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This is a fascinating duo biography of two amazing artists Their influence on the art world still continues to be felt today Although I may not agree with how they lived their lives, what their values morals were, their religious views, or their political views, I have a deep respect for the contribution they made to art I really enjoyed learning about these extraordinary people.After Rivera had people try to censor and destroy part of one of his murals, Frida spoke out against censorship, in support of Diego Censoring art, hiding it from public viewing, was a crime against the culture of a country, against the right that every man has to express his ideas, she wrote It was the kind of crime committed by a leader like Hitler If you do not act as an authentic Mexican at this critical moment, Kahlo warned, by defending your own decrees and rights, then let the science and history book burnings start let the works of art be destroyed with rocks or fire let free men get kicked out of the country let torture in, as well as prisons and concentration camps Kahlo made an important point that freedom is lost when food people fail to act p 97 98. Easy to read and informative book on Frida and Diego I am so glad to have read it before going to the exhibit in Detroit I only wish that there were photographs of their work, but I ll be able to enjoy that in person and know many of the stories associated with the art. I hope some of my junior high students choose to read this biography for a book report assignment Very interesting life of Friday Diego, both famous artists, and how they became married Catherine Reef s narrative about married life, political interests and of course their lives as artists is told like a story Many photos and pictures of their art. I am now fascinated by these two artists I picked this book up to become acquainted with their lives and art I wanted to know about them before visiting the DIA exhibit They were a passionate and crazy duo I can t wait to witness their works soon. I learned some new things in this bio of the two artists Well written and easily understood by middle schoolers I hope this finds a good audience YA non fiction about Frida Diego I was surprised by information about Diego specifically that was new to me For instance, I didn t realize that he had children before his first marriage It was a great introduction to the two of them and it didn t shy from their controversial marriage. for upper elementary to middle school Phenomenal Makes we want to pick up a comprehensive biography of Frida s life and art. This is a nonfiction biography on the life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Includes a timeline, and color pictures of both their artwork and photographs of the artists Overall, it is extremely text heavy, with some two page spreads having no pictures and only text, making it very overwhelming The layout of the text also makes it less appealing The text touches on Kahlo s depression, but does not show her graphic work There is a nice section in the back that shows of Rivera and Khalo s work, as well as an index and bibliography The text covers briefly the childhoods of both artists, how they met, and then their life together The text also covers their artistic careers.Recommended as an optional purchase for grades 9 12. ^FREE BOOK ↲ FridaDiego ⇰ Nontraditional, Controversial, Rebellious, And Politically Volatile, The Mexican Artists Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera Are Remembered For Their Provocative Paintings As Well As For Their Deep Love For Each Other Their Marriage Was One Of The Most Tumultuous And Infamous In History Filled With Passion, Pain, Betrayal, Revolution, And, Above All, Art That Helped Define The Twentieth Century Catherine Reef S Inspiring And Insightful Dual Biography Features Numerous Archival Photos And Full Color Reproductions Of Both Artists Work Endnotes, Bibliography, Timeline