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Rating 3 of fiveI felt generous The 1974 film, which is what I m rating, isor less a 2 star experience Oh me oh myan AMC Hornet, an AMC Matador, Simon Templar.I mean Roger Moore wearing loser suitsI mean leisure suits and the most horrendously offensive Southern stereotype sheriff in the history of moviemaking adds up to some seriously noxious stuff Then there s the damnfool idiot chop socky pandering, and the concomitant Oriental stereotypesugh.Maud Adams is GORGEOUS She s just luminous in or out of her clothes Tattoo from Fantasy Island is the houseboy to the baddie, resulting in a regrettable lack of hunky blond henchrats for me to ogle Britt Ekland, Peter Sellers ex, plays the stupidest secret agent imaginable, who manages to get herself locked in the trunk of the baddies FLYING AMC MATADOR oh dear goddesses please keep my dinner down with the macguffin in her handbag which she hasn t had the common sense to dropwell, it s ridiculous even for a Bond movie.The ending isit sepic Titanic So awful, so ridiculous, so completelyIwords do not exist yet for the sensation of revolted, horrified, amused, aesthetically affrontedwell The title tune is sung by Lulu I do not know why they chose this singer or this tune It s just awful Hideous I didn t lke 1974 the first time around, and I don t like it any better this time Oh waitBond s Bangkok hotel room was way cool, turquoise shantung walls and marvelous decorative accessories and wonderful closetsyou see where my mind was The story which doesn t resemble the novel too terrible much sure as hell wasn t doin it. Ian Fleming s James Bond series has been up to now written with a Clint Eastwood terseness of expression interspersed often with existential emo angst Although the thirteenth novel, The Man with the Golden Gun , published under Fleming s name is posthumous, it is based on a draft manuscript found after Fleming s death Honestly, I couldn t tell the difference between this novel s style of writing and the previous books in the James Bond series.James Bond is trying to establish his identity at the beginning of his new adventure in this novel In the previous book, Bond ended his assignment with no one, including the Secret Service, aware of what happened to him After some shocking loose ends are cleared up from the previous case, Bond is given a new assignment A criminal mobster who often works as an assassin for hire has been responsible for the death of agents 267 British Guiana , 398 Trinidad , 943 Jamaica , and 768 and 742 Havana Francisco Pistols Scaramanga, the assassin, also has demonstrated a wide streak of sadism in wounding 098 by bullets in both knees Scaramanga has a unique identifying mark a third nipple Bond is assigned to kill him.The flight to Jamaica is uneventful However, his visit to a local brothel, 3 1 2 Love Lane, turns out to be explosive inways than one Almost none of the Bond novels are much like the movies, and this one is no exception The only thing the books and the movies share is a lot of thrilling excitement and drama But there is no cartoon fun in the novels only deadly dangers. Just an okay Bond book Shorter so a quick read.This book is late in the Ian Fleming Bond timeline, so this Bond shows a bit of age, some wear and tear, and is not quite as invincible as you would expect.Also, if you are familiar with this title because of the movie this book is very different from the movie It makes me wonder because by the point this book was released, they were already making the movies You would have thought that they might at least have tried to make them close to the book like the early movies were But, that is okay The Man With the Golden Gun is one of my favorite Bond movies. James Bond knew that he was not only disobeying orders, or at best dodging them, but also being a bloody fool.I feel like the spark has gone out of this series Ever since view spoiler Tracy was murdered at the end of On Her Majesty s Secret Service hide spoiler [ Download Book ] ♖ The Man with the Golden Gun ☤ A Brainwashed James Bond Has Tried And Failed To Assassinate M, His Boss Now Bond Has To Prove He Is Back On Form And Can Be Trusted Again AllHas To Do Is Kill One Of The Most Deadly Freelance Hit Men In The World Paco Pistols Scaramanga, The Man With The Golden Gun But Despite His License To Kill,Is No Assassin, And On Finding Scaramanga In The Sultry Heat Of Jamaica, He Decides To Infiltrate The Killer S Criminal Cooperative And Realizes That He Will Have To Take Him Out As Swiftly As Possible OtherwiseMight Just Be The Next On A Long List Of British Secret Service Numbers Retired By The Man With The Golden Gun A close cousin of the adventure story is the western This concept comes across strong in this last Bond novel completed during Fleming s lifetime It was published eight months after his death in 1965.Ian Fleming was a long time heavy drinker and smoker and these two poisons combined and contributed to his early demise The creator of James Bond and the author of thirteen Bond books, Fleming died at age 56 in 1964 His last recorded words were an apology to the ambulance drivers for having inconvenienced them, saying I am sorry to trouble you chaps I don t know how you get along so fast with the traffic on the roads these days In The Man with the Golden Gun, Bond is sent to confront a celebrated gun man and killer in Central and South America Change the facts in this story just a little and this could have been set in 1870 and in the American west Bond s CIA friend Felix Leiter laments that romantics killed a criminal and then made him a hero Historians can note the legends of Billy the Kid and Jesse James Fleming s 1950 60s gunman is Francisco Scaramanga as scary a villain as any he s written in the past.Told with Fleming s inimitable wit and charm, and with an adventurer s style, this is maybe not one of the better Bond stories, but still very good in it s own right. M s voice was gruff 007 was a sick man Not responsible for his actions If one can brainwash a man, presumably one can un brainwash him If anyone can, Sir James can Put him back on half pay for the time being, in his old Section And see he gets full back pay and allowances for the past year If the K.G.B has the nerve to throw one of my best men at me, I have the nerve to throw him back at them 007 was a good agent once There s no reason why he shouldn t be a good agent again Within limits, that is After lunch, give me the file on Scaramanga If we can get him fit again, that s the right sized target for 007 The Chief of Staff protested, But that s suicide, sir Even 007 could never take him M said coldly, What would 007 get for this morning s bit of work Twenty years As a minimum, I d say Better for him to fall on the battlefield If he brings it off, he ll have won his spurs back again and we can all forget the past Anyway, that s my decision There was a knock on the door and the duty Medical Officer came into the room M bade him good afternoon and turned stiffly on his heel and walked out through the open door The Chief of Staff looked at the retreating back He said, under his breath, You cold hearted bastard Then, with his usual minute thoroughness and sense of duty, he set about the tasks he had been given His not to reason why It is with a little bit of sadness as well as a little bit of relief that I am jotting down my notes on The Man with the Golden Gun, the last novel in the original Bond series.The sadness is most definitely a result of reading the series with an awesome buddy, who never lost his patience when I needed to rant about the stupidity of the main character or of the author or both, and who is one of these awesome fans of the franchise that impart additional information about Fleming and the books, who was at least seemed happy enough to just geek out on some of the aspects of the stories, and without whom I would not have continued the series.The relief is largely caused by the fact that, on the whole, the books are not great, and in some cases are just pure terrible and made me wish for brain bleach Of the 13 novels and 2 short story collections, I would only recommend two of the novels Diamonds are Forever and Dr No in addition to the short stories to unsuspecting novice Bond readers Although, saying that, I recommended Dr No to a colleague and he DNF d itbecause the racism was too much I m glad he didn t try Live and Let Die Anyway, what about The Man With the Golden Gun Well, the book Scaramanga is no Christopher Lee and there is no Nick Nack at all , but let s start at the beginning The Man with the Golden Gun was the last book written by Fleming and it appears that his writing process was to jot down the major plot, some random ideas and topics he may want to pick up on or not, depending on how he felt during the next rounds of edits During subsequent revisions, he would perhaps also add the descriptions of characters and their natural surrounding which are always highlights of the Bond reading experience.Unfortunately, Fleming died after he finished his first draft, and before he could add edits I am not sure to what extent his publisher edited Fleming s text there is one sentence about an em dash which made me think an editor inserted it as a joke , but the book reads really disjointed Well, like a rough draft.Other parts read like Fleming uncutDistinguishing marks a third nipple about two inches below his left breast N.B in Voodoo and allied local cults this is considered a sign of invulnerability and great sexual prowess Is an insatiable but indiscriminate womanizer who invariably has sexual intercourse shortly before a killing in the belief that it improves his eye N.B a belief shared by many professional lawn tennis players, golfers, gun and rifle marksmen and others This leaves us with a story of different parts I believe there is a distinct difference between the first part in which Bond returns to London after being MIA This part includes a quite thoughtful discussion of the Cold War, and especially of espionage during the timeWell, if you found these people so reasonable and charming, why didn t you stay there Others have Burgess is dead, but you could have chummed up with Maclean We thought itimportant that I should come back and fight for peace here, sir You and your agents have taught me certain skills for use in the underground war It was explained to me how these skills could be used in the cause of peace Fleming knew the Cambridge Spies, or at least he was friends at school with Kim Philby, but it is a reasonable assumption to say the Cambrigde Spies scandal was on his mind, considering he even put Bond in a situation where he, too, could be a double agent.And maybe it is this turn where Fleming chose to show M s true character see opening quote , which by the way was so well played by Dame Judi Dench that I now cannot see anyone else in the role of M.So, shorty after his return, Bond is sent to investigate the villain of the piece Francisco Scaramanga Unlike the suave, intelligent villain portrayed in the film, the book Scaramanga is a modern day version of a Wild West gun slinger And this is where the book quickly loses its original promise and descends into the Western genre, complete with the following scene The Rasta quickly pushed up the lever and the speed of the train gathered back to 20 mchokengtitiktitikchokengh He shrugged He glanced at Bond He licked his lips wetly Dere s white trash across de line Guess mebbe it s some frien of de boss Bond strained his eyes Yes It was a naked pink body with golden blonde hair A girl s body Scaramanga s voice boomed against the wind Folks Jes a little surprise for you all Something from the good old Western movies There s a girl on the line ahead Tied across it Take a look.Yes, you read that right.So, why did I still enjoy the book My main reason is that this last work of Fleming is so incredulously craptastic that I could not take it seriously It is such a spoof Western that it was quite fun to try and predict which cliches Fleming was going to throw in there And for this alone, I liked it She went towards him like the Queen Mother opening a bazaar, her hand outstretched But other than this, the book suffered from the same problems as any other Bond novel The portrayal of women, Jamaicans, well, anyone who is not white, straight, male, and British or American is just plain awful Now it may only be myth, and it is certainly not medical science, but there is a popular theory that a man who cannot whistle has homosexual tendencies At this point, the reader may care to experiment and, from his self knowledge, help to prove or disprove this item of folklore C C M hadn t whistled since he was a boy Unconsciously his mouth pursed and a clear note was emitted He uttered an impatient tchah and continued with his reading But since I cannot take this book serious AT ALL, I am going to say that the main problem with The Man with the Golden Gun is that it lacks a certain Nick Nack.What can I say, I m glad I ve read them, and I have had fun with the quotes, but I look forward to kicking Bond into touch. The past could be forgiven, but not forgotten except with the passage of time Ian Fleming, The Man with the Golden GunI can t really call this an unfinished novel It was finished, just not by Ian Fleming He wrote the first draft and died So, this obviously is the last James Bond novel I m not enough of a Ian Fleming fan to recognize how where if the lack of Ian Fleming made a huge difference to the drafting I think the end of the novel, with Jones refusing certain honors, may not have found their way into the final novel if Ian Fleming were in control through the whole process It seemed too final, too sentimental This novel returns Bond to active duty after losing his memory in the last novel It also sends Bond back to Jamaica It was good Bond, just not great bond Seemed like a comfortable Ian Fleming wrting from a confident spot The shootout was a bit of a disappointment, but Scaramanga s last few moments were spectacular. English author Ian Fleming had a very systematic and orderly routine that he employed in the creation of his 14 James Bond books 12 novels, plus two collections of short stories Each winter, he would vacation at his Goldeneye retreat at Oracabessa, on the north shore of Jamaica, and write a bit each day reportedly, around 2,000 words As revealed in Raymond Benson s James Bond Bedside Companion, Fleming would start the day with a swim and breakfast, followed by a few hours of work and then lunch, after which he took a nap and then wrote for another hour or so He would write very quickly, which partially accounts for the fast moving nature of his thrillers, and only after a first draft was finished would he go back, revise, and insert the copious details that are a hallmark of the series the plethora of convincing minutiae that gave his tales such an air of verisimilitude the so called Fleming effect But what would have happened if one of his tales was released without that later revision, and the addition of all those trademark details Well, such was exactly the case with the final 007 novel, The Man With the Golden Gun Written by Fleming in the winter of 1964, the initial manuscript was still in its incomplete state when the author died on August 12th of that year, at the age of 56 The publisher Jonathan Cape released the hardcover edition of Fleming s unfinished work in April 65, to middling reviews but huge sales Benson, who I greatly respect and admire, has deemed the book the weakest novel in the series, and he may well be right Still, lesser Fleming, as it turns out, is still mighty good enough The book picks up around a year after the events of the previous Bond novel, 1964 s You Only Live Twice, at the end of which Bond had become an amnesiac, living in a Japanese fishing village, and venturing to Vladivostok to search for his identity In Golden Gun s memorable opening so memorable, indeed, that this reader clearly recalled it from an initial reading, over 40 years earlier , a brainwashed Bond returns to London and attempts to assassinate his boss, M, with a cyanide pistol He fortunately fails in this attempt, is deprogrammed by the British Secret Service, and then sent on a seemingly impossible mission as a means of determining whether he s still got it His task to track down and exterminate the Spanish criminal hitman Francisco Scaramanga, currently working for the Castro government in Cuba and responsible for the deaths of many British agents Bond tracks his quarry to a brothel in Jamaica Fleming knew the island well, of course, and had previously used it as a setting in Live and Let Die and Dr No, as well as in the short stories For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy and manages to get hired by the gunman as a personal assistant of sorts It seems that the hitman has convened a small gathering of hoods including representatives of the Mafia and K.G.B at a hotel that they are financing and erecting near Negril, and that Bond will be responsible for the entertainments at that bash It is difficult to deny Benson s assertion that the plot in this final book is thin, that the climactic battle between 007 and his adversary is not as exciting as it could have been, that Scaramanga makes some illogical decisions, and that the sections dealing with Bond s attack on M and subsequent rehabilitation are too brief Still, I would disagree with Benson when he says that Bond is robotlike in this novel, and that Scaramanga is hardly adequate for a Bond villain Indeed, there are numerous instances in which we are given a glimpse at 007 s thought processes, and in which he displays a distinct, empathetic and feeling persona Witness how decently he treats Tiffy in that Savannah La Mar brothel, and the fact that he cannot bring himself to shoot Scaramanga twice in cold blood And as for Scaramanga, he may make some slips during the course of the book such as hiring not only Bond, but also Bond s C.I.A buddy, Felix Leiter, to work at his weekend shindig , but his conversations with the K.G.B agent, Hendriks, regarding such matters as sugar plantation sabotage, drug smuggling, prostitution and high finance, reveal him to be a man of no small intellect While reading the book, I couldn t help thinking that a better person to play Scaramanga on screen would have been the great character actor Dan Duryea, who sadly passed away six years before the film s 1974 release The film, the weakest of the 23 to date, for this viewer, completely jettisoned the novel s plot in favor of a Far East setting and solex agitator, sci fi story line Christopher Lee may have been a cousin of Fleming s, and certainly brings a lot of class to any production he appears in, but Duryea surely would have captured Scaramanga better as Fleming depicts him nasty, snide and foul mouthed Okay, bimboDon t bust your stays getting through the window, he says to Bond s secretary, Mary Goodnight, in one suspenseful sequence The Man With the Golden Gun is interesting in that it finally reveals to the reader the real name of M, updates us on the fate of Dr No s Honey Ryder, tells us that the name of Bond s cover employer has been changed from Universal Exports to Transworld Consortium, and concludes with Bond being offered a knighthood, which he declines It also features the least sex of any of the Bond novels none, as a matter of fact, although Goodnight s offer to care for the wounded 007 at the book s tail end can easily be seen as a romantic promise The action in the book is limited, as well the assassination attempt, a gun battle aboard a moving train, and Bond and Scaramanga facing off in a deserted swamp Still, the book is consistently suspenseful at least, I found it to be so and fast moving And if all that great wealth of detail usually to be found in a Bond novel is largely absent here, well, there is still plenty enough On Her Majesty s Secret Service, for example, had sent me scurrying to the atlas and Interwebs to look up 285 references the book in question, a mere 112 Mary doesn t just wear a blouse, but a white tussore shirt Fleming always was an elegant writer, and he surely is here, too, and yet, he unfortunately manages to use the word mock twice in two consecutive paragraphs mock English and mock boisterous , references Wilton carpets twice in two different abodes, and even gets one of his Caribbean facts wrong Pitch Lake is in western Trinidad, not eastern Still, he is capable of some wonderful foreshadowing such as when Tiffy uses the expression kill two birds with the same stone, just minutes before Scaramanga shoots two Jamaican grackles in her presence and giving us some cool tough talk practically everything that Scaramanga utters to Bond, not to mention my favorite line in the book, as spoken by one particularly nasty Rasta to 007 Rass, man Ah doan talk wid buckra I urge you to read the book for the translation The Man With the Golden Gun may have ended this classic series on a weak note, but the book itself winds up with some wonderful summations of the Bond character, as Leiter cogently tells the agent Pest controlIt s what you were put into the world for and Bond later dwells on how domesticity, for him, would always pall Ringing down the curtain on fiction s most famous secret agent, Fleming s final effort may not be his best, but it sure was good enough for this reader One can only wonder how much better this work might have been, had time allowed its author to embellish it with his patented Fleming effect. Oh, dear.I mentioned in my last review that the Bond movies are often loosely based on the Ian Fleming novels I believe the movie for this one took the title of the book annnnd that s about it.That s not true Of course James Bond was in both the book and the movie Silly.And the villain, Scaramanga he was in both too And, okay, Bond s secretary, Mary Goodnight she had some big parts in both.But, here, watch the original trailer There is nothing that happens in this trailer that actually happened in the book Except, as previously stated, Bond and Scaramanga who, I might add, is played by the cuddly Christopher Lee in the movie There is no midget named Nick Nack in the book, there is no trip to Macau in the book, there is no Ko Tapu island in the book in fact, the majority of the story takes place in Jamaica Again I m getting tired of Jamaica But even worse, there s no scene in the book where young Asian girls beat the crap out of a bunch of trained fighters.On the other hand, there was no bumbling idiot American Sheriff by the name J.W Pepper in the book Why he s in some movies is beyond me, but he destroys the flow of the films and I am decidedly over him.The movie involves this whole sequence in Saramango s Funhouse on his island which I was nerdily excited to see how that was translated from the book Of course it s not even in the book Don t read the book expecting there to be a Funhouse, because it s not there You re welcome.The theme song was particularly exciting We re getting into a bitfunkiness it is, after all, 1974 So here we have Lulu singing the theme song you might remember her from To Sir With Love approximately seven years before she jumped into Bond s world Lovely voice, no complaints As much as I enjoy Shirley Bassey, I m about over her as well Give someone else a chance to sing, Shirley Jeez.All in all, I enjoyed this moviethan this book, but there are some good moments in both that I wished had been in the other There s a lack of a Bond girl in the book, unless you count Mary Goodnight, which probably doesn t count because he doesn t try to get her in bed Bond was practically celibate in this book Very strange experience, actually He became aroused at one point and he took at least two cold showers, but that s it It s like he s not even himself this time Which, actually, was sort of the point of the book and possibly somewhat a genius move on Fleming s part.Next up The Spy Who Loved Me.