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Classic BDSM fiction This book is a wonderful, clever, nuanced piece of writing, in addition to it s raw power as a spanking story It originally inspired me to write in the genre, back in the early 1990s and I m still shooting for this level of excellence all these years laterchokengtitiktitikchokeng please ignore the horrid cover given it by the publisher The book is far classier and elegant than a pic like that would lead one to believe. Josephine Morrow is initiated into the SM world It s well written if bordering on the realms of fantasy at times And by that I mean the unbelievable things that happen Some of the scenes were a little hardcore but I m quite happy to continue reading the trilogy. An intriguing start to the story that kept the interest but then it developed into a very repetitive sado masochistic tale that got quite boring instead of being erotic fiction .Read Book ☩ The Domino Tattoo (Nexus Classic) ♶ Estwych A Place Only The Initiated Can Enter A Place Where One Must Face One S Deepest Fears And Most Secret Desires A Place Where Those Without The Domino Tattoo Find They Are Everyone S Slave And Nobody S LoverInto This World Comes Josephine Morrow, A Young Woman Beset With A Strange Restlessness At Estwych She Finds A Cruelty And A Gentleness She Has Never KnownA Cruelty That Will Test Her Body To Its Limits And A Gentleness That Will Set Her Heart Free An Experience Granted Only To Those With The Domino Tattoo This Is The First Book In The Legendary Domino Trilogy