Book ♛ Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America's Greatest Inventor ♞

Highly recommended for anyone who aims to beinnovative in his professional or personal life Many practical tips, useful references for further reading and nice storytelling about Thomas Edison Michael Gelb s follow up to How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci could have easily been called, How to Think like Thomas Edison If you want to learn about how the brain works and how you can apply time tested principles that lead to innovation, Innovate like Edison is the first book that you should read Just as Edison released his inner genius, Gelb and Caldicott s five principles provide a framework for releasing your own Through a Solution Center Mindset, readers discover the power of focusing the mind Kaleidoscopic Thinking conveys the importance of making connections and identifying patterns between seemingly unrelated items or processes Full Spectrum Engagement, perhaps evenimportant today than in Edison s time, teaches how to balance multiple priorities both at work and in life Master Mind Collaboration demonstrates that two brains are better than one and addresses the critical need for teamwork Super Value Creation keeps the innovator focused on creating something that satisfies a current or projected needed.On a personal level, as an author and speaker on the DISC behavioral styles, Gelb and Calidicott helped me to better understand a person with the rare combination of big picture, out of the box thinking with a detail oriented, logical and analytical mind In DISC lingo, I learned that Edison embodies the Interactive Conscientious IC style. Book ♗ Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America's Greatest Inventor ⚖ Michael Gelb, Bestselling Author Of How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, And Sarah Miller Caldicott, Translate The Genius Of Edison Into A Revolutionary New Success System For Innovation Thomas Edison Is The Greatest Innovator In American History Edison S Focus On Practical Accomplishment Set The Stage For America S Global Leadership In Innovation Now, For The First Time Ever, Innovate Like Edison Translates The Best Practices Of This Supreme American Inventor Into Contemporary Terms To Help Today S Leaders Harness Their Own Innovative Potential With Their Unique Insight And Expertise, Michael Gelb And Sarah Miller Caldicott Introduce A Carefully Researched, Easy To Apply System Of Five Success Secrets Inspired By The Creative Methods Of Edison Himself Presented In A Step By Step Fashion, Innovate Like Edison Provides The Tools And Strategies You Need To Compete And Win In The Business World And In Everyday Life Whether You Re An Amateur Or An Executive, Innovate Like Edison Is An Indispensable Tool That Will Enable You To Revamp And Revitalize Your Own Creative Genius And Thrive In Today S Culture Of Innovation This is my assessment of the book Innovate like Edison according to my 6 criteria 1 Related to practice 3 stars2 It prevails important 3 stars3 I agree with the read 4 stars4 not difficult to read as for non English native 4 stars5 too long and boring or every sentence is interesting 3 stars 6 Learning opportunity 3 starsTotal 3.3 stars. Great insight into Edison s methods and personality I am going through the blueprint now. I loved how Edison framed his work, balanced work with play, and read everything This book is really a blueprint for critical I am trying to incorporate a few changes at a time I want to embrace keeping a journal so far I am wildly unsuccessful. Pretty much a knock off of Think Like Leonardo A few new Ideas. Lots of interesting and inspiring material with a few dry spots Enjoyed it much and a worthwhile motivational book. If you need a creative boost, this is a good book to read I loved to read about the way Edison would only invent thing people would buy. No wonder why Edison was so successful He was not only a great inventor and innovator, but also emphasized networking, marketing, building an innovative environment, and creating value Although he often was the first to conceive of an idea as evidenced by his many patents , sometimes, he wasn t always the first, but he was able to brilliantly market and innovate to create value for customers He believed strongly in persistence and learning from failures Gelb outlines many principles to follow in order to imitate Edison s success The book focused on Edison and might ve worshiped Edison a bit much, but, the title makes you expect that Good read to get an overview of how Edison created businesses with his inventions Inventors and tech business people should familiarize themselves with the principles in this book.