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I was trying to find a way to lose some weight and I was really having a hard time finding a diet I could stick with Well I have found it So when I ordered this book I started on chapter 2 because I wanted to start the diet right away I then proceeded to read chapter 3 about the feast day But then I went back to chapter 1 and found it to be very interesting all the research and results they have seen So I really do recommend reading the entire book as it s very good I am going to try a couple of recipes in the book this week So about how I m doing on the every other day diet So at the beginning of August 2016 I weighted 159 lbs and today Sept 6,2016 I m at 146 lbs even went on a week long vacation and still stuck with this diet very easily So I am very pleased And I find this diet so easy as I know on diet day I only have to hold out till tomorrow to eat what every I want I have notice that I m not as hungry as I was before and I have cut out all snacking between meals which was a huge problem for me I am truly going to stay on this diet for the long term as in chapter 7 it goes into how to maintain your weight once you take it off UPDATE It s now Dec 3, 2017 and I am at 131 lb still been doing great on this diet.UPDATE 2 it s March 5th 2017 and I m now 122 still doing good and soon will reach my goal and go to the maintain phase.UPDATE ABOUT WHAT I EAT ON DIET DAY April 17th,2017 So I have found the suggestion in the book of eating a 400 calorie meal and then a 100 calorie snack which I tried to do when starting this diet did not work for me I really do enjoy eating the actual act of eating So what I have been doing is breaking it down into smaller meals I do skip breakfast as she suggests and I don t eat anything until I m actually hungry I have water and low calorie 5 cal per 8oz or less drinks only, as it is true sometimes I was dehydrated not actually hungry That is one thing this diet has given me a true sense of when I m actually hungry as before I would eat out of routine and boredom So when I do feel hungry usually this is somewhere between 11am and 3pm depending how busy I am If I am really focused on something it tends to keep my mind of eating Then I will either have low or no sugar oatmeal 100 to 120 cal per packet with a 1 4 of a cup of blue berries 21 calories or 1 cup of cereal special K with red berries with 1 4 cup of milk 148 calories Then this will hold me over for 3 to 4 hours Then I sometimes will just eat a old Wisconsin turkey sausage snack stick 45 cal with 4g of protein then between 4pm and 7pm I have my dinner which is either a can of lite soup I choose ones that our between 70 to 110 per serving and the can is 2 servings so eating the entire can is 140 to 220 calories these soups can be a hit or a miss taste wise so try a lot of different ones and find the ones you like or I eat 2 packets of oatmeal with 1 4 cup blueberries 221 calories or a michelina s frozen entree my favorite is Lasagna with meat sauce 240 cal So my total calorie count for the day is now between 306 to 433 calories depending on the foods I choose that day I then add about 5 to 15 calories for my low calorie drinks which brings me to 311 to 448 calories Now depending on my calorie count I will add another snack around 7pm or 8pm either another turkey sausage stick 45cal or a weight watchers ice cream bar 90 cal yes I eat ice cream on my diet day YAY or a no sugar added frozen fruit bar 35 cal So doing my diet day with my food spread out I don t feel starved and I continue to tell myself if I get hungry for something that has too many calories on diet day You can have that tomorrow.