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l loved the people of Sweetgrass Springs This is a delightfully, light hearted read I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book The narrator was excellent The story line was great, and the characters are awesome, hero and heroine, along with the secondary ones as well Happy reading @Free Kindle ⚫ Texas Roots: The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs ó When Scandal And An Ambitious Prosecutor Wreck Scarlett Ross S Life And She Learns Of A Grandmother She Never Knew She Had, She Flees The Notoriety To Pay An Anonymous Visit To Sweetgrass Springs, Texas, A Town Kept Alive Only By Her Grandmother S Determination And Carried On The Strong Shoulders Of Sexy Rancher Ian McLaren There She Is Surprised To Discover A Yearning To Sink Roots Deep In The Texas Hill Country But She Is Terrified That The Secrets She S Hiding Will Endanger Everyone She S Come To Love I loved this series, so far, of the Gallagher s stories the characters were so rich and so real and the emotions were so weaved into the story that I was truly drawn in and didn t want the book to end These are the kind of stories that, when you choose the final page, you just sigh like at the ending of a really good movie I can t wait for the third book to come out I also loved how the characters from the first book fed right into the second and their stories continued. Free 11 20 15 Contemp Romance I love a good story set in the Texas Hill Country. Texas Roots offers everything but the kitchen sink Brashear has crafted a ghostly tale of love lost and hopes revisited Scarlett and Ian are a bit players in a tale as intriguing as the shadows that haunt the legendary fabled spring that serves as a backdrop for this small town Scarlett is on the run from demons in her past Her getaway provides her the chance to get answers to some long overdue questions about herself and the family she never knew existed Ian is her chance at salvation He rescues her from a life full of loneliness and she shows him the meaning of true love With the forces determined to tear them apart, can they break the curse of the woman with a broken heart and find their own chance at forever As always Brashear and Dove make a great team when it comes to captivating romance. When I chose this book from my kindle queue, I wasn t sure what to expect It looked like home sweet home crossed with a Nora Robert s authored dream I wasn t disappointed From the wistful dream of the Gallagher matriarch, the new family found, and the touch of sleazy, grease ball organized criminals tossed in for added adventure But the grandest adventure to be found in this gem of a book is the love story between lost girl found, Scarlett, and sexier than sin rancher, Ian When Scarlett runs to Sweetwater to find the grandmother she never knew existed, she foundthan she bargained for when she left the lights and troubles of New York in the rearview mirror Ian is not looking to find love but when he finds a crazy woman asleep in her car, he dusts off his Texas roots to help her change a flat tire He never thought that a simple breakfast invitation to a tired and weary woman would lead to him finding the love of his life It was a bit irritating when Scarlett couldn t make up her mind if she was going to stay or move on It is easy to say that if I were in her position, it would be an easy choice to make despite what may come in the near future I found myself laughing at the antics of her grandmother, Ruby, and her septuagenarian booty call I bet she was a blast to write After all is said and done, I would read this story again, even if it meant that I would be slicing up my lonely romantic heart into tiny bite sized pieces The layered love stories made it just the right amount of sweet and the sex scenes were the needed spice that made this a great read Brava A little TOO small town for me I really wasn t able to get interested in this DNF Texas Roots February 2013 introduces another Gallagher series The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs, Texas, are cousins to the Gallaghers of Morning Star When chef Scarlett Ross, a descendant of Sweetwater Springs founder Josiah Gallagher, leaves her suddenly messy and dangerous life in New York behind, she finds a history, a family, and a place she never knew where her roots run deep She also finds a hero in hunky rancher Ian McLaren if only she can ler her heart trust him Based on Texas Roots and the legend of Sweetgrass Springs, I think the new Gallagher series is going to offer the same heart twisting complications and sigh worthy romances as the first.See review of all Brashear s Texas Heroes at Just Janga