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( Download Epub ) í Death of a Policeman ó From The Author Of The Agatha Raisin Television SeriesDEATH OF A POLICEMAN A Hamish Macbeth MysteryLocal Police Stations All Over The Scottish Highlands Are Being Threatened With Closure This Presents The Perfect Opportunity For Detective Chief Inspector Blair, Who Would Love Nothing Than To Get Rid Of Sergeant Hamish Macbeth Blair Suggests That Cyril Sessions, A Keen Young Police Officer, Visit The Town Of Lochdubh To Monitor Exactly What Macbeth Does Every Day Macbeth Hears About Blair S Plan And Is Prepared To Insure That Cyril Returns Back To Headquarters With A Full Report But Cyril Is Soon Found Dead And Hamish Quickly Becomes The Prime Suspect In His Murder Death of a Policeman and the previous book in the series were not as much fun for me as most of the earlier entries Threats of closing down his beloved station have been going on so long that I think they have caused Hamish to become too hardened and cynical for my taste I m not giving up on the series, but I hope the next book heralds the return of a laid back Hamish. This latest outing with the red headed Scottish copper Hamish MacBeth makes me wonder if the author even likes her character MacBeth commits crimes of his own vandalism, BE, blackmail to solve his case and to keep his beloved police station from being closed He wasn t very likable this go around And as in the last few books, the plot has moved away from Lochdubh and it s quirky townsfolk Oh, they for the most part make brief obligatory appearances as do his former loves Elspeth and Pricilla, but there was no real point to any of them in the story And people died right and left, and in some pretty brutal ways There were murders several by shotgun blasts, bashed in heads, one person was doused in petro and set on fire, a couple was drugged and left to die of starvation on an island, blackmail that resulted in suicide, it was a violent time in the highlands I wish the story would go back to Lochdubh and it s residents I want Hamish to find a new love interest, someone really nice and caring and smart who doesn t trod all over him I m so done with Elspeth and Pricilla They just need to move on with their lives At this point I would be really angry if Hamish ends up with either one of them And what about his family and all those siblings Certainly one of them could roll down out of the heather and cause some trouble Less murders, mystery, Lochdubh. In this 29th book in the series, Sergeant Hamish Macbeth investigates several crimes, including the murder of a skulking police officer The mystery can be read as a standalone, but readers familiar with the characters will enjoy it Detective Chief Inspector Blair is jealous of the success of Sergeant Hamish Macbeth of Scotland s Lochdubh police and is constantly trying to get the Lochdubh police station closed Thus Blair dispatches handsome Officer Cyril Sessions to go undercover and get evidence that Hamish and his partner Dick Fraser lollygag around and waste time Cyril gets photos of Dick sleeping on duty and spuriously romances librarian Hetty Dunstable who s happy to badmouth Hamish because he rebuffed her advances Hamish soon catches on to Cyril s game and decides to play cat and mouse with the the officer Soon afterwards Cyril is killed and Hamish becomes a suspect As Hamish searches for the real killer he uncovers other local crimes, and these investigations constitute the mystery part of the book As always with this series, though, much of the story concerns the entertaining personal lives of the folks in the Scottish Highlands, many of them recurring characters Dick Fraser crushes on a pretty assistant librarian much younger than himself Angela Brodie the doctor s wife writes a mystery book and to the chagrin of her husband buys a 2,000 pound dress for what turns out to be a disappointing awards ceremony Hamish hobnobs with his ex fianc s and his pets wild cat Sonsie and dog Lugs in an amusing scene scientists want to study the rare wild cat and Hamish decides to dye her black to disguise her identity Superintendent Daviot has a secret that hampers Hamish s investigations, and so on My favorite comic parts were recurring scenes of tipsy librarian Hetty Dunstable trying to seduce one man after another mistakenly deciding each one has a passion for her I enjoyed the book and recommend it to fans of cozy mysteries, especially those familiar with the series and the characters.You can follow my reviews at Welcome back to Lochdubh, the place that is loved so much by one Hamish Macbeth of the local constabulary and he never wants to leave The man has solved so many crimes if it became common knowledge they promote the heck out of him And that would mean Macbeth resigning rather than leaving his beloved village.Once again all goes haywire when a copper called Blair, rather envious of one Hamish Macbeth, sends in a policeman he blackmails to spy on Hamish in order to get some dirt on this much loathed colleague of his this snooping copper gets murdered and the investigations commence.We see how the Highlands gets an organised drugs ring less and at the same time a rather persuasive librarian set her eye on Dick the living companion of Hamish While Dick fancies a younger librarian.A few deaths on and all gets solved and Hamish fancies something French.Once again a great outing into the remote part of Scotland where a redhead rules supreme, the tale leaves not enough space this time for my favorite cast of oddballs living in Lochdubh And yet the two important women in Hamish life do turn up as always but it feels a bit like a goodbye to them in a sense.Love these Macbeth tales and while it is most certainly not one of the best so far it does not fail to entertain and when all puzzles are solved you know that Macbeth is leaving for some time However the new Macbeth is released the 2nd of February, so life is swell.