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{Read Kindle} ⚢ What in Gods Name Ó From The Sunsets Department And Geyser Regulation To The Department Of Miracles, Heaven Inc Has The Earth Covered But These Days, The CEO Is Jaded God Knows He Should Be Keeping An Eye On Earthly Disasters, But Instead He S Watching The Church Channels On TV His First Priority Is The Team Of Angels He S Asked To Get Lynyrd Skynyrd Back TogetherMeanwhile, Eliza Has Been Promoted From The Prayers Department To Miracles, And Craig, The Only Other Workaholic In Heaven, Has To Show Her Around Eliza Is Shocked By The Casual Attitude Of Many Of The Angels In Her New Department And She S Furious When She Discovers That God Has Never Looked At, Let Alone Answered, A Single Prayer So She Does Something No One Has Ever Done Before, And It Could Be The End Of The World Fun book Definitely something different and refreshingly so.What if God just decided he wanted to do something else instead of taking care of humans any longer And what if an Angel made a bet that if he could get two socially awkward, shy people to kiss then God would not destroy the world The characters were entertaining, from bored God to his mostly naked prophet Raoul to the Angels, Craig and Eliza, and my favorites, the Archangel Vince and the human, Raj The will all attempt to save the world, some knowlingly and some not Will any of them succeed Well, that would be telling now, wouldn t it There are two storylines, the angels trying to bring the two humans together and their own interactions Each plot is developed just enough to care about the characters and who doesn t care about the end of the world The Angels have various computer programs that allow them to measure compatability, revisit any moment in history or just a single person s life The world of Heaven, Inc is well crafted.This isn t laugh out loud funny although there were a few of those moments , but thoughtfully funny It just works There is also a subtle message of not letting time go by because who knows when your last day will be This is not a message book though so don t think it is preachy or trying to convince you of anything It is just thoughtful.Great change of pace read. You know that rom com that s in heavy rotation on that basic cable channel The one with the charming pratfalls and reheated Simpsons jokes and magical ethnic secondary characters who have amusing grammar and exist to help out the hapless leads But you watch it to the end because it s super short Yeah, this is that. Okay, the premise of this book might sound a little cheesy Let s face it, we live in a world where some dopey 4 year old gets brainwashed by his even dopier dad regarding his experience in heaven, and all of a sudden we ve got a runaway bestseller Or some jackoff gets hit by an 18 wheeler and then lets us know what heaven is like, and we decide to buy that one too.It seems a little odd to me that the only people who seem to glimpse heaven are those who have lost 90% of their vital fluids or haven t been breathing for the last couple hours I mean, I get less than 9 hours of sleep in a night and I have all kinds of side effects, but you don t see me writing a book about them Granted, a book about having to crap twice as frequently and getting inexplicable midday boners might not be a page turner, but goddamnit at least it s honest.What In God s Name is about some angels who have a few days to make a miracle happen, otherwise God is planning to destroy the Earth Mostly because he s kind of over it, but also because he s moved on to the idea of running a really kickass Asian Fusion restaurant This book probably contains my favorite portrayal of God ever Not only because he spends an inordinate amount of resources getting Lynyrd Skynyrd back together, a project that, if successful, would definitely go a long way towards proving the existence of this Free Bird Loving Atheist He s not malicious He just sort of seems like the upper upper boss of most big companies, fairly detached from the day to day in a way that s sort of shocking but also HAS to be the only way his existence makes any sense whatsoever.The book reads like a romcom that, if made into a movie, I could handle The characters aren t overly attractive so much as they are compatible, the funny parts are actually funny and not based on some ridiculous machinations that result a father in law walking in on a guy who is trying to feed a dog worm medicine, but when the father in law walks in it somehow looks like the guy is fucking the dog And there are even a couple nice moments.In fact, this would make an excellent movie However, I would like to make a short list of actors I d like to ban from participating in any major roles Katherine Heigl Enough already I ll admit, I was fooled by herassets By which I mean boobsets But no I ve grown up.Reese Witherspoon The prettier but unfunny Amy Poehler No thanks.Gerard Butler The shitty movies this guy makes, the harder it is for me to enjoy the homoeroticism of 300 in a completely hetero way.Bradley Cooper I like how he did a movie about doing a drug that made him a better person in every way That s the guy who needs it, the one who s going from a 9.8 to a 9.9.Sandra Bullock Am I the only one who remembers the Net Fondly Jennifer Aniston I blame her for the stupid fliptop on Smart Water That thing is dumb I don t want to drink from a baby bottle I want to drink from an adult bottle, which is made of glass and usable as a stabbing implement in a pinch. Drink up The world s about to come to an end.When a story starts off with a God bored by real world events and favoring a kind of spiritual porn, then you know you re in for a ripping good time The end of the world has never seemed so funny as God decides to cash in his chips and leave the table while two Angels bank everything on one last desperate throw of the dice The scramble to save the world by getting two socially inept losers to exchange a kiss gets ever frantic as the clock ticks down the pacing gets faster and the story never flags as the reader flips through each page, reading about the awkward, fat Sam and the nondescript Laura who couldn t manage to be the smart one, the brainy one, the athletic one or the artistic one, to the despair of her well meaning but frustrated parents I found myself racing through this book as I wondered whether the Angels would get these two together, laughing as God tried to get his Asian fusion restaurant running and rolling my eyes at the antics of God s chosen prophet, a tin foil wrapped, crazy looking ranting hobo with a sign, just the type of nutso that human beings never heed This was such an excellent novel that I read it in one day and instantly wanted to start again In the Beginning.