~EBOOK ☪ The Knight & the Dragon (Trilogy of Knights, #1) ♍ PDF or E-pub free

~EBOOK ☫ The Knight & the Dragon (Trilogy of Knights, #1) ☺ A Worn Out Knight Goes Off To Kill A Dragon, Secretly Hoping It Will Kill Him And Put An End To The Life He Has Come To Hate But When He Finds The Dragon, Nothing Goes At All The Way He ExpectedNB This Is An Old, Old Set Of Stories I Wrote Forever Ago I Was Content To Leave It Gathering Dust In My Stories Folder, But I Kept Getting Emails Asking About It And So Put It Up Here Just For Kicks I Think Someday When I Have Nothing Better To Do, I D Like To Rewrite These I Really Did Have Fun Writing ThemWords , Complete Wish was longer. A little, small, kind of fairy talish story a typical Megan Derr.As always a light enjoyment for in between longer books, concealing some very melancholic moments and deep thoughts underneath the seemingly airy flow and lighthearted feeling of her stories.The next two parts in this series are definitely worth your while as well if you enjoyed this first one Awwwww This was exactly the type of short story I needed to put a smile on my face. 3,5 Romance, fantasy, magic, and action It was a little bit of those four, and had a very fast pace to make the story short, which therefore, resulted in lacking of everything.The sample of that was that the dragon and the knight had the chemistry , but the romance didn t happen until the ending.It s not that satisfying, but it was a good short read I think that it was an interesting story, and has definitely a good plot to make a real book I hope it will be one in the future.