ Charles s Magpie Lord series, you are going to adore this book. I really enjoyed this sort of historical sort of alternative world mystery story Death by Silver is set in a world where Metaphysics magical arts is part of every day living Ned runs his own practice and helps people find solutions to their magical problems He is consulted by the father of the guy who made his life hell in school and later on when the father is found dead he is consulted by the police to help solve the crime He seeks help from his best friend and private investigator Julian Julian and Ned have been friends since they were in school and together went thru many horrible things at school They also have a sort of fwb relationship going.Both the mystery and romance aspects of this book will keep you reading thru the end The mystery unfolds nicely with little clues set up throughout the story The romance also develops at a nice pace Ned and Julian are fwb but their arrangement is never discussed by either Julian, comfortable with his homosexuality, wants much but isn t sure Ned is willing to give him that Ned, a bit less at ease, also would like but isn t sure Julian thinks Ned is good enough for him The setting is set in Victorian times which just provides a sort of restrained propriety that gives this slow build romance a nice background. Ned Mathey, a metaphysician, needs every client he can get, so he can t refuse checking whether silver in Mr Edgar Nevett s house is cursed The man is the father of Victor Nevett, a boy who bullied Ned at school Edgar Nevett is soon murdered by a cursed silver candlestick Ned gets help from Julian Lynes, a private detective and an old friend Both have to deal with their unpleasant memories of their school days.Judging by the cover and the blurb, you would expect this to be lighter than it is Ned s and Julian s memories of the past abuse at school some of them shared are painful to read even though they aren t as detailed as most books that deal with the same problem The lack of detail is even worse since you are left imagining the worst It is not surprising then that neither Ned nor Julian can deal with the case easily.This is a romance only in a broadest sense of the word Julian and Ned love each other They don t talk about their relationship, so it isn t surprising there are some wrong conclusions Since the focus isn t on the romance and even if I wish they talked sooner, the story never dragged If you expected sex, you would be disappointed There is only before and after.As for the murder mystery itself, in a world where you can buy any kind of enchantment, where the educated as well as the uneducated can use sigils and magic to do whatever they need, there is a lot of room for criminal creativity Further, Ned and Julian face so many unlikeable characters that any of them could be the murderer Even if I did guess right somewhere around the middle, it is a good story One of the things I liked about this book the most is how the whole systems are presented through conversations, memories and characters thoughts and dreams without being boring You see the worst of the school system with its bullying prefects and indifferent school management through Ned s and Julian s memories and dreams and conversations I think only one person actually working or teaching at that horrible school made an appearance and that only to check why there was silence during a meal.You see the attitude toward the poor in general through various comments throughout the book.You see the attitude towards women through Ned s assistant, Miss Frost He is actually teased for hiring her instead of a male clerk, among other things None of those people know how smart she is.The whole book has a reserved tone There is no passionate encounters, but somehow it works very well here You can pay attention to the actual investigation while waiting for those precious moments between Ned and Julian Death by Silver is a stand alone I wouldn t mind seeing these two solving another crime unless the authors introduce the usual, unnecessary relationship drama. Solid writing a few typos don t count An excellent historical with a dash of magic Non romantic relationship not for the lack of interest on both MCs part , mystery suspense and scenes of past abuse dominate this story.The two MCs wizard detectives do get together closer to the end, but as far as I recall all sex scenes fade into black.5 stars for a great historical fantasy mystery suspense D Well, this was really good A classic detective novel, with a proper mystery Magic as an everyday occurrence, and a sweet romance..Mainly the romance takes a back seat to the detection, and that worked really well There was miscommunication and misunderstanding from both of the MC s but it was in keeping with the time not that I would actually know that The flash backs added real depth and understanding of the characters.Small marks deducted for usaism s sidewalk etc in a book set in Britain but I m picking at things here.Well written and intelligent. This is very much a if Agatha Christie wrote magic story In other words this is everything I always wanted To make me even happier, the magic isn t just some unoriginal wave a wand and say the magic word to make a thing happen Even though this magic requires wands and words, it does so in a very different way than one is used to from Ye Olde Fantasy Novel Since the story was basically a whodunit I did guess the culprit roughly 2 3 through and I don t think you need to be terribly knowledgeable about the genre to do this because it is quite obvious But I didn t really mind honestly, I often prefer mysteries where I guess the bad guy in advance over those who jump through dozens of hoops to come up with an incredibly obscure and generally idiotic solution The characters are incredibly charming and I loved their interactions The romance, however, was very low key and the problems boiled down mostly to lack of communication and mostly kept to the background You will probably not enjoy this much if you don t care for mysteries since this is basically a fantasy mystery with a dash of romance just in case some clever person feels the need to point out that Christie didn t write Victorian settings true But the plot Family patriarch is murdered Everybody had reason to hate him and everybody is keeping something from the detectives but it turns out everybody also has murder unrelated secrets is very much Christie Golden Age and not so much like the typical Victorian mysteries. I tried reading this some years ago and got bored and stopped I tried again this week, and was able to keep going Not sure why it didn t work last time Maybe it was my frame of mind, or admittedly, the somewhat sedate narrator on the audio version.It was an interesting, albeit not very super thrilling mystery I haven t read these authors before maybe they don t do thrilling There were two scenes on the thrilling meter The MCs are sympathetic and although you wan to smack them around for not being upfront with each other, are both likeable I m looking forward to checking out the follow up. The magic system is casually magnificent I like the methodical way they solve the mystery but it is slow paced at times And so many telegrams