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Cute, tame romance Ward Sister, Eliza Proudfoot, goes to work for two Professors Doctors in a special medical clinic One of the Professors, Dr Christian van Duyl is a somewhat intimidating character and somehow Eliza keeps getting on his bad side, which doesn t stop her from falling in love with him Unfortunately, the esteemable professor is already engaged to the very suitable Estelle van der Daal Eliza finds Estelle to be somewhat of a bore and not at all suitable for Christian, but if Estelle is who he wants who is she to get in their way 4 Stars The two Professors, one an elderly Englishman and the other a younger handsome Dutchman, were busy planning their trial clinic for asthmatic patients and the last on their list was the nurse they would need As the clinic was to take place in rural Scotland, and all others would be men, they pondered the thought of hiring a male nurse Looking at the list, none were available, and then there was Eliza s name, and to the younger professor it sounded to describe the no nonsense tall and buxom matron they needed Eliza s puzzled with the invitation to leave her position as Ward Sister of the men s medical ward for the short term clinic in Scotland Eliza supposed both Professors would be elderly scholarly sorts, and looked forward to a break from the busy city Much to Eliza s surprise one of the Professors is far from elderly, and it seems he s as surprised to see her too Christian is instantly drawn to this rather beautiful and petite woman, and this annoys him Eliza in her gentle motherly way, charms all the clinical patients and even has the hired help ready to please her Christian, it seems, dislikes her very much and tries hard to avoid her When Eliza sees a picture of Christian s fiancee, she s quite sure that that is not the woman for him, and she is Now all she has to do is make Christian see that too.This was a refreshing love story not Betty Neels normal English nurse and Dutch doctor, in that Christian fights his attraction to Eliza all the way She gets under his skin and shakes up his planned out future Eliza is full of life and down to earth charm While she jumps impulsively into situations often to her own detriment, she s also level headed and take charge in a crisis I chuckled out loud at some of her daydreams, and how she plotted a way to get the fiancee out of the picture I really enjoyed Eliza and Christian s journey to HEA. #Read Pdf á Heaven is Gentle õ Was Eliza Kidding Herself That She Might Stand A Chance With The Professor Sister Eliza Proudfoot Took A Job At The Special Clinic Run By Professor Christian Van Duyl She Found Him A Somewhat Intimidating Character Large In Build And Large In Personality And Somehow Eliza Kept Getting On His Wrong Side, Which Didn T Stop Her From Falling In Love With Him Even Though He Was Engaged To The Very Suitable Estelle Van Der Daal Eliza Found Estelle A Bit Of A Bore, But If That Was What Christian Wanted, Who Was Eliza To Quibble 3.5 stars sigh Reading Betty is such a pleasure It s like floating in a big blue pool of water, with the sun shining on you, sipping a cool glass of lemonade She was exactly the break I needed after reading two asshole, physically abusive heroes, with the gentleness of her h s and their chivalry and politeness GOD I love Betty.I m very conflicted about this book I didn t like the first part all that much, but I loved loved loved the ending One of the most beautiful and satisfying HEAs in Neelsland sigh That s why I m setting for a 3.5 star rating.Let me talk about the heroine first She had spirit, I ll give her that I found myself giggling quite a bit at the tongue lashings she gave the hero, when he acted all high and mighty and had the audacity to look at her down his nose I generally don t like feisty heroines, but I liked this one very much Although I wouldn t describe her as feisty, per se, just high spirited She wasn t a doormat, she didn t allow the hero to treat her like crap She stood up for herself, all the while not coming off as bitchy Now this is the kind of heroine I like.I also liked the way she wanted to steal him away from his fianc e who was very unsuitable for him And I respected that she never did anything about it What was very surprising was even though she perversely went out for walking right before a storm just because Christian the hero had told her not to, I didn t dislike her at all I was actually kind of cheering her on.She was very admirable being kind, independent, brave, soft, warm hearted, witty and feminine all together She was a unique BN heroine, one I won t forget easily.Now I ll move onto the hero I quite liked him in the beginning, where he was amused at her appearance, helped out with mopping the cottage imagine that This is why I love Betty , so gently takes care of her when he rescues her from the storm no angry words or lectures, and rescues her from Rat Faced Rapist and takes her for lunch Or was it tea I forget Anyways, it s the way he behaved that counts.And then he turns into an utter asshole whenever Estelle, his fianc e, is mentioned I abhorred some of the taunts he struck poor Eliza with And then when he so rudely tells her that he is attracted to her and doesn t want to be and all that shit my mind has blocked out most of that conversation , I hated him.And then the Eliza goes to Holland with her patient And swoon Christian is perfect then The perfect besotted BN hero I loved how he defended Eliza against his fianc e, I love how angry he was when she refused to go out to dinner with them all, I loved how he spoke to her and took her for a walk and took her for lunch But most of all I loved how he declares his love in the end But I won t go there just yet.The OW first She wasn t at all as vicious as BN s OW usually are She was actually quite nice if a trifle boring and she had no hidden motives or an inner agenda She was pretty straightforward and not as spoilt as your regular OW It was quite convenient that BN miraculously makes her and Other Research Doctor fall for each other, and evenso when she makes Eliza and Christian too hear their declaration of love It s let s break engagements time NOW we move onto the ending Can I just say how much I love Betty Neels This was one of the sweetest endings I ve read by her, with Christian leaning so adorably against the wall, with his hands inside his pockets, declaring his love, and Eliza so bravely telling him that she loved him sigh This one s a keeper.As for the writing, I really don t need to say anything, do I I mean, it s Betty Neels after all She s fabulous.I love the details in her writing And I forgive her for making the Highlands look like a dreary place, because shethan made up for it with the ending. You d think a sweet, 1950 s style, old fashioned romance wouldn t be a guilty pleasure, but I don t often confess how much I love many of Betty Neels books.But there are times when stock characters and familiar plots are extremely comforting.When I m sick of being competent, tired of being wholly responsible for fixing everything and keeping my world afloat, and I want a Cinderella story, I turn to Betty Neels When I don t want to get depressed over what an awful wimp I am at the moment, I reach for Heaven is Gentle, Henrietta s Own Castle, Cassandra by Chance and Victory for Victoria, and watch these women bring their men to heel When I m in the mood for a Betty Neels, and I want one which isn t the absolutely standard Neels plot line, I reach for this one The location, secondary characters, sense of atmosphere, and day to day activities of all the characters are very interesting.However, of all Neels arrogant, self absorbed heroes who badly need their comeuppance, this one s my favorite, and I enjoyed watching Ms Proudfoot join him in their shared growth experience.Really, I DO love this story The hero is a bit scratchier, less polished andrugged the heroine reminds me of another favorite, the heroine of Henrietta s Own Castle She s smart, extremely competent, and an excellent nurse for both forlorn, elderly men and soggy, forlorn kittens with the hero s help, of course. My Great Betty Neels read continued with 28, Heaven Is Gentle I didn t have too many expectations for this one There wasn t much buzz about it as a favourite Betty and consequently, I approached it cavalierly It surprised me how much I loved it It opened with a beautifully droll ironic scene Dr Christian van Duyl and Professor Wyllie are deciding on hiring a nurse She must be plain, motherly, large, and eminently spinsterish Dr van Duyl is running a special asthma clinic in the Scottish Highlands, of which Professor Wyllie is both patient and participant and said nurse will be on board to aid with patients Christian and the Prof settle on Miss Eliza Proudfoot, who, when she appears in the Wester Ross clinic, turns out to be beautiful, young, snappy, tiny, and anything but a plain Jane spinster At 28, she s a spinster, but not for lack of offers What follows holds many Betty delights Christian and Eliza verbally spar and snap at each other Thethey dislike each other, the greater their attraction They rescue a cat and kittens, withstand a flood, and Christian rescues Eliza when she s caught in a dangerous thunder lightning torrent storm.If you d like to read the rest Professor Christian van Duyl and Professor Wyllie need a nurse for their asthma research project Because he is engaged to a very correct young woman, Christian wants to hire an older, motherly sort of nurse, but all they have to choose from are names They select Eliza Proudfoot and send a letter to her hospital, inviting her to come to Scotland where the research will take place.Eliza is 29, blonde, blue eyed, petite and beautiful She finds Christian very handsome, but he treats her rather coldly At first Soon he is kissing her even against his will Through the weeks spent in the remote Scottish Highlands amid floods and pregnant stray cats and snowstorms Christian and Eliza get to know each other But Eliza knows he will go back to Holland and his fianc e.This has always been one of my favorite offerings from The Great Betty I love the scenery descriptions the cat rescue the heroine rescue I like that the hero was open about his feelings his head warring against his heart Good job, Betty This book has all the usual Neels elements, but with a bit of a twist Nurse Eliza meets RDD Christian when she goes to work with him in the Scottish Highlands She recognizes that he doesn t really love his fiance and decides, for everyone s happiness, to try and show him this Of course she falls for him herself However a visit to Holland shows her how rich he is and Eliza realizes she wouldn t fit into his world Can he change her mind A sweet story where everyone ends up with what they wanted all along. I like a nice bowl of Betty Neels porridge as much as any romance reader, but this one was not one of her best The heroine Eliza goes to work for the hero, in a nursing capacity of course and he s a Dutch doctor professor who spends a great deal of time in the UK of course At some point, on a thin pretext, she has to go spend time in the Netherlands so we can all see his extreme wealth of course There is much suspense LOL over whether his engagement to a snooty Dutch woman will lead to poor Eliza being left with a broken heart of course There is a meal in a fabulous Dutch restaurant, where the heroine eats a bunch of French things, and the hero has cheese and crackers for dessert of course.So, pretty much just what you d expect.Bonus elements This heroine is beautiful, not one of the ones who s always being ignored or insulted for being plain The heroine is not afraid to speak her mind The heroine has a nice family, although they are almost entirely off stage The hero shows signs of being smitten ator less regular intervals this is not one of those wow, I never noticed I loved you until I realized you re evencomfortable than my favourite slippers Neels booksPenalty deductions The hero is rather stupid He picks Eliza for the job based on her battle ax name and is mean to her when he sees she is pretty He is smitten, but dumb about it He kisses her while he s still engaged, and then lectures her on how perfect his fiancee is He talks all the time about his unshaken intention to marry the snooty Dutch woman.All in all, disappointing. This one was fun Definitely a different twist to what I am used to from Betty The heroine had tons of spirit and refused to allow the good doctor to get away with too much Betty didn t weigh her down with all the usual tropes There were wonderful descriptions of the Highlands and the fierce vitality of the land I loved the old conniving professor who was a matchmaker in disguise Our hero falls like a ton of a bricks from the very beginning and I enjoyed watching him eventually cave into his feelings The wicked OW was a little watered down per Betty s style, but still entertaining.