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5 Me Crying Like A Baby StarsYou cannot win a war without heart and Misty is my heart The heart of my pact, the heart of our race, and so now I ask you will you stand with me when we fight side by side the Faeries and our allies to defeat those who seek to destroy our worldSo this is a re read for me and just like the first time I was hooked I stayed up reading this until the wee hours My gosh My heart broke for them especially for Domenico He made this book for me I loved him in the first book and I fell deeply in love with him in this bookI love you Misty And I will crawl for you, beg you I ll do anything just to make you mine again It didn t feel bad to me because I was doing it for youHis fingers slid through her hair, tightening in a possessive gripYou ve been gone for sixteen fucking months, and I was lost All that I had going for me was the hope this undying hope that I would see you again one day and when that time comes, I ll have you backDomenico was willing to do anything to prove to Misty that his love for her was real and he s than willing to give up everything for her She belongs to him and no one including her is going to keep him from the only woman he s ever lovedThis time, I will make sure you have no doubts about how much you fucking mean to me I m never going to give you up to anyone, Misty I love you too fucking much not to fight for you with everything I have It s never to late for the two of us I will make you fall in love with me again, Misty No one not even your goddamn faeries can take you away from meAnd he went over and beyond expressing his real love to herAs of yesterday, the mantle of future leadership of the pack has been passed on to the heir next in line, my younger brother Alessandro Moretti Why would you do thatAnd the man who had given it all up answered simply,Because I ve come to get back what s mineMy heart broke for him over and over again His love for her was real and intense You can feel it to the bones He chose her over his pack Over the entire Lyccan race My God, Misty if you re looking for proof that Domenico really loves you ThereYou blind foolHe place you above his duties as a Lyccan Isn t that what you want Wasn t that enough for you Arghhh I wanted to bitch slap you or kill you you cry baby I hate you The Lyccans whom Domenico had spent his entire life protecting had turned their backs on him so quickly it had to have hurt him They were looking down on him Domenico Moretti, the proudest man she knew simply because he chose to love her.She had been wrong.He wasn t weak because of her.He had chosen to be weak for her Arghhhh I m crying like a baby My heart hurtsHe s happy with everyday that he s able to prove that he love you Because he thinks by punishing himself its the only way he can win you backMy gosh I m a mess after reading this book I loved this book as much as I loved the first book Even though Misty and Domenico separated, the chemistry between them was still explosive The sex scenes between them were scorching hot Domenico s still the sexiest alpha shifter for meI don t think love is enough to describe how I feel about you, Misty You re my life You re everything to me and trust me trust me when I tell you that I will never, ever hurt you againWaaah What a roller coaster ride I loved it I loved everything about it The ending was everything I could ve asked for Ms Tee gave me a dose of suspense with touch of mystery, a very steamy melt your panties sex scenes and sigh worthy romance I m looking forward to read from this author especially Lysander and Estrella s story and Alessandro too. (((Free))) ⇔ A Royal Heartbreak (The Moretti Werewolf, #2) ↺ Domenico Moretti Used To Have It All He Was Prince To One Of The Most Powerful And Wealthiest Lyccan Packs In The World, A Warrior Who Made His Opponents Tremble In Fear, A Gorgeous Billionaire Every Woman Desired Only When His Wife Disappeared Did Domenico Realize That None Of It Mattered If He Did Not Have Misty S Love And TrustMisty Wall Used To Be A Wimp, A Starry Eyed Fool Who Thought She Was About To Live Happily Ever After With The Werewolf She Loved She Used To Think Domenico Moretti Loved Her Backuntil His Lies Publicly Shamed Her With The Revelation That She Was Never His Mate And Was Only Ever His Pawn For RevengeWhen The Threat Of War Looms Closer, The Alliance Between Non Human Races Is Put To The Test And Forces The Estranged Couple To Face Each Other AgainTo Prove That His Princess Means To Him Than Anything Else, Domenico Makes The Greatest Sacrifice, Laying His Pride On The Line And Turning His Back On His Destiny Domenico Had Hoped For A Second Chance, But Heartbreak May All That Awaits Him When Misty Seals Her Allegiance To The Faeriesby Promising To Wed Another Man 2.5 stars Small GROWL Hmmm This wasn t what I thought it was going to be I knew finishing The Werewolf Prince and I, there was going to be a lot of grovelling and making up Domenico had effed up BIG TIME.Not completing the mating ritual due to arrogance and simple stupidity, Domenico ends up losing Misty to the Fae nonetheless HUH Anyways, the humiliation Misty felt was unparallel She was so supportive of Dom, completely stepping up to the plate as a princess to her werewolf prince So when she finds out he never completed his duty to her she flees.A Royal Heartbreak picks up 16 months after Misty leaves Dom is heartbroken and will do anything to get her back He s had time to really take a good look in the mirror and does not like what he sees But it will not be easy.When Misty shows her face acting as an emissary for the Fae HUH She once again comes face to face with the one who betrayed her Dom makes his feelings known but soon realizes that Misty will give him the fight of his life.So the book takes off from there with Dom constantly trying to win Misty back and Misty miserably failing at refusing his advances Dom has changed here It s very obvious and the extent of the sacrifices he s willing to make prove it But there are many that don t want those two back together, so the book teeters between reconciliation and utter disaster.Did I mention Misty lives in the realm of the Fae we already know that s probably where she was heading at the end of the first book, but it still baffles me And then add in Lysander, a noble and famous Fae that desires Misty as well His manipulations never quite reach fruition but I think in the next instalment he will get his own love story.Like I said with the first book, if you re looking for prominent world building or a well developed story line you won t find it here Things are convoluted at the best of times.We are given a reason for the war between the supernaturals but I could have sworn the war was between humans and supernaturals HUH even if the war WAS between just the supernaturals shouldn t an explanation have been given for the axing of war between humans and supers I.AM.SO.CONFUSED.The reason given for A WAR in general was weak and not plausible but like I said, don t question, just read I liked the relationship between Misty and Dom and how the werewolf had to grovel to no end It was sweet and very satisfying Dom really had changed and he was willing to put everything on the line for the woman he loved.To be honest, I won t be continuing this series It isn t bad but the direction is confusing, wherever it may go I wish the story just stuck to Misty and Domenico, it would have been simpler.GENRE PNRSTEAM HighPOV Third person omnipresentCLIFFY HEA with promise of a 3rd for the series. Let me start of by saying I loathed the first book, the only reason I read this one was because the first one had a cliffie and I can t stand having unresolved stuff even if it s from a book I didn t like.This book starts out sixteen months after the first one ends Misty is in the land of fairy far away from Domenico and trying to get over him She is an ambassador for the fairy and she teams up with Lysander, she finally sees Domenico again after all this time and he is trying his hardest to win her back Misty has changed a little bit, in the first she was weak willed and weepy in this book she is supposed to be strong but for me she just came across as a bitch She emotionally tortured Domenico because she was hurt and it felt like she just wanted to get back at him for hurting her, plus she still cried, a lot.Domenico changed in this book as well, he went from a self assured alpha male to a big freakn wimp He gives up everything to be her personal little whipping boy to make up for humiliating her, he may have been a cuntfart in the first book but at least I respected his alpha male attitude in this one he was just sad and pathetic I m just glad this book had a HEA and I don t have to torture myself again, yes there is a lead in for another one but since there is no cliffhanger I m good. This was an amazing reading This must be one of a handful of books where the hero really works hard to be forgiven Domenico doesn t rely only on his charm and yummy sex god factor but he goes to extreme lengths to earn Misty s forgiveness There was a real character development in Domenico s case and so, when finally we get our view spoiler happy ending hide spoiler This wasn t quite as good as the first one, but I still enjoyed it I just wish Misty would have forgiven Domineco a little faster He did everything for her, even giving up his leadership and she kept brushing him off I m glad it worked out in the end, a great HEA ending CRINGE DNF 4 StarsVery interesting sequel I m happy I read this, it was really good I won t spoil too much because I think you should read ARH if you liked the first one.Misty image error Yea for Marian for finally writing the sequel for The Werewolf Prince and I After that cliffhanger at the end, which still makes me cringe, I was excited to see where Misty and Domenico would end up After Misty decided to work with the Fae, I was excited when I read she was training with weapons Having that girl finally get tougher was one of the greatest things Marian could do for this character Although she cries a lot, she has strength were it counts and when its needed I liked that Marian really made Domenico suffer and work for it in this book Men sometimes have it too easy when they have looks and money behind them Marian s writing style can be challenging if you are one to follow traditional means Whereas yes she switches perspective from character to character and uses third person at times, but I see where she would need that to express and show the reader all the things that are going on Marian throws many challenges at Misty and Domenico, which makes this an emotional roller coaster for the reader full of anticipation and suspense With the new character introduced, Lysander, I am curious where Marian will take him in her next book. This was much much better than the sequel Loved it Domenico is whipped I liked that change Misty has become confident and badass and there is a heart melting romance sigh, at last I actually liked the third character, our not gay but pretending gay Something s seriously wrong with this guy, which guy pretends to be gay No offend to gays, I respect and love them Where were we Oh Yeah, our not gay Lysander who also falls in love with Misty.Who will she choose Her ex husband and best friend By the way, the story is not only about them, the major part revolves around them but there is a minor story on the war that might just happen and these guys with faeries are preparing to stop it.