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With a keen understanding of what her fans crave, JT Ellison swiftly paints a pulse pounding tale with the introduction of her newest thriller The Immortals Delving into an unexpected sub culture the occult Ellison ratchets up the fear with each spine tingling page, as much loved Jackson confronts a strange and mysterious veil of evil As night falls, Lieutenant Taylor Jackson should be kicking back with a beer and her team, basking in the success of her reinstatement to the homicide division, instead they ve received an emergency call that will change the fabric of the community Panic has set in in a well off Nashville suburb as one teenage victim after another is discovered It is Samhain the Blood Harvest or what most recognize as Halloween and the ghouls have come out to play Only this night, the game is vengeance and the consequences are deadly www.suspensemagazine.com Not my favourite book of the series I found J.T Ellison a bit verbose at times repetitive and I am not a big fan of the succubus genre or paranormal and yes I know it was all based around Hallowe en and teenagers.The writing got better after the halfway mark and I did like finding outabout John Baldwin s earlier days with the FBI.So now that J.T Ellison has had both main characters before IA internal affairs , we can move along.Still not a bad read, but like I said, not my favourite and definitely a one time read. [Download] ⚒ The Immortals ⚖ Es Ist Die Nacht Der Bluternte Von Nichtgl Ubigen Auch Halloween Genannt Die Nacht, In Der Acht Jugendliche In Nashville Den Tod Finden Allen Ist Ein Pentagramm In Die Haut Geritzt Worden Stieg Wirklich Der Todesengel Azrael Auf Die Erde Herab, Um Sein Grausames Werk Zu Verrichten Lieutenant Taylor Jackson Hat Gerade Erst Wieder Die Leitung Der Mordkommission Bernommen Und Steht Schon Vor Dem Gr Ten R Tsel Ihrer Karriere Gemeinsam Mit Der Selbst Ernannten Hexe Ariadne Taucht Sie In Die Mystische Welt Der Menschen Ein, Die An Todesengel Und Hexenzauber Glauben Was Sie Bei Ihren Ermittlungen Entdeckt, Geht Weit Ber Das Hinaus, Was Mit Normalem Menschenverstand Zu Begreifen Ist The Immortals Taylor Jackson by J T Ellison Mass Market Paperback Oct 1, 2010 In this sometimes confusing and sometimes unsuspensful, suspense novel we catch up to Taylor Jackson just as she has been reinstated to the Nashville PD and as the ceremony finishes, congratulations are passed around and they are off to celebrate Taylor gets called to the scene of a crime A horrific ritualistic murder involving a teenager Then she is called to another murder, then another and another and so on At the same time, her fianc Baldwin has been called back to Quantico to deal with something that had happened a number of years ago.This is the 5th book in the Taylor Jackson series and some readers may find it a bit difficult to understand fully what is going on and who is who and how they relate to Taylor since the book is sprinkled liberally with references from earlier books.What could have been an exciting fast paced novel of suspense and thrills just based on the types of murders they are, quickly can become frustrating to the reader when the reader realizes that this is not going to be able to be read as a stand aloneOne of my problems with a few novels is some authors ability to pull a reader so far out of the main story by telling a second story that has absolutely no bearing on the main theme And that is what I felt happened with The Immortals Every time the suspense started to build and it finally was becoming a page turner, Ellison would break from the main story to tell a secondary story that mostly took place many years ago.While I understood that the protagonist was a teenager and that sometimes teens have ego issues, I found Raven to be especially pompous, a blow hard, overly erudite and annoying beyond the normal feelings that one has for a possible murderer.Unfortunately, though I really wanted to enjoy this novel just based on the ideas laid out in the description, I just could not get into it and find anything to recommend to anyone.Edited to add this SPOILER ALERT If you have issues with incest you may want to stay away form this book while it s not a huge part of the theme of the book, due to the nature of the sex scenes it may be of concern to some. Her BEST BOOK of the series hands down Onto 6 Although some might hesitate at the supernatural twist to this installment in the Taylor Jackson series, I found it just riveting That twist made it uniquely different It added a whole new concept to the murders and pushed Taylor s character to show some insecurities that made herhuman to the reader This is one story where the killer is a complete surprise, also at least until the very end and that s makes for some awesome late night reading For Detective Taylor Jackson s part in helping to stop The Conductor , a horrible serial killer, Taylor has recently been reinstated Detective Jackson is putting her team back together again Taylor does not have much rest time before she is needed While heading home after celebrating, Taylor receives a phone call from dispatch of a possible homicide Detective Jackson and her team head over to the scene While investigating, they receive another report of a homicide Before Taylor knows it, reports of homicide are coming in from every direction When it is all said and done, there are eight young teenage bodies Each one with strange occult symbols carved into their bodies Can Taylor piece together all the pieces before the killer strikes again The Immortals is the fifth Taylor Jackson novel The Immortals I thought was a bit darker and grittier than the prior novels It moved slower than the other ones While I started this series with reading book three and have enjoyed every book since, I must admit that this book took me a little longer to get into than usual Not saying that this book was bad as it was up to par with the rest of the prior novels Detective Jackson is one tough cookie She can hang with the big boys No matter how big or scary the killer is Taylor always makes sure to get her man Mrs Ellison does know how to serve up a good mystery novel with The Immortals I can not wait to read the next Taylor Jackson novel. Although this fifth volume in the Taylor Jackson series is a little hokey with its witchcraft angle, it remains a fast paced and exciting read The supernatural elements just feel particularly false because the previous four novels really do not provide any sort of foundation for the series to take a turn to include the real power of witches Ellison even provides a shout out to John Connolly, who has done an excellent job of weaving in a supernatural element to his mystery series starring his private investigator, Charlie Parker But, the witchery aside, this is still an interesting plot And as Taylor works to solve this Halloween spree of murders, a significant chunk of Baldwin s past is revealed both through his testimony at a hearing and in his own sort of flashbacks on the case that brought him together with Charlotte Asof that side story unfolds, some truly shocking information is introduced promising challenges for the couple in future novels.More time is spent here setting up for the Pretender so it seems that the final showdown will be coming soon I am really looking forward to it And at least the cliffhanger for this one isof an uplifting one than usual This is a fun series with great characters I am going to be sad to be completely caught up with it Let me just say that I have really been enjoying this series This time the crime is the unexplained deaths of 8 teenagers all living within a few blocks of one another and all on the same afternoon LT Taylor Jackson and her homicide team from the Nashville Police Department definitely have their hands full on this one There are satanic symbols left at the scene Very intense and very good book. I would really give this one a 2.8 Just couldn t bring out a 3 from me Love the author, but this one was not quite up to her usual page turning intensity The whole Goth Wicca scene was a drag Found my mind drifting while reading it Not a good sign Thought Cold Room captured and kept my attention muchHope she holds true to form with her next one since I have found her books alternate between fabulous and ho hum.