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Ava, why the fuck am I handcuffed to the bedMore desperation in the second bookMore yellingMore wild emotionsMore drinkingMore sexMore kinky sexMore shocking truthsMore controlling and resisting.More liesMore forgivenessMore passionI want you here when I go to sleep He licks my bottom lip And I want you here when I wake up Starting and ending my day with you is all I needGodI ADORE Jesse Ward Three Two One Zero, Baby I m on a Central Jesse Cloud Nine First of all, since I haven t been able to put casting photos in my review of This Man, I m gonna do it here, so Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the one and only, The Lord of The Sex Manor JESSE FVCKIN WARD I didn t think Jesse Ward can be crazy but in Beneath This Man, the guy introduced us to a whole new level of CUHRAZY It s bordering DELUSIONAL.I didn t know how I managed to finish this one when the entire time I was reading, I was like this I m so close to throwing and smashing things I see because this book is just UGH INFURIATING.Here s a breakdown of all the things that happened in this book Contains spoilers so read at your own risk Jesse is miserable and so is Ava Jesse asks her to stay in her life after 5 LOOOOONNNNGGGG DAYS of being apart , she agreed.And in no particular order Sappy emotional shit i.e ILYs and I need you from Jesse and Ava Ava having a lot of questions for Jesse Jesse refuses to answer Fvcking Ava asking how old Jesse is, the bastard plays guessing game A FVCKING GAIN Ava s pills went missingWHY AM I NOT SURPRISEDYelling A lot of angst Fvcking Ava swearing Jesse WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH FVCKING Jesse asking Ava who s in control and all that shit Jesse bullying Ava into saying YES to whatever he wants Ava says YES Ava s pills went missing again Jesse asking Ava,Are you pregnantorAre you eating for twoAs if we didn t know already Sappy emotional talk again from both our MCs Ava asking Jesse questions about him Jesse nudges them Ava using swear words MOUTH FVCKING RETRIBUTION FVCKWho s in control Ava You.Who do you need, Ava You BLAH BLAH BLAH Jesse trampling Our MCs fighting again WATCH YOUR FVCKING MOUTH Sense fvck Emotional talk Exchange of sweet words and all that.This just keeps on repeating over and over.AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN I SWEAR IT S NEVER ENDING IT S HYSTERICAL OMG I WANNA SCREAMGIMME SOMETHING NEWBut, I didn t include the parts I did love in there.This Man taught us the types of fvck Beneath This Man added few types namely Retribution fvck Sense fvckand Truth fvck c o Ava I really love this scene PAYBACK TIME MY THOUGHTS Is Jesse still the same Oh no He s worse He s crazy than ever And he messed up a LOT And oh, we get to find out his REAL AGE Yeah right, I found myself askingThat s his age view spoiler The age difference isn t that big hide spoiler DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚇ Beneath this Man ⚖ Book Of The New York Times Bestselling This Man TrilogyJesse Ward Drowned Her With His Intensity And Blindsided Her With His Passion, But He Kept Her Away From His Dark Secrets And Broken Soul Leaving Him Was The Only Way Ava O Shea Could Survive She Should Have Known That Jesse Ward Is Impossible To Escape And Now He S Back In Her Life, Determined To Remind Her Of The Sensual Pleasures They Had Shared Ava Is Equally Determined To Get At The Truth Beneath This Man S Steely Exterior That Means Letting Herself Get Close To The Lord Of The Manor Once And It S Exactly Where Jesse Wants Her Within Touching Distance Beneath This Man, book 2 of 3 The continuation of the in control yet so out of control, Jesse Ward s intense whirlwind romance with Ava O SheaI look up into his green eyes and wisely note that he s not in a fucking about mood I want to bring to his attention that I m not happy about his evasion of my enquiry, but I know it will get me entirely nowhere right now Besides, I m absolutely delighted to see my domineering man back It s been too longThis Man Series is the intense, epic saga about Jesse Ward, Mr Sexy, Bossy, Compulsive and Secretive Extraordinaire, in his relentless pursuit and seduction of interior designer, Ava O Shea Their story is filled with covert pasts and hidden agendas It s truly a wild, bumpy and emotional ride loaded with intrigue and shockers, undiluted lust and mind bending sex plus a compulsive and intense love Be prepared to be swept away by their story Books in This Man series should be read in order Book 1 This ManBook 2 Beneath This ManBook 3 This Man ConfessedBook 4 With This ManBeneath This Man book 2 picks up just days after the shocking cliff hanger ending of book 1 Jesse and Ava have lots to overcome and uncover For starters Jesse s secrets and compulsive need to control and Eva s desperate struggle not to be swallowed by everything that is Jesse, faltering between needing and demanding to know and not standing up enough for herself Add to that their intense, co dependent feelings and addictive sexual attraction and throw in vindictive villains, surprises and set backs and you have a heck of a roller coaster Strap on your seatbelts, or should I say handcuff yourself to something Jesse Ward is just what I needed In fact he is everything I needed He truly is all pure, sexy, unadulterated bossy alpha Six words to describe Jesse Intense, bossy, compulsive, enigmatic, possessive and elusive.I d also like to extend my sincere thanks for introducing us to all that is sex with Jesse or fucks depending on the mood Reminder fucks, Sleepy sex, Make friends sex, Shower fucks, Hangover sex, Catching up sex, Sense fucks, Seeing stars fucks, Apology fucks, Possessive fucks, Retribution fucks, Sleepy celebration sex view spoiler Proposal fucks and Truth fucks hide spoiler I m not sure about this book yet, I m giving it 4 stars I may change to 5Ava got on my nerves quite a bit, but mainly the rating would bc of the steamy scenesJesse is quite controlling and a tad immature in this book, but all his creativity regarding the sex in their relationship kind of balances my liking him.They are at it like 90% of the story, and the other 10% is filled with drama at the Manor, at the PH, at the club We finally find out how old Jesse really is The sex is awesome, but the rest is good.Who I picture as Jesse I don t know if there was a deep hidden message in this book, you know, some kind of deep meaning that I didn t get But if there were, I could only come to the conclusion that my brain isn t developed enough to comprehend the value of it.Let me tell you what I do know I now know why the author chose the name Beneath this man, and it s because this story is about a man walking all over a girl s life, self esteem and dignity and ripping every ounce of rational thought out of her head and I don t mean it in the good way This woman has literally put her lifebeneathher feelings for this man, a man that deserves nothing else but to be left to rot in a pile of flesh eating bugs.Even though this book is completely plotless and filled with crappy dialogues, there is a great variety when it comes to humiliation and abuse At the very beginning of the series we have this girl who is portrayed to be relatively normal you know, she is young, she is fairly successful in what she does Yes, she is out of a bad relationship, but haven t we all been like that at some point Then this guy comes along and smashes everything for her He literally takes her life away from her by dickmatizing her he makes her a slave to the cock, girls, and you know it.But it gets even better in Beneath this man He is literally telling her how she is supposed to live her life He wants her around him all the time, so that he can fucking control every damn second of her life And if he were reading this, he would simply sayWatch your fucking mouth Now, probably every girl on this planet loves the alpha male and or the bad boy Women just feel the need to be protected, you know it s pretty natural and I accept it What I cannot accept, however, is how on earth is it possible for women to like this book altogether This is a book about a woman being ordered around, told and forced what to do, not about a woman who is loved And if you still think that you are about to read a love story, you should simply get it out of your heads This is not love this is all about a girl becoming obsessed with a guy s dick And even though a lot of Jesse s actions are explained through his supposed love to Ava, I cannot feel the love in the air What I feel is a woman s desperation to be with a person who is manipulating her with sex To be honest, I was very happy when she somehow grasped it at one point, but unfortunately this insight didn t last long I think that I could best describe this book by using the author s own wordsMy sanity is certainly questionable, but I m sane enough to admit that I was a normal, sound minded girl I definitely don t qualify for that any To sum it up no self respecting woman that is sane, not under chemically induced coma or drugged should like this book Because liking this book automatically means that you would enjoy going through all of the shit described in this book Oh yeah, and then rate it 5 stars. 1,5 starsI m sorry.I know the majority liked Beneath This Man, the 2nd book in Jodi Ellen Malpas s This ManTrilogy..but it just didn t work out for me.Jesse Ward has become beyond obsessive.his behaviour is weird and crazy and extremeso what if we now know his age and how he received the famous scar and how evil and horrible his parents wereblah blah blah I could not like Jesse in this bookhis actions were pretty scary..he lies to Ava about a lot of important thingsthose are not little white lieshe manipulates herhe stalks her..he checks up on her Do they want to keep me in a glass box so nothing and no one can hurt me You re mine, and mine alone, baby Just for my eyes, just for my touch and just for my pleasure Just mine Do you understand me.interrupts her business meetings..STALKER.STALKER.NOT MUCH At first, I thought.finally, Ava is showing some backbonemaybe it s trueafter all, she handcuffs Jesse to the bed post and leaves him to stew And then what happens next Oooh, Jesse, Jesse.So forgive me if I don t feel sorry for you.when you say things like this He disregards my opinions and wishes at every turn, with his neurotic, challenging ways, and now I fear I m becoming neurotic and challenging as well He brings out the worst in me, and I know damn well I bring out the worst in him And just as fast as I canforget those thoughtsratherI just love sex with think I will just give in to him.Pleeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hell, this woman, Ava, drove me absolutely bonkers I wanted to jump into the book and give her a piece of my something like this I like well written sex scenes that form part of the story..but how much is enough sex scenes Well, Mr Ward Given how much sex we have, I d say you re the majority shareholder of power in this relationship And for heaven s sake..what about carpet burn.but no, this does not happen in fiction darlings..and no, Jesse Ward does not need Viagra for those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sex times with sweet little Ava This book could have been cut in half..there was so much repetition that I found myself skimming a lot of pages.Truthfully..I m become a bit enthusiastic about this series, so I probably will read book 3much to my dismay I don t know why for the life of me I keep reading these books, I must be sick in the head Reading these two books is like exploring the mind of a certified nut job, how can any woman think this shit is romantic or better yet sexy Jesse, oh Jesse, here s a tip, just cause you deny you re an alcoholic doesn t make it true Guess what YOU RE A FUCKING ALCOHOLIC I don t care how you dress it up, you have a problem and blaming other people for your actions is just stupid No one forced that bottle of booze in your hand, that was all you I honestly don t understand how Ava can go back to someone who is nothing than a brash, overbearing, emotionally unstable, sex addict, and all around asshole, of a man I kept waiting for him to install a GPS chip on her ass, he didn t even give her privacy in the toilet for peets sake Yes, he loves her, that s nice, so whats even romantic than a declaration of love, ah yes a proposal mid fuck What girl wouldn t swoon over that move, here s what I have to say to that What s annoying than Jesse is Ava, she just lets him continuously push her around Not only him but his friends too, after being wrangled into checking on Jesse she stays to take care of him Uh, let his fucking friends do that shit, you don t owe him anything Ava eventually relents and continues her relationship with the psycho but its anything but healthy He forces her into situations she is clearly uncomfortable with and its painful to read Every time she stands her ground she ends up relenting in a hot minute, and is on her back in less time than that She finally wises up to his motives regarding her birth control pills but it was of a slap on the wrist than anything Ava, please for the love of God, run for the hills and don t look back.I don t know how the rest of the trilogy will play out, but I know that it will most likely end with me being frustrated and ready to punch someone I can only hope that if anyone meets a real life Jesse Ward they turn around and walk the other way, no sex is worth all the shit that goes along with a crazy. This book is now live on everyone Full review, finally UK I want the woman with me who keeps my heart beating Wow Just, Wow Before you read my review, please just open Massive Attack s Angel in a new window and play it in the background as you read This song features frequently during the book and is Jesse s song for Ava Play it LOUD This has to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2013 After the last desperate and devastating few chapters of This Man, we ve all been waiting with bated breath for Jesse Ava The second book of a trilogy is traditionally the weakest, it s neither a beginning or an end and can often be just filler but that is NOT the case here This book just blew me away, I DEVOURED it and I am now bereft that it is over and can t wait for the third book to be able to finally conclude this intense and overwhelming romance.We left Jesse Ava in the depths of despair at the end of This Man Both of them are broken by what has happened and their relationship is seemingly in ruins They re both in pieces and wrecked and, Jesse especially, hell bent on self destruction This was done so very well their broken hearts and intense overwhelming sadness leap vividly to life right off the page and their despair is palpable They re just lost without each other.As they move beyond these events and attempt to get their relationship back on track I couldn t help feel that their connection was one of the most intense and most emotional that I think I ve ever read in romantic fiction I so wanted them to sort out their differences, to be open and honest with each other and to find that Happy Ever After that s constantly drifting ever so slightly out of reach I read with a big grin, loving every minute that they were together and then again always with that ever present worry that Jodi Ellen Malpas was going to rip the rug out from under us with some unforeseen complication and plummet them back down into the darkness It s a story of unbelievably wonderful highs followed by despondent lows Jesse is back in all his arrogant, alpha, dominant controlling glory with sleepy sex, sense fucks, reminder fucks and now even retribution fucks The steam factor in this book is off the charts HAWT The normally strong dominant playboy has been reduced to a frightened desperate soul by the intensity and depth of his feelings for Ava He s lived a hedonistic lifestyle until the moment he met her, he s never cared for the multitude of women that he s had physical relationships with and was fairly self destructive not caring whether he lived or died Now Ava has burst onto his horizon and he can hardly see straight, he loves her so much He s terrified that he s going to lose her, that someone will take her from him and she brings out all his extremely over protective instincts He s a troublesome, neurotic rogue and there were times that I wanted to scream at him, bang his head against a brick wall to knock some sense into him he made me crazy Ava too I was just rooting for them to find a happy balance an equilibrium that would ultimately ease their troubled souls but they re so deeply connected to one another, body and soul, they have the power to absolutely destroy one other Ava continues to be a wonderful heroine that you can truly believe in She s as overwhelmed as Jesse by her feelings and is completely bowled over by him She s a feisty soul and despite Jesse s dominant presence manages to win some of their battles She s strong and independent and doesn t take well to Jesse trying to micro manage her life to the nth degree and it makes for a tortuous path as they argue and dispute every little aspect of their life together only to make up with seriously hot off the charts steamy bedroom action Ava feels a connection to Jesse that she has never felt with anyone ever before and he makes her ecstatically happy and allows her to feel safe at the same time as driving her totally barking mad Beneath This Man is a beautiful, captivating, conflicting, tortuous romance that had me completely consumed by their story I was totally absorbed by the words on the page, everything else just faded into the background as I lost myself absolutely in their fictional world, falling and in love with Jesse with every chapter There s just something so open and engaging about what is passing between them It s also funny as we get to see the little quirks of character from This Man building and growing giving you the reader a feeling that you re getting to know this central duo so very well They feel like friends There s also a great host of secondary characters with poor Clive, the much abused concierge at Lusso, John an absolute pillar of strength at The Manor and Kate and Sam and all of Ava s riotous friends and colleagues As I was lucky enough to be one of the earliest to read this, I got asked over and over the same questions how old is Jesse, how did he get that scar, did he sleep with Sarah, and All I can say is you re just going to have to read the book I know you re all desperate to know but you don t really want me to tell you You ll want to experience it for yourself just the way the author intended.So, this was my first 5 star read of 2013 and an absolutely stunning continuation of the This Man trilogy and I can t wait to get my hands on book 3 If you liked This Man, you re going to absolutely love Beneath This Man If you enjoy your romance on the angsty, emotional and intense side then this book is most definitely for you 5 stars super steamy and very special erotic romance ARC courtesy of Jodi Ellen Malpas with thanksFor reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook. This is what I call INSANE LOVE I love you because you give me purpose JesseWords to describe this book DraggedFucked upOver the topToo much sex.Kept felt like yelling CHILL YOUR TITS AVA Fuck, she can give a deaf person a headache Want to know what happened in this book What mystery was unraveled Well His age, we learned about his scar question, about his past how he got The Manor, about his affairs and sordid ex life That about sums out what we learned in 8500 kindle count Thats it, nothing else In addition we got was twists and mystery Its pissing off.Basically all they did in this book was yell and bark at each other and have sex Tons and tons of sex.Like this book had sex than Fsog1 2 3, Crossfire1 2, Up In the Air 1 2 and FUCK. And not in a good way No one enjoys reading that much only about sex and nothing else I felt like there was no story Only SEX I like steamy books but hell this shit doesn t work for me But this amount of sex would make your dick fall off or your vajeje loose Not even bloody 6% into the book and I wanted to slap her right across her stupid ass face Irritating lil bitch I mean woman, stop being so bloody hyper like a crazy kid on sugar AND calm the fuck down for heavens sake She s like allOH He s shaking, Is he having withdrawal symptoms Like sure crazy, just after 5 daysOMG, He had 3 bottles of Vodka, He s an alcoholic need to send him for AA Hell woman He s just sad.For fuck s sake She won t even have a drink in front of him now I ve waited too long for you You re my little piece of heaven Nothing will rob you from me Nothing JesseI want the woman with me who keeps my heart beating Jesse Awwieeeeegushes 35% in, I seriously feel like I m reading a Mystery Erotica than a Romantic Erotica 37% in the book, I am literally laughing at the absurdity of events I MEAN c mon, you don t do that so someone Its like using sex to get your ways Fucking controlling freak.44% in, Fuck reading them yelling at each other has fucking given me a goddamned headaches Swines Watch your fucking mouth, Akanksha I can totally hear Jesse yell that at me while reading this or any of my reviews LOLI knew you were the one the second I laid eyes on you The one to bring me back to life How did you know Because my heart started beating again Jesse to Ava I love you, you weird controlling romantic adorable manWhat was the first thing you thought when you saw me I ask.He s silent for a few moments Mine he growls and bites my ear Ava and JesseYes my friends, He is weirdly over the top controlling and batshit crazy but I am in love with him 71% Woopie, Some sex How fucking fun Agrh I am going to cut his dick off if he fucks her again Gimme some story here woman 73% AwwieeeeeeeeeeAva, will you watch your fucking mouth he sighs, but there s relief in his voice I m half tempted to tell him to fetch the anti bacterial solution and spray it in my mouth Jesse Crazy fucking twisted controlling angry freak who is a total arse I swear he is a loon Ava Weird bitch, but thank the good lord at least her character grew a little spine in this book and she matured a little I think And what she did towards the end FUCKKKKKKKK O OKate She just became weird then weirder.Ruth I think she was on some sugar crack or something weird arse.Sarah SLUT, HOE, BITCH, SLUT, BITCH AGRH I want to kill her badly.I liked the end bit, So I would say this jumps a star up from book1 Let s hope book3 jumps one star But seriously, according to me This book was bloody dragged and maybe the 3rd book could be fit into this But idk, its some freakin new trend to drag series on for 3 books at least.This book better fucking not have a weird ending, I already see a part three which has pissed the living shit out of me Agrh Irritating crap Luckily spring is only 2 3 months away, so lets see..