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This story was a collection of beautiful artwork, and a plot that kept me interested throughout it I completely enjoyed this story and WANT MORE It wasn t even a cliffhanger It practically left us in the middle of a conversation so I guess it was a cliffhanger Either way I loved it and I wish the rest of the story was already uploaded. @DOWNLOAD EPUB Â Ava's Demon: Book One ì Amazing Books, Ava S Demon Book One Author Michelle Czajkowski This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ava S Demon Book One, Essay By Michelle Czajkowski Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I m going to go ahead and mark this as finished, because GR hasn t updated the word count and otherwise it may stay on my currently readng shelf FOREVER And that wouldn t do for my cleanliness needs.But this is incredible Stunning I want to frame many of the frames, and the characters are so well developed and it s not exactly a story where you have good characters and bad characters There is darkness and secrets in all of them, and I so love seeing it get developed and Aah Fantastic. Really interesting story and some really beautiful art and appealing designs I ll have to look this up online and read it, especially since some of the pages are intended to be animated. Ava s demon is a science fiction graphic novel following the exploits of Ava, a fifteen year old girl born into a dystopian society who has been plagued by an alien demon which only she can see This spirit has brought it upon herself to make Ava s young life miserable with a distinct goal in mind Said goal, once achieved, will free Ava of the demon and allow her to live out her life normally, a dream Ava has always had, for with a new clean slate Ava would finally be able to feel the love of others a luxury which her demons presence kept from her , but will she be able to complete the task her demon has laid out for her and achieve new life We shall see Just from writing that little synopsis alone are allowing the reasons why I enjoyed Ava s demon so much to come floating back up to the surface, the plot alone is very intriguing and honestly surprisingly unique considering it appears to be one of those normal teenage girl get s put into unusual circumstances and must go on adventure to make things normal again tropes Although the plot itself is very good the true highlight of this novel is the absolutely beautiful way it is illustrated It is apparent when looking at each of the individual panel how much attention to detailed was given with the colors, expressions, and scenes to which the reader views In the end, the only negative point I can give it is that it cuts off very suddenly, in a way that makes the reader jerk away in surprise thinking It s already over what However, even this can be seen as a sort of compliment, because it implies well at least in my case that the reader is not only surprised but also disappointed that it had to end so quickly However, if this is the case for both you reader and I, than we shall simply have to wait in frustrating anticipation for volume 2 together It s a great webcomic The art is absolutely beautiful and the plot is very interesting I m a little sensitive to the gore at some parts but other than that it s great Fantastic Characters A , Art A , Story A , and there s even super cool animated sections at the end of chapters And some randomly spread throughout the comic too If you read the webcomic, that is Here s the link if anyone wants it and you do want it, because it s awesome we have Ava Ava has a demon named Wrathia Only Ava can see Wrathia Wrathia hates Ava, and Ava doesn t like her too much either, considering Ava thinks Wrathia has pretty much ruined her life Wrathia wants to find her husband, Petri, and her other warriors, so she can defeat this Titan guy He s some kind of Big Brother Kim Jong Un galactic cult leader or something We also have Magnolia, aka Maggie Maggie has a secret view spoiler Maggie has a demon named Tuls Oh and she can do tree magic hide spoiler This is an ongoing webcomic of which I am one or two updates behind It s a comic, but published online and no it s not like manga scanalations This is carefully crafted by the author with animations and music and so much colour OHMYGOSH it s beautiful.AND IT S FREE. Quick summary The story follows a girl called Ava, who sees a demon that no one else can She makes an angry outburst in one class and is sent to the principal s office only to have her planet destroyed with her escaping on another classmate s ship They crash land on another planet full of worshippers of Titan a God who apparently created all the Universe.Won t say any for fear of spoiling Check it out here. I binge read the 1000 pages of this webcomic in one sitting.Oh no, the story is not done, in typical fashion of webcomic series, but this would be one of them stories I need in a physical copy although I would be missing out on the short animations and beautifully selected music.Overall, this webcomic has such breathtaking art and animation, and the story plot is so intriguing throw in some endearing and complex characters and wonderful music I just couldn t get enough of this I ve been noticing a blow up in graphic novel and comic book loving, and for those new to the world, I would definitely recommend this because it s just perfect.There is a bit of cussing in it, but I feel it adds to it really.READ THIS.