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I highly recommend this book to anyone that is friends with someone that is bi polar or is bipolar themselves It helped me understand my friend so muchand able to relate to what he is going through Also allowed us to further discuss his disease. [[ FREE PDF ]] ⇜ Break the Bipolar Cycle ☞ Take Control Of Your Symptoms And Take Charge Of Your LifeIf You Re Dealing With Bipolar Disorder, You Already Know That It S Than A Cycle Of Ups And Downs You May Also Have Difficulty With Depression And Irritability, As Well As Problems With Weight Gain, Memory, And Fatigue Dealing With These Day To Day Problems Can Sometimes Seem Like Too Much To Bear Drawing On The Latest Research In Bipolar Disorder, Stress, And Health, This Step By Step Guide Offers A Complete Selection Of Livable, Workable Solutions To Manage Bipolar Disorder And Helps You Identify Your SymptomsExplore Your Treatment OptionsStabilize Your MoodsSharpen Your MindAchieve Your GoalsThis Isn T A One Size Fits All Guide It S A Uniquely Personal Approach To Your Bipolar Disorder That Covers The Full Spectrum Of The Disease And Its Symptoms You Ll Be Able To Find Successful Ways To Regulate Your Moods, Relieve Your Stress, Improve Your Thought Processes, And Break The Bipolar Cycle For A Happier, Healthier Life This is a useful book, although it can sound relentlessly optimistic at times It s not a book to read once and put down, it s a book for going back to when life presents another challenge Lots of examples, exercises, and lots of encouraging words I recommend it. Written in a very simple style that comes off as condescending at times The print is large and the margins very wide, so there s less info there than you d think The authors gloss over serious side effects of bipolar treatments and overstate efficacy, giving false hopes They give helpful advice like if you get sexual side effects from your medications, perhaps you should just do without sex That s a good way to keep your marriage going strong The worksheets were far too basic for me, but could be helpful to some The reason I gave the book 1 star is because it s wrong, imo, to gloss over the serious, often life shortening, side effects of antipsychotic drugs especially The authors are deliberately withholding informed consent by downplaying those side effects Or else they have no Zyprexa taking 300 lb patients with diabetes in their practices On other websites, I would have given in 2 stars, but 2 stars means it was OK on this website I disliked the book, but didn t HATE it I did read it Normally I reserve 1 star for books or movies I hate so much I don t finish them. A must read for anyone with bipolar disorder, it is informative and helpful for such anyone struggling with this illness. most beneficial to family loved ones to understand insight for the most part in layman s terms what life is like for those of us affected by this illness on a day to day basis. Very useful and detailed book about Bipolar I learned a lot and related to much the book covered. 5 5 informative4 5 writing styleExtremely helpful for friends, family, and people living with BSD This is not a book for a person at the throws of the bipolar disorders In an episode of mania, depression and mixed state one could not grasp how to cope because of the state that one is in With that said it is a good book for if someone during a time od euthymia normal baseline of mood.Working through the book I found that there are things that I can improve on and will as I catch myself in certain things like noticing my stress level is at it maxing point or understanding the difficulty of a challenge example course load for college The graphs are easy to follow but sometimes hard to do like the history of your medication especially when there is a gap in memory than to the disorder Overall it is a good book for someone who has found some stability and is willing to work through the disorder to prevent relapse or minimize the episode duration. Absolutely brilliant book about Bipolar but not one I d recommend as a first read for the newly diagnosed However some where down the track have a read of this It outlines what actually happens in the brain with bipolar, and then tackles really useful subjects including I just want things to go back the way they were , I just don t fee like it about the problems with motivation , If I m taking my medication why do I feel bad again , Just when I felt ok I got sick again , and I thought I was smart but I just can t perform.Such a helpful book, felt like it was written just for me Highly recommended.