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A mildly amusing novelty book based on Temple s soverybritish Twitter account I have long since been disabused of my initial notion that the British are actually polite robots that run on tea though after eight years in the UK I am now as fond of a lovely cup of tea as any Brit , but his generalizations still prompted an occasional chuckle.It may be that I expected too much from a book that is, essentially, a Christmas stocking stuffer Whatever you do, do not as I did read it all the way through, beginning to end, in a few sittings If you do, the rapid fire Tweet style will soon grate Instead, let serendipity guide you to those snippets that elicit a laugh.The book s combination of fondness and self deprecation makes for a pleasant tone, though this has been done much better Two of my favorite finding the British books are Brit Think, Ameri Think A Transatlantic Survival Guide by Jane Walmsley and Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson See my full review at The Bookbag. This book is so British, it apologises for being a book. The British are unique, there seems to be no other country whose people would actively seek to form an orderly queue unless it had too, nor do the citizens of many other countries apologise when it is not their fault having bumped into someone We are obsessed with the weather, even though it rarely has the drama that happens in other countries Whilst displays of emotion are not forbidden, most struggle to go beyond a swift handshake Apart from the odd un British like person who suffers from road rage, most are likely to say thank you when hooted at, at the traffic lights and the other thing that will set you apart from others is that you will sigh a lot.You ll know you re British when you say Honestly it s fine to warn of your imminent breakdown, even though the thought of complaining or making a fuss is abhorrent to you, and this book is packed full of these little gems made me laugh out loud embarrassing I know and cringe a lot when you read some and think, do I really do that There is no cure for this burden of nationhood But tea and sarcasm help Really enjoyable light hearted book 3.5 stars Blimey, what a fun little book If you re looking for an entertaining quick read, don t dilly dally, go get this book I m sure the author will be quite chuffed if you do Also, check out the tweets on Twitter for British problems. Hilarious One of those books where you either look like a loon, chuckling to yourself and shaking your head, or spend half your time reading bits out loud so everyone else can join you. This is just the perfect book if you re a Brit, it sums us up PERFECTLY I was pretty much laughing the entire time because it s so true I always get angry when I m in a queue and someone queue jumps, and I store my anger inside, because that s just what we do we do not call a person out on their rudeness, we just seethe And we re so awkward It just I could imagine myself in every situation, acting the same way You just have to read it and laugh, because it s amazing, and it will absolutely brighten up your day, if you re having a crap day, I swear. |DOWNLOAD PDF ⚖ Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time ♟ There S An Epidemic Sweeping The Nation Symptoms Include Acute Embarrassment At The Mere Notion Of Making A Fuss Extreme Awkwardness When Faced With Any Social Greeting Beyond A Brisk Handshake An Unhealthy Preoccupation With MeteorologyDoctors Have Also Reported Several Cases Of Unnecessary Apologising, An Obsessive Interest In Correct Queuing Etiquette And Dramatic Sighing In The Presence Of Loud Teenagers On Public Transport If You Have Experienced Any Of These Symptoms, You May Be Suffering From VERY BRITISH PROBLEMS VERY BRITISH PROBLEMS Are Highly Contagious There Is No Known CureRob Temple S Hilarious New Book Reveals All The Ways In Which We Are A Nation Of Socially Awkward But Well Meaning Oddballs, Struggling To Make It Through Every Day Without Apologising To An Inanimate Object Take Comfort In Misfortunes Of Others You Are Not Alone Very British, very funny It s all about keeping up appearances Unbelievable, the things you can be embarrassed about Being a bit of a people pleaser myself, I was pleasantly surprised how many of these situations do not make me feel awkward At all Not one bit And Brexit won t help with those, tee hee. Just like other people, I have been laughing about tweets that float around from the Very British Problems account Little is good, must be better, right Unfortunately no As it turns out, I had already seen the funniest jokes in there because so many people could relate to them including me believe or not that s the reason they are retweeting them.Jokes I hadn t seen before were the biggest part of the book the bits I and probably all those people who didn t retweet couldn t relate to So it turned out to be a half awkward read, where I knew some things and could chuckle about them dreading the next time I will apologise to a chair But didn t know others, so just put on a poker face and pushed through It could be that proper Brits actually can relate to almost all of that, but I somehow doubt it And although I liked the jokes that made me chuckle, I reduced my rating hence some jokes were repeated yes, in this little book jokes actually managed to be printed than twice in a slightly different version each time. Too funny Rob Temple is brilliant He captures the awkward, queue loving British public perfectly I highlighted so many passages in this book, I definitely suffer from VBP such a fun read on my lunch hour