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This was your typical hard ass older and of course closeted cowboy falls for a younger and out cowboy kind of story view spoiler Don t forget to throw in the standard younger cowboy gets hurt injured and older cowboy finally realizes his feelings when he thought the younger one might not make it scene hide spoiler Absolutely loved this book It has all the right ingredients for me age difference and cowboys P I was hooked from the start, since like Matty I like older man, and I really didn t see Baxter as such an asshole Sure his behavior pissed me off often, than not, but I could understand his motives and sympathize with them Like he himself said he s a middle aged closeted cowboy, cut him some slack The story was rather short and Baxter s indecision and uncertainty didn t feel dragged out to me, but just realistic It would seem strange if he d embraced openly gay lifestyle on the ranch right away And I loved seeing the glimpses of his true feelings for Matt when he gave him comfort and support at the moments of grief The ending was very sweet and just so satisfying happy sigh Oh, and I ve said that before and I m saying it again I do prefer sex scenes written by men and here they ve been smoking hot.All in all loved this story and I d like to read about these guys someday Maybe something about the poor Doc, since he s been deprived here D KINDLE ♙ The Ranch Foreman ♂ When Madison Matty Ward Finds Himself Out Of Work And Without A Place To Live, His Cousin Comes Through With A Job On The Gates Cattle Ranch Despite Not Knowing Anything About Herding Cattle Or Taking Care Of Horses, Matty Does His Best To Impress The Older Hunky Foreman, Baxter Hollingsworth Baxter Is Drawn To The New Young Hand, But He S Deeply Closeted, And After An Openly Gay Veterinarian Shows He S Interested In Matty, Baxter S Repressed Feelings Lead To An Explosive Encounter Baxter Then Withdraws Leaving Matty Feeling Angry And Used Until An Accident Forces Him To Confront His Fears Narrator Max Lehnen 3 StarsThis was not my kind of book A nice in between books but nothing special. 4.5 stars You can tell this was written by a man That said, I liked this story a lot Probably because of all the emotions it stirred inside me Matty seemed so sweet, if a bit of a pushover sometimes Baxter, on the other hand, was a bastard, and I didn t want him with Matty at all But I warmed up to him in the end, seeing how hard it was for him to just come out and say what he wanted And when Matty started to stand up to himself , that was good too I was relieved.So why does it matter if the story was written by a man or a woman In a word, it doesn t But you will notice differences from the romance oriented stories out there The downright dirty sex without much talking, the straight to the cock action, and the general not speaking about what s troubling you habits that typically annoy women These were handled in a manly way And I found myself liking the style quite a bit Sure, I missed the romance, but since Baxter isn t out, it made sense that the events proceeded the way they did.Written in the third person, we still only get Matty s point of view Baxter is hot and cold, seeming both gay and straight when the mood hits, and his startling lack of communications skills made me want to deck him than half the time But in the end I got him, and I was happy Matty had been so persistent Gosh, I sure wouldn t have been Still, I personally would have liked to know about Baxter and his background as counterbalance to his rough nature and silences.The writing s efficient and fluent, the pace is tight, and there s dialogue and action mixed, as well as good side characters Matty s cousin, Brian, is sweet and kind, a real gentleman, and Matty s aunt and Brian s mother is a good woman suffering from a deadly illness Clyde, the slimy ranch hand, was just as horrid as one might imagine and be forewarned There s a sort of a forced sex thing here, or dare I call it rape.In any case, the story shows the boring part of being a cowboy, mucking up stalls and doing hard manual labor Nonetheless, I have only good things to say about this story The hot erotic scenes that initially seemed rather one sided and unemotional were in fact a whole lot Just you wait and see.I recommend this to everyone who likes their cowboys down and dirty, all man. 5 Stars KAPOW ALive Your Life, Buy The BookReviewMadison Ward AKA Matty has just left everything behind to come work as a ranch hand where his cousin Brian lives and works Matty had been living with his aunt, Brian s mother, taking care of her while the Cancer ate away at her body Matty had done all he could do with his aunt but he just couldn t provide the care she needed, so Brian had her moved to an assisted living facility Now, here he is with his cousin about to do a job he has no idea how to do.Boy, working on the ranch is hard work, but the eye candy of one Baxter Hollingsworth is worth every minute of it When Matty first sees Baxter over the crowded dining room table he knows instantly Baxter is gay What he soon learns is that even though Baxter is flashing him those lust filled looks, he s deeply hidden in the closet But that doesn t stop Matty from wanting the ranch foreman and the Baxter plays hard to get, the Matty wants the older man.When Matty decides to go with Baxter to the city for ranch supplies, they have a rest stop bathroom hook up But when it s over Baxter acts like nothing ever happened and of course Matty s hurt by it but he really should have known better Now, he s being avoided and it s ticking him off When his aunt takes a turn for the worst, Baxter turns into another person He s kind, compassionate and so sweet I only wished it could have lasted, but a good book won t give you want you want right away It has to make you work for it So back to being the same butt he was before and Matty has had enough When he s asked out on a date by the handsome vet, he goes Why should he sit around and wait for Baxter to come around when he knows the man is to deep in the closet to ever do anything than make Matty his dirty little secret Just maybe him going out with Doc Brown is the kick in the rear Baxter needs to make a change or it will turn Baxter into an even bigger prick than he was before But when Matty is injured in a storm it forces Baxter to make a decision about what he wants and who he wants it with.I loved that there was very little drama and just a touch of angst I mean when Baxter basically dismissed Matty after they had what Matty thought was the best sex of his life, I felt a pang in my chest and wanted to cry Just because it really hurt him to be treated like that.The story is told from Matty s POV and though I would have loved to know what was going through Baxter s mind while he was trying to figure out his feelings, not having it did not take away from the story one bit.I loved this Novella I breezed right through it in just a few hours and already I m itching to see what other things Rob Colton has to offer. I have only recently started reading books by this author especially a few of his free stories I really enjoyed the first book in the Galactic Conspiracies This story was very different it had a serious and darker edge but it was still really good.When I first started reading this I thought it might turn out to be one of those run of the mill gay cowboy stories but it wasn t Matt gets a job on a ranch along with his cousin and he finds himself attracted to the ranch foreman Baxter Unfortunately Baxter is deeply closeted and although he is happy to have secret hook ups with Matt, this isn t what Matt really desires Matt finds that he has to work through his attraction and his unwillingness to be a dirty secret He doesn t find this easy but he refuses to settle for less and he does this quite stoically because he is quite clear about what he wants.But there are other complications and heartaches which he goes through Matt s beloved aunt passes away and he has to deal with loss He finds the work on the ranch quite physically challenging and he doesn t really have any close friends on the ranch apart from his cousin because the other ranch hands know he is gay and so they keep their distance He also has to deal with the unwanted attention and abuse from another ranch hand.It is quite a gritty story, not too angsty because the writing is quite gentle even through the traumatic parts, but the story is still clearly emotional I could really feel for Matt in his lonliness, and his efforts to get along with everyone and the way in which he tries his best to fit in I really liked experiencing how he tries to get used to his work and tackle even the most dirty tasks eventually taking solace in his work Matt is also very determined and although it isn t his ideal he manages to cope with his attraction to someone who doesn t appear to be willing to have a meaningful and honest relationship with him, recognising that he actually deserves and not spending too much time lamenting over this even though the attraction hurts him.Thankfully by the end of the story Matt achieves some kind of resolution to all these emotional experiences and also gains the love that he desires I am really getting to like this author s writing and his style This story was emotional without being too angsty Another one that I enjoyed. First off, I didn t read the blurb closely enough to see that this was a May December romance Those usually don t work for me, but I had already purchased the book and had started so I kept going The age difference didn t bother me as much as the attitude of MC Baxter did He was deep in the closet and set in his ways and had no problems hurting MC Matty emotionally to get his rocks off Sure, he redeemed himself in the end, but by then it was too little, too late in my eyes.Cannot recommend I found nothing romantic here at all. I actually did enjoyed this but its definitely not your champagne and roses romance and I can see why some readers wouldn t like it because the two main characters do tend to have you exasperated and rolling your eyes but if you take on board that that s how they are and accept it for what it is then I think the story is really readable.Baxter and Matty come under the heading of stupid stubborn men on my shelves, especially Baxter who acts like a complete bastard because he s frightened of outing himself and is quite dislikable most of the time but underlying are odd flashes of the softer man he can be so by the time he redeems himself I had warmed to him Then Matty is so enamoured he keeps weakly giving in to the temptation, making you want to shout and scream at him for letting Baxter get under his skin but despite all that I still found myself rooting for them to get together because its so obvious that they re not just hot for each other but underneath all the OMG will they won t they fanoodlings there are true, deeper feelings than just sexual pleasure The sex itself is frequent, down and dirty, raw and no frills but that didn t particularly bother me Men are likely to be led by lust first and feelings second so I think in m m romance this type of attraction is true to form than hearts and flowers romance we girls tend to expect and it fitted the mindset of both men There is an off page dub con possible rape that occurs but its not written in an explicit way mind you saying that doesn t makes it any less awful an occurance view spoiler it happens when Matty goes out and gets absolutely lathered and its only the day after he realises someone has had sex with him but they have used protection, so I think you re meant to believe the culprit just took advantage of him being extremely drunk but in my eyes that s still a form of rape hide spoiler Darn I loved the whole idea of cowboys and the ranch and all that, but unfortunately the end result just didn t quite pull it off The story was mostly about Matt the young and na ve MC and Baxter the older gruff MC and how Matt was lusting after Baxter, and how Baxter was a total asshat And I didn t buy their declarations of love at the end, since I d spent most of the story annoyed with Matt for being such a pushover for this guy But the story wasn t a total washout I really enjoyed the secondary characters and the way Matt interacted with the horses There were some good moments there that made me really like Matt and kept me interested enough to want to see him get his HEA, even though I wasn t so sure I wanted it to be with Baxter, the douche.I wouldn t necessarily recommend this one, but it wasn t horrible either So there ya go.