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!KINDLE ♋ The Power of Right Believing ⚔ What You Believe Is Everything Believing The Right Things Is The Key To A Victorious Life In THE POWER OF RIGHT BELIEVING, Joseph Prince, International Bestselling Author And A Leading Voice In Proclaiming The Gospel Of Grace, Unveils Seven Practical And Powerful Keys To Help You Find Freedom From Every Fear, Guilt, And Addiction These Keys Come Alive In The Precious Testimonies You Ll Read From People Across America And Around The World Who Have Experienced Breakthroughs And Freedom From All Kinds Of Bondages From Alcoholism To Chronic Depression All Through The Power Of Right BelievingGod Intends For You To Live With Joy Overflowing, Peace That Surpasses Understanding, And An Unshakable Confidence In What He Has Done For You Get Ready To Be Inspired And Transformed And Learn How To Win The Battle For Your Mind By Developing Habits For Right Believing Undeniably, having a revelation of the Father s love for me has made a huge difference in my life Once again, Joseph Prince has been used by God to bring this message to both unbelievers, as well as believers unaware of all that is theirs due to their position in Christ Satan s number one goal is to get us to doubt that we are the beloved sons and daughters of Abba Father in an effort to get us to take our eyes off of Jesus Prince s number one goal is to bring us into revelation knowledge of this simple yet profound and life changing fact God loves me I will most definitely be recommending this book to others and referring to it whenever I need a reminder of Whose I am I can see the Lord using this book to set many captives free from wrong believing There is mighty power in believing rightly about Christ and His finished work Too much of today s preaching encourages destructive self obsession this book encourages Christ obsession If you are obsessed with obedience in your Christian walk, you arethan likely going to fail But if Christ is your obsession, one of the fruits in your life will be obedience Christ is the only person capable of living a successful Christian life we must yield to Him and let Him live through us Philipians 3 3 came to mind as I read this excellent book In this verse, Paul says that we rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh This is such a critical verse of scripture that I recommend all to commit it to memory and meditate on it often In the strength of your flesh, you CANNOT please God, so quit trying Christ is ready, able, and willing to live through you get out of the way, and let Him do it This book is a good primer for cultivating the type of mind set needed to move one s self out of the way so that the Lord can be Lord in your life. Wrong beliefs and thoughts will keep you defeated Right beliefs and thoughts will launch you toward your breakthrough Joseph Prince, The Power of Right Believing, Page 100 This is now the third book I have studied by Joseph Prince I have also read Destined to Reign and Unmerited Favor Depending on Jesus for every success in your life Both excellent books that focus on the grace of God and the finished work of Jesus Christ This book is no different, the emphasis is the same.It is not about your works It is about His grace It is about His finished work on the cross It is because of the cross, you are a child of God, you are free from sin, sickness, disease, death, poverty, lack, addictionsIt is by the blood of Christ and His blood alone Nothing you can do, can earn you this grace It was paid at a high price, the price of God s only begotten Son.The author explains that when some hear the grace message being preached, they object that if grace is preached, then people will go on a sinning spree But the opposite actually happens Once you know of God s love and grace, you become righteousness conscious, instead of sin conscious Right believing leads to right living Right believing rids us of condemnation Jesus says, I didn t come to condemn you, I came to save you He said to the adulterous woman, neither do I condemn you, go and sin noThe author states that Grace is, after all, not a teaching it is a Person p 142 That Person is Jesus Christ When we are absorbed with Jesus Christ, the author says, sin, addictions, bad habits, fear, guilt, anxiety, depression, and condemnation will drop off from your life p 145 Accept the finished work of Jesus Christ and stop depending on your own works and be free in Jesus Name. Unfortunately so many people have taken Joseph Prince teaching far out of context I truly believe that anyone reading or listening to him with an open heart will see the truth in his teachings His critics say he promotes sin, teaches a prosperity message and is egotistical And yet throughout all of the pages, he points through scripture in Old and New Testament all about Jesus He specifically addresses his position on sin, that it is not at all okay but that believing in Jesus love for us and focusing on it will melt away our temptation to sin He even says that he doesn t believe in or agree with the prosperity message That s what I love about his teaching, that if you will actually make it through the first chapter and read the words written, then he address every critic openly and in love Plus his revelations in this book are fresh and heart opening in the love of our Savior I might just start it again from page one tomorrow. Joseph Prince has let God do it again This book is an eye opening guide for all who want to learn how much God loves them, and want to live in His Love. I ve read a whole bunch of christian books Some of them knowing that up to then I probably disagree with the author because I like getting a new point of view now and then and discussing the ranges of christianity Since I really liked Joseph Prince s preaching at Hillsong Conference Europe, I thought I d get someinput from him When I researched a bit about his income I began to understand why he talks about grace so easily I was taken aback by the titles of his books sounded like first class brainwash and this feeling got even stronger when I read it Prince seems to be way too much in love with himself and the testimonies look to me like kind of a commercial break, since all the breakthroughs, promotions, healings, saved marriages etc begin with somebody reading a book by Joseph Prince, listening to a Podcast by Joseph Prince or attending a Conference with Joseph Prince oh, and by the way, I think they mentioned they accepted Jesus, too I do not regret reading this book but for me, it wasof an interesting insight to the teaching of what they call prosperity gospel than what I actually believe. If you have any doubts about who you are in Christ and how much The Lord God loves you, this is the book to read Joseph Price s books always point to Christ and the infallible Word of God. It s a great book that focuses all about Jesus, not about a list of dos and don ts I was very encouraged, I got teary towards the end of the book when Prince started talking about the Father s love I realized that I need to fix my eyes on Jesus, not on myself, not on the approval of others, but just on Jesus Loved this book Because I d slowly been hearing about the power of grace, I wanted to finally see it in writing and understand test its theory it s easier for me to study things when I can read them This book provided that test avenue I was looking for, as Prince slowly spelled out the theology that supports grace and what believing really means that it s not about believe , you dumb sinner, but figure out what you believe b c it s already impacting your life Good flow to the chapters and a book you will highlight a little too emphatically Plan on rereading.