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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♩ Sustainable Homebrewing ⚖ Brew Delicious Organic Beer At Home In This Comprehensive Guide, Amelia Slayton Loftus Covers Everything You Need To Know To Brew At Home With Organic Ingredients, Stressing Practices That Minimize Waste And Use Sustainable Resources Along With Irresistible Recipes, Loftus Provides Expert Tips On Buying Equipment, Harnessing Solar Energy, Recycling Water, Using Spent Grain, And Growing Your Own Organic Barley, Hops, And Herbs You Ll Enjoy Brewing Homemade Beer That Not Only Tastes Great, But Is Good For The Environment A very knowledgeable but sometimes a bit talky guide to homebrewing sustainably A few good recipes, yes But the primary value of this book lies 1 in its pharmacopeia of natural brew ingredients and 2 in its recipes for spent grain and yeast.This is a book I d add to my resource shelf. If you want a quick and dirty guide to home brewing, this isn t it While very detailed and helpful, this book is tough to get through The author does a great job giving details on all the ways to be sustainable with beer brewing, and even supplies the reader with an array of recipes Who should read this Someone who is ready to take home brewing seriously or any beer drinker who cares about the environment What to drink with this Water with lemon You d have to be sober to be able to take it all in. I received an ARC copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book is fantastic, so much detail and such a valuable reference as my man and I would like to eventually get into brewing our own beer.Easy to understand, and great instructions to follow I can t praise this enough. The title says it all This is a guide for sustainable homebrewing This isn t a bad guide Isn t a great guide But it is one of MANY guides a homebrewer can choose from. Finally began reading this after renewing it for the 4th time. Great book for advanced home brewers or people just thinking about taking up the hobby Some excellent ideas for keeping ones ecological footprint minimal while brewing Being that I m as enthusiastic about baking as brewing I appreciated the author s ideas in regards to incorporating spent grains and brewers yeast in with breads and pizza doughs I also maintain a small garden so the section on the homebrewer s garden was of particular interest since most of what I grow hops, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, pumpkins is for my homebrew, bread, and pizza.